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Comforts Of Home Fall Front Porch 2014

comforts of home fall front porch dandelion patina


Hey there Dandelion Patina readers! Today I am so excited to share our front porch all decked out in the comforts of home!

The front porch is the first impression of what is to come once you open that door. I wanted the first impression of our home to be comfortable and cozy. Warm and inviting. Welcoming.


I incorporated 4 decorating must haves for a front porch.

COLOR: What is Fall without a bit of color? Yellows, oranges, reds.

NATURAL ELEMENTS: If you’ve been following along, I love to use natural elements in my spaces. I love to bring the outdoors indoors, so it was natural for me to have these elements right before you come in the door.

TEXTURE: Texture adds dimension to a space or vignette. Texture gives oomph to the palette.

LAYERS: Along with textures, layering gives added dimension and a finished look.


So with those must haves in mind, please, take a look around. Get comfortable with a mug of hot apple cider and enjoy the front porch tour! Any questions…please ask. Enjoy.

comforts of home fall front porch by dandelion patina

The front door is painted in ASCP Duck Egg Blue. I re-purposed old wooden garage doors for my apple cider signs.

apple cider sign by dandelion patina

An old wagon wheel hub was used to create the wooden pedestals. It was cut into three sizes to show off these beauties.

apple cider sign from re-purposed garage door


comforts of home fall front porch

I love how the original paint had chipped and cracked. It gives the panels awesome texture and patina.

fall vignette in comforts of home fall front porch

I picked up the ceramic pumpkins at a thrift store and gave them a facelift in Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue. Some neat texture formed from painting these that was not really seen prior.

corn stalks with horse reins

Parts of vintage horse reins were used as tiebacks for the corn stalks.

horse reins and corn stalks

I love this shot. There is so much character and texture of the leather.

yellow mums and twig pumpkin

I love pops of yellow. It is like the sun came down and kissed each flower.

perfectly imperfect orange pumpkin

A perfectly imperfect orange pumpkin.

cedar rocking chairs

Cedar rocking chairs to enjoy watching the falling leaves. An old desk was separated to create tables for in between our rockers.
yellow mums and pumpkins

cedar rocking chair all decked out

apples on vintage wooden spools

vintage license plate

I found an old license plate from Wisconsin that had gorgeous patina.

baby boo white pumpkin

And baby boo pumpkins are just the cutest!

apple close up photo
Getting hungry? Doesn’t it look good enough to bite into?

chalk board apple tree

I adore this little rustic chalkboard on my rustic hay bale lounger.

indian corn and candles

And what is Fall without a bit of indian corn? I went the non traditional route to display the corn.

indian corn in vintage bottles

A vase of hydrangeas and birch branches make me smile.

dried limelight hydrangeas

delicate petals of a limelight hydrangea

The petals are so delicate on these limelight hydrangeas.

simply scrappy pumpkins

A front porch wouldn’t feel like Fall without a lantern. The simply scrappy industrial pumpkins look right at home sheltered inside.

Simple tissue paper leaf wreath

I went the simplistic route with my wreath this year.  A few tissue paper oak leaves and chevron burlap on a grapevine wreath.

And there you have it, my comforts of home fall front porch! I hope I inspired you to bring all the comforts of home into your spaces this season and seasons to come.

Happy Fall Y'all

Natural Elements For Fall

natural elements for fall by dandelion patina


Nature was a part of my childhood pasttime. My parents property led down to a marsh. I spent hours with my sister scoping out the marsh and woods: collecting branches for a fort, gathering natural elements for craft projects, stomping through the trails of leaves.

We enjoyed nature. And because of this connection I developed an appreciation for the outdoors.

So, decorating for Fall with natural elements was pretty instinctive for me.

Let me show you how I decorated our cozy little TV room. I hope it inspires you.

natural elements for fall

Rusty buckets and moss covered bricks were my inspiration for our TV room mantel. The bricks were found in our backyard, so I layered them in the center of the mantel. I then placed LED candles on top and in between them. Cattails, ferns, and cotton boll branches were assembled in the buckets to flank the convex mirror.

rusty buckets with cattails, cotton boll and ferns

I then added some chevron burlap to the buckets and a cute little number tag to the front. I love this burlap-timeless and trendy!

natural elements for Fall decorating by dandelion patina

I love the patina these old bricks have taken on. They make great candle stands and best of all they were free.

natural elements for Fall by dandelion patina

A friend of my husbands gave me several deer antlers. I love using them in home decor. They add such texture and a bit of that unexpectedness.

natural elements for Fall

Moving on to the antique trunk I had refurbished when I was in my 20’s. My mom’s friend had a small business of fixing up old trunks. She took the entire trunk apart and put it back together after removing all the layers of fabric and material to reveal the gorgeous wood underneath. I was amazed at the patience and attention to detail she had. This piece is well loved.

natural elements for fall

An assortment of faux gourds and pumpkins fill this hand blown glass pumpkin. Wooden spools were added to give the assortment of natural elements some texture. Old books were stacked with nuts and faux flowers.

natural elements by dandelion patina

natural elements for Fall

This machinist chest was one of those ‘happy dance’ finds. I love all the character it has from the dents and scratches to the worn off leather handles.

natural elements in TV room


natural elements for Fall by dandelion patina

This room was so fun to decorate because of all the fond childhood memories associated with the natural elements.

