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Farmhouse Fall Home Tour

Hey everyone and happy fall to you! I have been waiting for the crisp air to once again join us. I am very fond of warm cozy sweaters, mugs full of warm beverages, and snuggling up with a good book. Today, I am so excited to be joining some very talented bloggers in a fall blog hop. My farmhouse fall home tour is filled with simple fall touches of natural elements and textures. This farmhouse tour proves that you don’t  have to spend a ton of money to create beautiful seasonal vignettes.

If you are new to Dandelion Patina blog, welcome! I am so glad you are here to share in my obsession with simple farmhouse style. I hope you will feel inspired.

Farmhouse Fall Home Tour with natural elements and textures


As I have mentioned, the autumn season is my favorite. It is a time when I tend to start “nesting”. I suppose it is a natural way of getting everything ready for the winter months; gathering the garden harvest, simmering soups and baking cookies on the weekends, and layering blankets and bedding to snuggle the little ones in at night.

Farmhouse Fall Home Tour Entry

bless this mess painted sign by hunt and gather goods

I recently did some rearranging in our entryway/foyer. This space was originally a closet, but because of the tight fit, we removed it. We now have added tongue and groove plank to the walls. It is such a wonderful feeling to have a more open and airy foyer.

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I did have a larger white hutch in this space, but I have now pared down to a small trunk and this amazing painted sign from Hunt and Gather Goods. Believe me, our mess needs all the blessings it can get!

A simple farmhouse style decor touch was created with this DIY wood easel.

farmhouse fall home tour with industrial pipe shelving

My all time favorite farmhouse style DIY we did in our home are these vertical industrial pipe shelves. Lately, I have been contemplating sanding them down raw and then bleaching the pieces. I can never leave well enough alone! For the farmhouse fall home tour, I styled these by simply adding dried hydrangeas from my backyard, a few white pumpkins, and dried artichokes. My ironstone gravy boat collection is growing too. Love this part of our home.

farmhouse fall home tour picnic basket with fresh basil bouquet

Farmhouse Fall Home Tour Dining Room

Our dining table centerpiece is simply a vintage picnic basket with a bouquet of fresh basil from the garden. This is the last of the basil and I wanted to get it inside before there was a freeze. The dining area smells amazing! And, when I need a bit of a room freshener all I need to do is sweep my hand across the leaves. Not to mention easy access for cooking as well.

Our dining room opens up right into the living room.

Farmhouse Fall Home Tour Living Room

I can’t tell you how much I am loving our IKEA Ektorp sofa and chairs! I was a bit hesitant to make the purchase due to kiddos and pooches. Ya know…dirty hands and paws. But, it really is satisfying to pull the slipcovers off, wash them, and hang them on the line. They look brand new! You just can’t do that with a normal upholstered sofa. I will never go back to the traditional sofas…upholstered or leather.

farmhouse fall neutral living room

I tried to keep the fall decorating consistent throughout the spaces in our home. It was pretty easy with all the dried hydrangeas I was able to use from our shrubs. If you ever wonder what type of shrubs to plant in your landscape, limelight hydrangeas are the best!

farmhouse fall home tour neutral decor and natural elements


farmhouse fall home tour simply decorated with natural elements and textures


farmhouse fall home tour with neutral farmhouse style elements


farmhouse fall home tour with neutral farmhouse style elements


farmhouse fall home tour infusing natural elements and textures


farmhouse fall home tour with white pumpkins and natural elements


To end the farmhouse fall tour, I thought I would share one of my pumpkin finds. I like to name my pumpkins, crazy I know. This one is Bad Hair Day! I fell in love with her funky stem. For me, it is all about the stem first, then the pumpkin. This gal knows how to be wild and crazy in her own way. And, on those Monday mornings when my hair is not cooperating, just know I am showing my wild and crazy side.

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Farmhouse Fall Home Tour with natural elements and textures

Happy fall everyone!

Please stop over to my lovely friends blogs below. They have so much inspiration to share with you.

Enjoy your day,

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10 Cozy Fall Farmhouse Porch Decor Ideas

Happy Fall everyone! I am so excited to be sharing 10 of my favorite cozy fall farmhouse porch decor ideas with you today. This will be my first of two roundups for cozy fall farmhouse porches.

These bloggers have amazing creativity and beautiful homes.

10 fall farmhouse porch decor ideas

Fall is my favorite time of the year. Nothing beats the cooler temps, cozy blankets, sweaters, and sipping hot cocoa.

