Black and white barn sketches

Hey friends! I want to share a few black and white barn sketches. If you have been following me on Instagram, you know that I have a thing for barns, especially white barns. I just love the look of them and the history associated with them. The beauty of the chunky wood beams and those gorgeous high ceilings! Similar to this beauty….

*don’t scroll too fast this next photo might make you a bit dizzy*

old barn interior with chunky wood beams and wood floors

In my spare time, I love treasure hunting. I love browsing through antique malls and going to flea markets. I also love taking drives through the countryside to find a few hidden gems like these.

white barn on farmland

I could see using this property to host markets and maybe even turn this into a country store to sell painted furniture and home decor. How fun!

white barn with american flag

And how classic is this white barn with a perfectly imperfect american flag painted on it? Love it. Which brings me back to these black and white barn sketches. They really spoke to me. I am not sure who the actual artist, but the detail of these sketches is really amazing. They were calling my name. It was love at first sight.

Do you collect vintage artwork? Check out these black and white pencil sketches on vintage paper. They are the perfect accessories to create farmhouse style in your home.

I think I will probably have them framed in a chunkier wood frame because these seem to just be some sort of plastic. But, they look like they were once professionally framed on the back.

Vintage black and white barn sketches found via dandelionpatina.com

I really loved the contrast of these sketches in the black and white. The detail in each of them is so life-like. I can totally imagine someone standing on their property with their easel drawing these.

vintage black and white barn sketches found via dandelionpatina.com

I wanted to display these in our transformed formal dining room, so I went out to the garage to look at some of the pallets we had. This is what I came up with….


pallet wall easel diy


I really scored on these black and white barn sketches to add a bit of vintage farmhouse style. I am also sharing the full tutorial of this pallet wall easel very soon.

Have a great week,

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Aqua Crush

demijohn water jug

Yes, I admit it-I have a crush on aqua.

My eye tends to be attracted to soft blue greens. Aqua greens resonant with me as soothing and peaceful. The colors also have a connection with Mother Nature’s sea and sky, which I am drawn to.

So, when I came across these vintage jugs, regardless of the dirt and grime, I had to have them.

Color infused glass vintage bottles are so fun to collect. I enjoy displaying them in vignettes near natural light. The way the light transfers through the glass is so beautiful. And just a teeny bit of color can have a huge impact in the space.


Here are the bottles in their found state. Look at all that grime. Years of use and unappealing patina. The film almost makes the aqua glass look frosted doesn’t it? Well, maybe not.

demijohn water jugs

How do you ever get rid of all that grunge? 

efferdent cleaner


It works wonders on all the crud that has collected inside of vintage jars and jugs. And, I have to admit, I love watching the little tabs in action.

{plop, plop-fizz, fizz}

efferedent cleaner

Magic before your eyes! Look at how that aqua is starting to sparkle already.

aqua blue demijohn water jug

There it is, all cleaned up and polished. What a transformation! That was pretty simple, hey?

demijohn water jug

All that remains is the true character and history of this vintage piece, restored to its original beauty.

The jugs are dated 1929.

demijohn water jug

I also had some aqua blue mason jars that needed the same treatment. No need for Mr. Clean or elbow grease here. Just a few tablets and they are good as new!

vintage blue jars

So, I hope you can look past all that dirt and grime the next time you find a color or collection that speaks to you.

There are true gems within.

Aqua crush? Maybe more than a crush. Maybe pieces of myself. Objects to trigger memories.

country living


Are you a collector? What are you crushing on?

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