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Before And After Painted Candle Holders

Hey everyone! Today I am sharing a tutorial on before and after painted candle holders!

Upcycling at its finest!

Do me a favor…find that box of old candle holders in your basement or the back of your closet.

I know they weren’t exactly your style, but they were given as a gift and you really would feel bad if you took them to Goodwill or gave them to a charity.

I have the perfect solution! A simple and thrifty way to transform them into your new favorite color and style.

Whether you like soft neutral colors or love to have a few pops of color in your home. You can transform those candle holders into something you cherish!

Are you still with me?

Americana chalky finish candleholders transformed in a few easy steps. These were so easy to update to the color and decor style I currently have. When I get bored with the color, I can just paint right over them again!


Can you believe these were transformed in just a few easy steps?

This is what they looked like before.

Want to know how to transform ugly outdated candleholders into modern updated pieces? Find out how on the blog with Americana chalky finish paint

If you do not have any candle holders around the house, it is very easy to find them at your local thift store. They come in all different sizes, shapes, and materials. These two happen to be wood, but I have painted resin ones as well.

Have you tried DecoArt Chalky Finish paints? They are simple, easy, and fast to use and complete your project whether it be candleholders or a large furniture piece. Come check out how easy it is.

I really think you are going to like this paint, DecoArt Americana Chalky Finish paint and creme wax. You can find it easily at your local craft store and Home Depot. The paint is on the thicker side, which I like because it didn’t take a whole lot to get good coverage.

Americana Chalky Finish paints and creme wax

The colors I used for this project were: Yesteryear, Serene, and Vintage. These colors are soft and beachy. Of course, if you are not the soft and beachy kinda person, Americana Chalky Finish does come in a variety of colors for you to choose from.


  • Pretty simple, paint your piece. If you are trying to cover a glossy finish, then I would definitely go over it with a sanding block, but this paint adheres well and I have not had any problems when using it.
  • Once the coats are dry then you can decide to sand the piece for a distressed look or just lightly burnish with a fine sanding block to create a smooth finish.
  • Apply your creme wax. I use a small brush when applying. The wax is the consistency of a thin paste and goes on very easy.

Americana chalky finish candle holders in yesteryear, serene, and vintage. Take a few minutes to transform an outdated home decor piece in your home.


I really like layering the paint colors as well. If you are planning on distressing them to look aged, then apply one color and then once dry apply another. You can be as subtle or as bold as you like. Then, when you distress, the base coat will show through accenting the piece.

Americana chalky finish paint and creme wax


Americana chalky finish candleholders transformed in a few easy steps. These were so easy to update to the color and decor style I currently have. When I get bored with the color, I can just paint right over them again!


Where's the beach? Why not bring a piece of the beach to you. Transform your old and tired candle holders into a vignette of beachy farmhouse delight. Americana chalky finish paints and creme wax.

What do you think? Easy to tackle in a few hours? I know you can create your own before and after painted candle holders! Go for it.

If you are interested in more projects I have created with Americana chalky finish paint check out my Farmhouse Cabinet  and also my Coastal Style Mirror

You can also find me on Instagram quite a bit these days as well as Facebook, Pinterest, and tweeting every now and then on Twitter.

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DIY Twist on Mini Ginnie Pencil Cup

world market mini ginnie pencil cup

Obsessed. With. Industrial. Style.

Yes, I am.

If there was All Addicts Anonymous meetings for Industrial Style, I would be there keeping it real.

Industrial pieces are pretty hot right now. Industrial projects are all the rage on Pinterest and in home decor. I have been on the hunt for some unique pieces of my own lately. And when I came across these mini ginnie pencil cups from World Market, well let’s just say I was immediately sold! Add to shopping cart and deliver to me, please.

I was inspired by my blogger friend over at It All Started With Paint. She created this amazing industrial style work space with pieces from World Market. It is everything drool worthy.

mini ginnie pencil cup

Mini ginnie pencil cups: I have to say, the quality is amazing. They are solid, heavy and substantial in size. Ordinary pencils just won’t do to fill these beauties!

metal pencil holder with wood pencils


world market pencil holders

Chunky, rustic bark-on pencils were the cherry on top! Functional and pretty.