Let’s get started with my round up!

Inspirational fall farmhouse porch decor

Fall farmhouse porch decor ideas with white pumpkins and dried hydrangeas


Isn’t this door gorgeous? I love the aqua color. One of my favorite elements of Beth’s fall porch design is the dried hydrangeas and neutral pumpkins. I absolutely love dried hydrangeas and have several limelight plants of my own. Dried hydrangeas are one of the best fall decor pieces I have found. They are free every year and can be used from summer through winter. They are such versatile pieces. I even used them in my Christmas tree decor last year!

Fall farmhouse porch decor ideas


Now, Diana has a farmhouse that I dream of! I love everything she does in home decor and design. She has amazing style. Her front porch has a rustic farmhouse flair from the gorgeous wood door to the vintage ladder. This front porch is simply decorated yet has a ton of character already built in.

rustic haybale lounger fall farmhouse porch decor ideas


One of my favorite fall porch projects was this haybale lounger. The lounger was super simple to put together. Just by adding a soft throw to the seat, it was one of the coziest places to take in the fresh fall air and watch the kiddos play in the yard.

raffia wreath fall farmhouse porch decor ideas


Yvonne sure knows how to make a wreath with WOW factor. This wreath is on my bucket list to make for the fall season. It screams neutral farmhouse style with its color and texture. And, it is so simple to make. This is a must for your fall farmhouse porch. Essentially, this could be left on the door year round, just omit the leaves when making.

fall farmhouse porch decor ideas


Kaley Ann has a super simple fall farmhouse porch. I was drawn to the neutral tones and textures. And, she had me at the pop of black in the lantern. The pumpkin patch wood sign is adorable isn’t it? Her whole vignette is inviting and draws you in.

Fall front porch Thistlewood farms


So, there is this amazing woman and her name is Kari Anne! She has the most incredible home and phenomenal farmhouse flair. Her blog is filled with her personality and heartfelt stories. Whenever I am in a funk or rut, I click over to her blog and she always virtually cheers me up! This front porch is an example of how she can put together vignettes. The pieces she chooses are beautiful on their own, but when brought together…complete WOW factor. She definitely had me at galvanized planters! And, her fall wood slice wreath…oh my goodness. I love the whimsy.

fall farmhouse porch decor ideas anderson and grant


Jamie is a dear virtual blogger friend that I got to know on my blogging adventure. She is super talented and creative. Her photography is absolutely gorgeous and she really has an eye for detail with every project she shares on her blog. These painted pumpkins are no exception and I am crazy about the way the textures came through. Jamie took ordinary pumpkins and transformed them into pumpkins Cinderella would stay at the ball for. I love these!

Vibeke fall vignette front porch


If there is one person I would recommend as an expert in vignette styling, Vibeke is it. She is so talented in combining textures, colors, and vintage finds. It all just works together beautifully. I am clicking over to her blog frequently when I need some vignette inspiration. I love how this cozy little nook could work on a front porch. Super cute.

giant distressed fall sign farmhouse porch decor ideas


A farmhouse porch is not a porch without something distressed. I love how easy Liz made this tutorial for this fall sign. Liz has beautiful farmhouse style. She creates items that work in her home and have purpose. I love that about her blog. Each piece has a function and everything is so pretty!

(this post contains affiliate links for your convenience, see disclosure)

She even has a book coming out this winter, A Touch Of Farmhouse Charm. I already have it on preorder! It would make a great gift for that DIY’er in your life!

Finding home farms reclaimed wood pumpkins


My final fall farmhouse porch decor idea is from Laura. Laura has been blogging for quite some time. I have been following her for years. Her family also runs a maple syrup business and the syrup is beyond delicious. I have ordered some for the last few years. They really take pride in their product. I love following their journey. Laura created these reclaimed wood pumpkins and they really are a must in creating a rustic fall farmhouse vignette.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these farmhouse porch decor ideas! They are certainly inspirational to me and I can’t wait to put my stamp on the front porch this fall.

If you are not a DIY’er, here are some options to create these looks:



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10 fall farmhouse porch decor ideas

Enjoy your day,

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Rustic Hay Bale Lounger

rustic hay bale lounger by dandelion patina


Show of hands….who loves a good old fashioned hayride?

Fall is one of the best times of the year: pumpkins, hayrides, cider, colorful leaves.

