Wall of Stripes No Tape Required

wall of stripes no tape required


We have all seen the abundance of tutorials on painting stripes on a wall and you ask why is this any different?


Well, first I have a question for you….

solids or stripes


I have always tried to muster up the courage to tackle painting stripes on a wall. There are some great tutorials out there such as here and here.

But, I knew it was going to be an immediate thumbs down right from the start.

thumbs down hand



Why do I doom myself from the beginning?

Our walls are highly textured. They have this thin coat of plaster mixed with sand. I am not a fan of it. Painting walls with a solid color is a major struggle to get good coverage. I can’t imagine adding striped details with tape to the mix. And this post from Michelle @ 4 men 1 lady about the truth on striped walls just confirmed my fears.


And that brings me to the second reason….

I have no patience for tape. I just don’t use it. The whole process of trying to get the tape off the roll, lining it up in a straight line, and making sure the tape sticks to the highly textured wall makes me well….lose my stripes!

zebra stripes and stress



Now, I realize I am not being a big promoter of painters tape such as Frog Tape. There have been many great reviews of the product and I have no doubt it is. So, if you have way more courage and optimism than I do, they have a great tutorial on painting textured walls using Frog Tape. Perhaps, one of these days I will get over my fear and get on the Frog Tape bandwagon.


I gotta tell ya though…even though I am a tape hater, I am a firm believer that walls need love. They need character added to them whether it be a gorgeous paint color, board-and-batten, shiplap, crown moulding or in my case a bit of screen stock.


Screen what you say?

Screen stock. It is a very thin piece of flat wood or millwork. You can find it in the millwork department at your local hardware store. It comes in lengths of 8′ and runs about $5 for each piece.



This was our process…

We used a great tutorial to measure out the width of the stripes from Beth at Unskinny Boppy. The Lazy Girls Timesaving Tips For Painting Wall Stripes. Hmm,  I am the first to say that maybe my post should be called the Lazier Girls Timesaving Tips. Bahaha.


Anyway, here is where you really need to pay attention

If you are planning on having a contrasting stripe to your walls such as white and black or gray and white, it is advisable to prime and paint the screen stock in the colors you are using prior to nailing on. Otherwise, you will be getting out that teeny tiny paint brush, pulling your hair out and wishing you would have used that Frog Tape! And depending on your preference, painting between the lines might be helpful as well.


striped wall with screen stock

For me though, I really didn’t want contrast on the walls. I did however, want some interest and texture. So, I did prime the screen stock first and then I just painted the walls entirely when finished.


Adding the screen stock:

We marked, with chalk, where the studs were located in order to properly nail the screen stock to the wall securely. We used a pneumatic nail gun for this process. Because our room was longer than the 8′ pieces of stock, we just butted the ends together and nailed while staggering the seams.


screen stock striped wall


One more important tip that we learned after the fact……

striped wall no tape tip

The screen stock will expand and contract with temperature changes. Make sure you leave a small gap on each end where the screen stock butts up to the wall corner. Otherwise, you will have buckling over time.

Office lounge at Dandelion Patina

So, now you ask me if I am a solids or stripes kinda gal?

I guess I am a little bit of both.

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  1. Hi Shell and thanks so much for visiting my blog Little Brags and leaving me a comment on my IKEA FINDS post. I tried to reply to your comment directly but you came up as a non reply blogger. Thanks for following me along. I love your blog will have to do some snooping around here!!! Christine from Little Brags
    Christine recently posted…My First Cowhide RugMy Profile

    • I do have a bit of an itch to decorate with the sand and water on my mind. Love coastal, farmhouse, industrial style. Thank you for your feedback and please, visit often. 🙂

  2. I love this idea! We added stripes to my baby’s nursery but thank goodness I got to use the :”I’m pregnant -shouldn’t-smell-paint-fume” excuse and made the hubby do it. Like you I don’t have the patience for tape! BTW where are your eye chart wall signs from? I adore them!
    Jennifer recently posted…Dear Pinterest, Is this a Crime?My Profile

    • Thanks Jennifer! Kudos to your hubby for painting them! My hubby wants nothing to do with painting, but that is ok because he does quite a bit of the woodworking/construction project details! I purchased the eye chart signs from Décor Steals. They were a bit tough to hang from rope, but we attached fishing line through the bracket on the back and then tied on rope. Just in case you buy them and want to do the same.

  3. I found this on hometalk and I love it!!! I also love the calendars and wondered if you made those yourself?

  4. I absolutely love the triple wall “calendars” !! Where can I find them ? Also love the woodland work bench post.

  5. Your wall looks amazing! What are the “hooks” that your signs are hanging from?


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