But, what if I want a bit more pretty you ask?

industrial flower vases

Just add some mason jars to the mix along with pretty flowers.

mason jar vase liners

The mason jars fit into the mini ginnie pencil cups nicely. I was so excited to find that they can be used for organizing the home office and also function as a pretty centerpiece vignette on the dining table or the fireplace mantel.

flower vase world market


flower vases with industrial style


industrial style flower metal vases


industrial metal vase


pencil cups from world market

Aren’t they fabulous as vases? A great DIY twist on the mini ginnie pencil cup!

And the flowers….I love the bright yellow. We definitely all need a bit more sunshine these days.

And if you are like me and can’t get enough industrial style,

you may like to DIY this end table and lamp.

Add this to your home office.

With all the extra layers of clothing needed this winter another place to hang your coat is a must. And these have got to be the cutest wall accessory I have seen.

If you are like me and seem to misplace that favorite cooking utensil in the kitchen, this has got to be your solution.

And, to be honest, I need a new one of these in the bathroom.

Whew, that is a ton of industrial inspiration! But, if you are like me and can’t seem to sleep because of all the thoughts running through your head, this has got to be the answer to more peace and relaxation.


*All opinions on industrial style, happy yellow flowers, and mini ginnie pencil cups are my own. 



Wood Slice Faux Agate

faux agate with wood slice

 Do you get the winter blues?

I do. I can’t count how many episodes of Beachfront Bargain Hunt or Caribbean Life I have watched over the last month. My mind gets swept away to destinations of sandy beaches, bright sunshine, and sea breezes with a tropical cocktail in my hand. Ah, the good life!

Whatever it takes to push through, right?

But, then reality hits as soon as I walk out that door. So, for me, it always helps to keep the creative juices in full force with these blustery winter days.  When this time of year hits, I love to start incorporating something fresh into the home. Whether it be a bouquet of fresh flowers or bright accent pillows. Creating sweet little bird nests in hopes of an early Spring. I love unique accents in home decor. Even more so, budget-friendly home decor. So, here is my version of the wood slice faux agate.

DIY faux agate how to

 Agate slices are beautiful and have been showing up everywhere in home decor for awhile now.  As a lover of all things agate, I wanted to try my hand at creating an agate slice with a bit of paint. 

Let’s get started.

faux agate supplies

Supplies you will need:

small wood slice

gold paint

chalk paints in various shades to replicate agate of your choice

paint brushes

poly sealer

faux agate slice

First, I  painted the edges in gold. {I have seen gold leaf adhered to the edges as well, if you wanted another option}. I then used the natural agate slice I currently had to replicate the design.

faux agate

The natural agate had many shades of color blended together, so I was intentional in layering and blending my paint colors. Once I was finished painting the design, I lightly sanded and applied a layer of high gloss poly.

faux agate diy

So, for under $10, I created my own little awesome slice of beauty and you can too in just a few hours! No hunting for natural agate in stores or waiting for your online order to come. I enjoyed creating this little piece of home decor.

faux agate vignette

Are you ready to create your own faux agate?


Longhorn Wall Sconces

longhorn wall art by dandelion patina

Hey friends! I am back with a tutorial on the longhorn wall sconces. I was so excited to share them with you and my love of longhorns that completely forgot to show you how to make your own.

Let’s get started!


longhorn tutorial dandelion patina

This is the longhorn head that I purchased at a moving sale. I removed all the nails holding the horns to the skull. It was a pretty simple process to disassemble.

longhorn wall sconce tutorial

The raw ends of the horns had holes from the nails and wire. I reused these to create the sconces.

longhorn sconce tutorial

I repurposed two old boards found in the garage. I painted them white and distressed the perimeter of the boards. Look at all that chippy goodnes!

longhorn sconce tutorial

I found two hooks in the garden center at a local hardware store for under $4 a piece. These will hold the sconces upright securely.

longhorn sconce tutorial

The garden hook was simply attached to the board with the screws provided. We held up the longhorn to the board prior to drilling. I wanted the longhorn to be centered within the board.

longhorn sconce tutorial

I used the same technique with the jute rope as I did with my curtain tiebacks. The braided jute is such a neat little touch to the sconces. Because the jute is braided it adds the needed strength to hold the horns on the garden hook.

longhorn sconce tutorial

I then also wrapped the jute around the top of the horn to cover the raw rough edge and add a bit of a finished look. I added newspaper to the insides of the horns so that the greenery and twigs would sit nicely at the top.

longhorn sconce tutorial

These are the fillers I chose to add to my sconces. A bit of fresh green color, delicate white flowers, and birch twigs. These can be changed out for each season.

longhorn wall vase by dandelion patina

And there you have it. Now, get out there and find your longhorns! If you would like to take a step back and read about my love of longhorns you can do that here.


