Thankful Tree-Turkey Style

Hey friends!

I have been meaning to start a Thankful Tree in our home.

I  made a sad attempt at one last year using a mason jar and a branch.

Unfortunately, the branch was way too big.

I couldn’t display it on the mantel.

As a centerpiece on our setting for four table, it was just awkward.

So, this year I was going to do it right!

Come up with a plan for a unique and fun Thanksgiving centerpiece.

A piece my kiddos could feel comfortable writing on without being scolded.

I can’t wait to see what they are thankful for…

….and their cute little spelling of words.

thankful tree turkey style dandelion patina

Here are the materials you will need to create your own:

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thankful tree turkey style

Trace a pattern on a piece of paper. I just free handed the design on one side of the paper and then folded the paper in half for a mirror image on the other side.

thankful tree turkey style

Paint all the pieces with chalkboard paint. Again, I used Martha Stewart multi-surface chalkboard paint in gray. I then glued the pieces together as shown in photo.

thankful tree turkey style

Lay out the first layer of tail feathers and glue to the fan shaped plywood.

thankful tree turkey style

I distressed my turkey body. It was a personal preference. The forks were glued on with E6000. You will need to let this dry for a good 4 hours for proper adhesion. Once that is dry you can add the last layer of tail feathers to the back.

turkey head thankful tree


I embelllished the turkey with Indian corn for eyes, plywood cutouts, and bakers twine.

turkey feet

Twigs were cut for the feet.

thankful tree turkey style


thankful turkey

The forks function as a photo holder while the tail feathers can be written on, as the entire body could be. That’s the beauty of using chalkboard paint!

thankful turkey diy project

Gobble. Gobble. A unique thankful tree turkey style!

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Until next time,

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Before And After Coastal Style Mirror



I love decorating with coastal style and finding pieces that I can transform in a fresh new way. Decorative mirrors are classic. They never go out of style and every home should have at least one. Mirrors bounce light around the room and can be used to feature some beautiful areas of the home, such as a chandelier or outdoor view.


Today, I wanted to share with you how easy it is to transform an outdated accessory into a real gem.


Let’s get started with the project!


Above is the before of the mirror.

It is pretty dated.

A piece from the 70’s in all of its great plastic faux wood loveliness.

The products you will need to create a similar project:

americana chalky finish paint


americana creme wax

I started painting the mirror in shades of Yesteryear and Serene from Americana Decor. The paint went smoothly and all it required was 1 coat overall. I did have to touch up a few areas, but no big deal.

Americana beachy mirror

Once the paint had dried (I gave it a few hours) I lightly distressed areas to create a worn look. I used very fine sandpaper to accomplish this. If you want a two-tone look you would need to add vaseline to areas after your base coat and then add the second color on top. Once dry,  sand to reveal your base coat underneath. Because the mirror had that faux wood grain, it was great for distressing and adding a textured look to the piece. It was almost like a worn driftwood effect.

americana chalky finish paint

I was happy with how the paint adhered to the mirror. However, I did not realize it would adhere to my nail polish so well. The paint did wash up well on my hands and brushes.

It just really liked my fingernails!

Maybe I will start a new trend! Chalky finish nail polish using Americana Chalky Finish Paint.

distressed areas of mirror

The mirror did have quite a dramatic change just by sprucing it up with paint, but I wanted to take it a step further. The little shelf attached to the mirror was the perfect area to decoupage some pretty paper on. I really fell in love with this paper from hazel & ruby. It had the same beachy shades I was using in the paint and in a gorgeous chevron pattern.

wax paper template

I started with using wax paper and rubbed the outline of the shelf to give me some lines to cut out my template for the chevron paper.

template for decoupage

hazel & ruby crazy for chevy teals

Once the template was cut out and fitted to the shelf I applied a coat of decoupage glue to the shelf only. I placed the paper on the piece and proceeded to smooth out the surface. A spatula works great for this.

decoupage project from dandelion patina

I let the piece dry overnight. Once the paper was attached to the shelf I added a topcoat of the decoupage matte.

TIP: once completely dry lightly sand the edges of paper to give it a distressed look and to crisp up the lines so that they blend into the piece.

dandelion patina beachy mirror

I then went over the entire piece with the creme wax to give it a protective finish. This product went on more like a decoupage paste rather than a typical furniture wax. I found it extremely easy to apply. Once the wax was dry, just buff it with a clean white cloth to reveal a nice luster.