What is your favorite part of this room?

And if you are looking for more Fall decorating inspiration please hop over to my Fall tablescape, Fall mantel, and my scrappy pumpkins will make you smile!

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Simply Scrappy Industrial Pumpkins

simply scrappy industrial pumpkins


Hey friends! I wanted to share this sweet and simple way to create some unique pumpkins for your fall decorating.

I love using objects from around the house as I did in my fall tablescape. This is another project where shopping your home doesn’t cost a whole lot (just some time and creativity) and you can make room for some new fall items in your closet too.


Step 1.

galvanized metal orbs

Galvanized metal orbs. I had these sitting on a bookshelf in my office. They were originally purchased from Hobby Lobby. If you really wanted to get your DIY on, these industrial pumpkins were constructed by hand.


Step 2.

scraps of fabric from flannel shirts for simply scrappy pumpkins

Search the clothes closet and drawers for some old flannel shirts that have a fall color scheme. I chose three different patterns of plaid for my industrial pumpkins. You could also take a drive over to your closest Goodwill or thrift store and find a few flannels. Scraps of fabric would also work just the same if you have those lying around your craft room.

Step 3.

industrial pumpkin tutorial by dandelion patina

Once you have your fabric/shirts selected start cutting up scraps and stuffing them into the galvanized orbs. As you fill, shape the fabric inside the orb to maintain the round shape.

Step 4.

leaves and branches for scrappy pumpkins

Now it is time to create the stem, vines, and leaves. I used a thick pine branch and cut it into several pieces. The pine is easy to cut and gives a nice aroma. The faux leaves were left over from my fall tablescape project. The floral wire was found in our craft room, but can be purchased at any local craft supply store. I curled the wire by wrapping it around a pencil several times.

Step 5.

industrial pumpkins by dandelion patina

Step 6.

simply scrappy industrial pumpkins

Add a bed of spanish moss to a wooden tray and place the industrial pumpkins inside. This now becomes a nice centerpiece for a dining table or coffee table. And when the pumpkin season is over, just remove all the fabric and supplies (as none of the supplies were glued down) and return those galvanized orbs to the bookshelf.

simply scrappy industrial pumpkins by dandelion patina


What projects are you working on for this fall season?

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Fall Tablescape For Less

Fall Tablescape For Less Dandelion Patina What is a fall tablescape?   A dictionary defines as an artistic arrangement of articles on a table.   Hmmm….   artistic yes, but just plain old articles on a table. Not much to stir the imagination.   When I think about a tablescape I think of a piece of art; the table as my canvas.   I visualize the table in layers.   Beautiful dishes.   Crisp linens.   Flickering candles.   Textures.   Unexpected touches.   The taste of a sweet wine.   fall tablescape 8 The vision is beautiful for entertaining family and friends. But, the question remains.

How can I create a fall tablescape for less?

It is as easy as pushing your cursor to scroll further down on this page! Go ahead…what are you waiting for….. Fall Tablescape by dandelion Patina For this arrangement I did quite a bit of shopping around my house (and Goodwill). The faux floral was found at The Dollar Store. And here is a tip-don’t be afraid to buy these just for the leaves or just for the flowers. The pieces are removable. Just discard the stem and place on the table. The tissue paper oak leaves were also found at The Dollar Store. Curl the wire stems over a pencil and you have a delicate little leaf. Willow wreaths make great faux chargers adding texture to the place setting. fall tabelscape by dandelion patina The candles, walnuts, and burlap were shopped for in my home. I love it when I can pull together arrangements just by walking into our basement or pull decor from another room. Fall tablescape by dandelion patina The apples, white dishes, and glasses were found at Goodwill. I purchased all for under $8. fall tablescape by dandelion patina The taupe linens, patterned plates, and distressed gourd were found at TJ Maxx. By finding most of my other accessories in my home, Goodwill, and The Dollar Store I was able to splurge for these items and it didn’t even feel like splurging! fall tablescape gourd by dandelion patina I love the texture of the walnuts and gourd. fall tablescape by dandelion patina   fall tablescape burlap chair decor by dandelion patina Simple burlap was draped and tied on the back of the chairs. The texture ties the tablescape theme together. fall tablescape honeywine dandelion patina And if you love sweet wine as I do, this would be an excellent choice. Cheers!   What are your ideas for an ideal fall tablescape?

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