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Before And After Coastal Style Mirror



I love decorating with coastal style and finding pieces that I can transform in a fresh new way. Decorative mirrors are classic. They never go out of style and every home should have at least one. Mirrors bounce light around the room and can be used to feature some beautiful areas of the home, such as a chandelier or outdoor view.


Today, I wanted to share with you how easy it is to transform an outdated accessory into a real gem.


Let’s get started with the project!


Above is the before of the mirror.

It is pretty dated.

A piece from the 70’s in all of its great plastic faux wood loveliness.

The products you will need to create a similar project:

americana chalky finish paint


americana creme wax

I started painting the mirror in shades of Yesteryear and Serene from Americana Decor. The paint went smoothly and all it required was 1 coat overall. I did have to touch up a few areas, but no big deal.

Americana beachy mirror

Once the paint had dried (I gave it a few hours) I lightly distressed areas to create a worn look. I used very fine sandpaper to accomplish this. If you want a two-tone look you would need to add vaseline to areas after your base coat and then add the second color on top. Once dry,  sand to reveal your base coat underneath. Because the mirror had that faux wood grain, it was great for distressing and adding a textured look to the piece. It was almost like a worn driftwood effect.

americana chalky finish paint

I was happy with how the paint adhered to the mirror. However, I did not realize it would adhere to my nail polish so well. The paint did wash up well on my hands and brushes.

It just really liked my fingernails!

Maybe I will start a new trend! Chalky finish nail polish using Americana Chalky Finish Paint.

distressed areas of mirror

The mirror did have quite a dramatic change just by sprucing it up with paint, but I wanted to take it a step further. The little shelf attached to the mirror was the perfect area to decoupage some pretty paper on. I really fell in love with this paper from hazel & ruby. It had the same beachy shades I was using in the paint and in a gorgeous chevron pattern.

wax paper template

I started with using wax paper and rubbed the outline of the shelf to give me some lines to cut out my template for the chevron paper.

template for decoupage

hazel & ruby crazy for chevy teals

Once the template was cut out and fitted to the shelf I applied a coat of decoupage glue to the shelf only. I placed the paper on the piece and proceeded to smooth out the surface. A spatula works great for this.

decoupage project from dandelion patina

I let the piece dry overnight. Once the paper was attached to the shelf I added a topcoat of the decoupage matte.

TIP: once completely dry lightly sand the edges of paper to give it a distressed look and to crisp up the lines so that they blend into the piece.

dandelion patina beachy mirror

I then went over the entire piece with the creme wax to give it a protective finish. This product went on more like a decoupage paste rather than a typical furniture wax. I found it extremely easy to apply. Once the wax was dry, just buff it with a clean white cloth to reveal a nice luster.

And now to accessorize!

decoupaged shelf

beachy mirror

beach accessories

dandelion patina beachy mirror

Hope you enjoyed this coastal style mirror tutorial!

I would love to see what you create with these products!

Please send your pictures to me here to be featured on the Dandelion Patina Facebook page!

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DIY Succulent Vignette



Hey there! I am back to share a simple gardening project with succulents that is as easy as getting your hands dirty!

succulent vignette by dandelion patina


Succulents are a favorite of mine. And they are not for the outdoors only.


They have a meaty/chunky/fleshy texture to them and…..


interesting colors and…….


body structures.


spiral aloe from world of


And don’t be surprised if some types make your eyes go buggy……

eye illusion of spinning

Can’t take your eyes off of it can you? Is it driving you nuts? The rest of the tutorial is much easier on the eyes.

I promise.