And now to accessorize!

decoupaged shelf

beachy mirror

beach accessories

dandelion patina beachy mirror

Hope you enjoyed this coastal style mirror tutorial!

I would love to see what you create with these products!

Please send your pictures to me here to be featured on the Dandelion Patina Facebook page!

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How to repurpose a broken lamp

Hi everyone! I am back to share with you another great DIY how to project. I love repurposing pieces and…


we have all seen them-the lonely outdated lamps sitting on the shelves at thrift stores. Some of these lamps are still usable, but the two that were given to me by a friend were in pretty rough shape.


Let’s take a look at how to transform these pieces into some great coastal cottage home decor!


how to repurpose a broken lamp



I believe these lamps are Mid Century Modern style. Focusing on their positive qualities, I like that they are chunky and have some wood elements to them. They have potential!

Upon inspection of these lamps I noticed they had quite a bit of rust throughout due to water damage. The cords were also in rough shape and one, if not both, would definitely need to be replaced with an entirely new light kit.


mid century modern lamps


So, instead of keeping them as lamps I opted to try and repurpose them.

repurposing lamps how to

The first step was to disassemble the lamps. This was a pretty simple process. I just loosened a few nuts and clipped the cords. The bases needed to be sanded because there was quite a bit of sticky residue on the bottoms from the old felt. This took some elbow grease! It was a work out on my spaghetti arms I tell ya!

we can do it


Chalk paint candle holder

Once the hard work was completed it was time to paint! I wanted to give the pieces a beachy feel because I just love coastal cottage style. Any piece that reminds me of the sand and water is a winner in my book! I painted them in a soft bluish gray from CeCe Caldwell called Smoky Mountain Gray. I then sealed each piece with poly. As I added the poly the brush naturally distressed areas allowing the base colors to come through ever so softly. This gave the pieces a verdigris effect. I did the same to the wood bases.

using E6000 to adhere base

E6000 was my go to adhesive for this project.  I also used this adhesive in my DIY accent table project.

crate and barrel Tondo plates

I did some internet surfing for these babies! I needed a 6″ base to hold a 4″ to 5″ candle. I also wanted to have some symmetry with the wood base on the bottom. The Tondo plates were perfect! Each plate is made of acacia wood and the grain on each of these is one-of-a-kind. They also give that coastal vibe I was going for.

I adhered these to the top of the lamp with E6000 as well to create the area for the candle to sit on.

coastal style repurposed candleholder

And here is the finished project in all their beachy beauty! Budget-friendly and unique home decor at under 20 bucks!

What do you think? If you would like to see another repurposing project click on over to the how to project I contributed for From Gardners 2 Bergers.

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Table Repurposed

table repurposed

 Hi there!

 I am so very excited to be sharing this fun and simple DIY project. I am going to demonstrate how to repurpose the ordinary discarded accent table into a functional extraordinary piece!

This table was budget-friendly at $4.99 from a local thrift store. {Solid wood-a bit of creativity-I’ll take it!}


table repurposed

What to do with an outdated thrift store table? 

This table is pretty with its great lines and detailed design. But,  in its original state it is not a very functional piece for me. It needs a bit of oomph. Pizazz.

I have had a bit of spring fever the last few weeks. Colors of spring keep popping into my head.  I miss gardening and getting my hands dirty. Then it hit me…this would make a cute outdoor wall planter.

table repurposed

I began removing the legs. Luckily, they came off rather easily using a rubber mallet. It is a bit liberating to demolish something! A great stress reliever on those chaotic days. I felt like the gal on the HGTV show Rehab Addict, to some extent. I love her passion for repurposing and giving homes a second chance!

table repurposed

Once the legs and side panels were removed, a small piece of plywood was attached with screws to the side of the table frame. This created the base for the bottom.

repurposed table

Then, it was time to paint! I started with a base coat of Carolina Sun Yellow then a second layer of Cinco Bayou Moss. {Both colors are CeCe Caldwell products}.

planter painting

Once the paint dried, it was time to distress the piece revealing the yellow base coat. The entire piece was sealed with a flat poly.

distressed planter

 Finally, the “jewelry” for the piece. A cute knob on the front. A small pennant banner for the top. I love that I had fabric with a pattern that matched the knob detail. I got lucky!

repurposed table knob
To create the banner-I used some leftover box cardboard, a pennant template, upholstery tacks, twine, fabric scraps.

pennant banner

And here is the finished project. Table repurposed to a garden planter.  Now, what creative ideas do you have for repurposing the legs and side panels?

table repurposed

Hope you enjoyed this repurposing project!

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