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Well, hey there! I’m Michelle…glad to meet you. Thank you for taking time in your day to visit my little slice of cyberspace. I would love to get to know you better, so feel free to leave me a comment with a snippet about you and how you found me. (I would really love that very much!)

But, first a few details about me. Honestly, I don’t like talking about myself much. My husband always tells me I am beautiful…I know, he is sweet, right? Who doesn’t like hearing they are beautiful? But, he always seems to get the ‘eye roll’ from me and a ‘whatever’, so bare with me because it is difficult for me to talk about myself.

I feel like I am preparing for an interview…well, I guess this is kinda like one. Yikes. I hope ya like me!



To start off with I live in Stevens Point, WI with my husband Jim, two daughters M&M, and our fur kid Meg. I am a stay-at-home mom. I am also a part-time EA at a local elementary school.

And, of course, I share my simple living projects on my little blog right here!

We have lived in our latest home for about 6 years. It is a two-story traditional. When we moved into the house, the entire interior was mauve. Thank you 90’s trends! So, we are slowly trying to turn this builder-grade, cookie cutter home into something with a bit more character. But, it isn’t easy! Where is that magic wand?

I really do love all things home….and HGTV is my go to channel! I currently love the show Fixer Upper and I hope I can transform our current home into something just as lovely as the homes shown on the show. At least that is my goal.

I also love a good DIY. But, I also know when it makes sense to just go ahead and purchase something rather than create it. Isn’t there a funny saying about that somewhere?

My decorating style is a mix of simple farmhouse with industrial flair. I love repurposing pieces and using them in unique ways.

So, what are my dreams for our home? Hmmm…just a place that is light, bright and is filled with character and tells a story.

Anyway, that is all you get right now because as I stated above…talking about myself is a bit difficult.

But, if you are still interested in reading more, here are a few options….


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