To start, I gathered a few succulents from a local garden shop. I am amazed at the varieties available. I also found a cute little ceramic egg crate at TJ Maxx. I thought it would make a very unique planter.

succulent vignette dandelion patina

Here are a few of the plants I incorporated into the vignette.

succulent vignette from dandelion patina

And another….

diy succulent vignette from dandelion patina

When removing each plant from the pot, lightly remove some of the dirt so that it will fit into the desired opening.

Great tip I learned……

succulent vignette from dandelion patina

use the cardboard tray given to you at the garden center as your prep space. It provides easy clean up if you are creating the project on a countertop or table surface.

Oh, and I almost forgot…this pretty little specimen….

succulent vignette dandelion patina

and finished in a vintage white container….

faux succulent by dandelion patina


Here is my succulent vignette a few months after being planted.

succulent vignette from dandelion patina


succulent vignette by dandelion patina


succulent vignette by dandelion patina


Overall, the container is doing very well. I have even propagated a few of the pieces from the above plant. It was easy peasy…snip off and stuff into the dirt!


DIY Succulent Vignette by Dandelion Patina


Hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial. I am kinda snickering a little though….

….did I trick you? With what you ask?


Did you notice the faux succulent? Bonus points if you comment on which is the faux version!

Potpourri Beach Wreath

side view of wreath

I have been thinking about the beach and the warm, sunny summer days lately. It has been frigid cold here in Wisconsin, again. I am hoping these happy thoughts and DIY projects will get me through! Only a few more months to go until the spring bloom.



grapevine wreath
To start off this potpourri wreath project you will need:

-grapevine wreath(s)

-one bag of potpourri

-green moss

-objects to personalize your wreath ( I used some zebra mussel shells my girls found at the beach.)

-ribbon or fabric for hanging

-glue gun

potpourri mixture

This wreath project was pretty budget-friendly for me. I already had the potpourri. The mixture was full of great textures, shapes, and neutral colors. Sola flowers are one of my favorites to work with. They appear so delicate. There were many different types of nuts in the mix as well. I love that earthy natural look.
green moss

I did have to make a trip to Michael’s {I know, twist my arm} to purchase a bag of moss. There are so many different textures and colors to choose from. I wanted a nice spring green color to give my neutral color palette some oomph. I was pleasantly surprised at the smell of the moss-earthy and sweet.
cotton ribbon

Ever wonder what to do with that pretty ribbon that is attached to the packaging of sheets, blankets or towels? I always seem to save them for that “ah ha” moment. I was tickled pink when I could actually put these vintage looking, beige ribbons to use.

zebra mussel shells

Zebra mussel shells are found everywhere along the shores of Lake Michigan. I know they are becoming quite the problem within the lake system, but they are fun to collect and put to use in a DIY project.

zebra mussel wreath

Once I had all of my supplies, I started laying out the pieces of potpourri  on the grapevine wreath. I wanted to do a dry run, making sure that I liked the way the pieces were fitting together.

potpourri wreath placement

wreath potpourri placementwreath design

Once I had the pieces in place, I started hot gluing. I had to remove a few of the top layered pieces to glue the bottom ones first.  I worked my way around the entire diameter. I did glue the moss, but I also tucked the pieces inside some of the grapevine wreath nooks.

single wreath hanging

This past summer, I had found these white shutters along the curbside. {Yes, I am THAT person.} They were in really good condition and only required some scrubbing with soap and water. Did I mention they were FREE?

close up wreathwreaths together

The potpourri wreaths add some nice contrast to the white shutters. Wouldn’t you agree? The potpourri also has a bit of fragrance to it, so they act as a natural room freshener. {Make sure you like the scent when purchasing bags of potpourri. I have made the mistake of buying on clearance for the color and textures, but then I can’t stand the fragrance. Not worth it, unless you plan on putting it in apothecary jars for display.}

wall view of wreaths

Your favorite essential oils can be added to these DIY wreaths once the initial fragrance has faded. Beth, over at Unskinny Boppy has a great essential oil 101 on her blog.  You can check the post out HERE.

I too, have essential oils in my house with lavender being my favorite. When I go to the spa {seems like it has been forever since I relaxed there}, I will usually go with lavender or grapefruit fragrance. Essential oils are amazing!

Have you ever tried them? If so, what is your favorite?


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