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What would you do with a printers tray?

I love printers trays….

and a good treasure hunting weekend. I seriously could go every week and walk around for the entire morning and be ready to go again the next day. I find so much inspiration….and junk. Believe me, there is quite a bit of junk. But, there are plenty of diamonds in the rough too!

styling a vintage printers tray with boxwood wreaths and scrabble tiles

One such diamond that caught my eye a few treasure hunts back was this printers tray. It is on the smaller side in size, which is what I was looking for. It also had great details-metal hardware and overall good condition.

styling a vintage printers tray

I also recently found this fun rolling pin. Does anyone know the history on this style?

elements to styling a vintage printers tray

My husband thought that this was used for cutting pasta noodles.

Was he right?

Anyway, I love how the edges are worn down in some areas. I love to think about who was using these pieces and where they came from.

how to style a vintage printers tray

And isn’t this old metal coffee scoop sensational? I am a typography and coffee junkie, so when I spotted this little treasure, I knew it was coming home with me!

So, I ended up putting these items together in a wall vignette. I have been pretty stumped on how to incorporate the printers tray into my home decor. I know it can look fabulous as an architectural salvage piece on the wall, but I was just looking for more. And I think I figured it all out…..

So, if you would follow me over to Bless’er House, I will show you how to style a vintage printers tray (click here)! I have to tell you I am so excited with how the little vignette turned out!

Have a great week!

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Style Shelves Like A Pro

Hey readers. I am sharing some tips to style shelves like a pro.

We have all ooo’d and ahhh’d over perfectly styled shelves in magazines and on Pinterest. Well, maybe I just have.

It is confession time. I have struggled with the process in the past.

But, now I can say with confidence that I have shelves I am proud of!

I wanted to share my version of perfectly styled shelves with you and also some tips that I have learned from a fellow blogger.

Studying magazines helps a bit too.

Are you stuck trying to figure out how to style your shelves? These simple tips will have you styling your shelves like a pro!


style your shelves like a pro


 Tips to style shelves like a pro:


Contrast & Cohesiveness

This is the perfect time to show off your collection of white dishes. I love the contrast of gray with white. The look is crisp, clean, and beachy. If you have the same color pieces such as white, make sure they are not all the same style. Even though the dishes are all white, let them have different shapes and textures to them. This will give your eyes a chance to wander around your shelves looking at the uniqueness of each piece while having that cohesiveness of the same color palette.

styling shelves like a professional


I have learned through trial and error that you need to start at the back and work your way to the front. Platters work the best in the back because they add dimension to the space. I kept the platters white to stay cohesive, but yet their shape is different and they have softer edges.

styling shelves like a pro

First layer

The next crucial concept I learned was to layer. Everything looks better in decor when it is layered. It creates a ‘collected over time’ feel. You definitely want this ‘feel’ when styling shelves. The first layer doesn’t have to be much as I show above, but it adds another element in size and texture as well.

styling shelves like a pro


This is a key element. If I had all white dishes and nothing else in this space it would not be pleasing to the eye. The texture of the faux coral gives the shelves more dimension and your brain says…’let me go touch it’. It plays to our senses. And notice that the coral is yet another layer.

styling shelves like a pro


Create a sense of warmth

The last thing you want is a sterile looking space. Which brings me to warmth. Wood. I love incorporating worn wood into my shelving displays. Again, it brings in that collected over time feel and another layer of texture. Space the wood pieces throughout the shelving. These collected pieces will also be conversation starters when entertaining or just reminiscing about those great flea market finds.

style shelving like a pro

Vertical display

Another element I like to incorporate is stacking or vertical display. As you can see above I placed the old books for texture and warmth, then added a white compote on top. It is always good practice to make sure not to over do this element. Just keep it as simple as possible.

style shelving like a pro

Finishing touches

Finishing touches is the very last element before taking a step back and admiring your styled shelves!These can be anything from a few vintage keys to a string of beads. It is that last layer with a few fun elements to bring it all together.

style shelves like a pro


style shelves like a pro


(Affiliate links are provided below for your convenience.  For more information, see my full disclosure here.)

Shop the look to style shelves like these:

Are you stuck trying to figure out how to style your shelves? These simple tips will have you styling your shelves like a pro!

I hope this helps you style shelves the way you have always wanted.

And, if you are crazy about white dishes like I am, check out the best decorating tip ever invented! There is definitely more eye candy where that came from, I assure you.

Let me know if you have questions or need assistance with your shelf decorating project. I am always here!

Oh, and I did paint this beast of a hutch by the way….

Are you curious how the hutch looked before it was transformed? Just click on the picture to find out.


country chic cobblestone hutch

Until next time,

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