Our family has been enjoying the crisp autumn days at the apple orchard and pumpkin patch. We usually do the traditional pleasure ride of an open wagon with hay bales and a pair of horses pulling us through the corn fields.

This year the girls came up with their own version of a hayride……

cow style hayride

With smiles on their faces and giggles echoing through the field, the girls buckled their seat belts and bravely took the ride through the corn field all on their own.  I must say it was bittersweet…to see them be independent and willing to do the ride alone. But, I missed the snuggles and hugs that went along with our traditional hayride.

At that moment, the light bulb went on. Why not create the hayride experience at home on our front porch-a place to enjoy the crisp air and snuggles any time we wanted to…..

…..I needed hay bales! It was quite the adventure rounding up the bales for this project. We found a farm selling bales on Craigslist and it ended up being someone my husband knew. So, off we went to the farm to gather these bales. The farm had cattle and it proved to be a fun time for the entire family. The girls chased the kittens, fed the cattle, and got to experience the sights and smells of the barn.

I really enjoyed it as well. Each cow and steer had its own personality. Some cattle were quite shy and reserved. Others were very curious and had no problem munching on my pants or sweatshirt sleeve! If you are interested in seeing a picture of feeding the cattle, please hop over to my Instagram account and follow there for behind-the-scenes photos of what we are up to.

So, I guess you are ready for the tips on how to create the rustic hay bale lounger, hey? (pun intended)

rustic hay bale lounger

Start with purchasing your hay bales. Our bales cost about $2.50 each and we needed 5 bales.

rustic hay bale lounger by dandelion patina

 Center two hay bales vertically in the area where you would like the lounger to be.

rustic hay bale lounger by dandelion patina

Then place a bale horizontally flanking each of the two vertical bales, as pictured above. Notice the gap in front of the two vertical bales? This is where you will place your last bale for the lounger seat.

rustic hay bale lounger by dandelion patina

Add a warm and cozy throw to the seat area. I used a plaid blanket that adds that rustic and seasonal feel.

rustic hay bale lounger by dandelion patina

Add some accessories to create an inviting seating area. I placed yellow mums wrapped in burlap on the arm rests along with some honey crisp apples we had picked at the orchard.

rustic hay bale lounger by dandelion patina

I stuffed a few pillow forms inside these cloth feed sacks. It was a great no sew option! I love that the sacks are from Wisconsin businesses.

rustic hay bale lounger by dandelion patina

I hope you enjoyed how I created this rustic hay bale lounger. I can’t wait to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and get those snuggles from my girls that I missed this weekend. Be sure to get outdoors and have some great family fun this Fall!


Maison de Pax


Rustic Fall Mantel

Happy Fall! Today I am sharing my rustic fall mantel with you.

I hope you are enjoying the crisp air and sunny days. I know our family is here in WI. It is a magical time of year when Mother Nature starts painting another beautiful canvas.

rustic fall mantel by dandelion patina

With the cooler temperatures in the evenings, comes the desire to cozy up to the fireplace.

Unfortunately, we do not have a working fireplace.

When we first moved into our home, we did have one.

But, it didn’t work and we had to make a decision. We either invest in a new fireplace or a large picture window to let in more natural light to our living room.

The decision was to go with more natural light in the space.

I don’t regret it for one minute…

…but, I still wanted to have the feeling of a fireplace in our living room. Who wouldn’t?

So, we created a faux fireplace mantel and I am here to show you how I decked it out this fall!

Introducing my rustic fall mantel

rustic fall living room mantel by dandelion patina

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. See full disclosure.

My inspiration for this rustic fall mantel came from these pillows that I picked up at TJ Maxx. These pillows are very similar.

The colors are deep rust, olive green, light blue, gold, and dark brown. The color scheme reminded me of what I see outdoors.

Above the mantel, I started with a dark green piece of vintage wainscoting I found at an antique store.

I loved the distressed finish and old charm.

rustic fall mantel by dandelion patina


Luckily,this summer I found an old windmill. I knew I didn’t want to use it outdoors as is, so I had the hubby disassemble it into three separate pieces. The windmill blades were added to the wainscoting as my starting point.


rustic fall mantel by dandelion patina


My favorite candle holders flank the windmill blades. A vintage squirrel & nut canister was added. These vintage label canisters would look perfect on the mantel and they can be used in the kitchen after fall decorating.


chunky wood candle holder for fall


vintage squirrel nut canister


And a cute little distressed pumpkin adds that extra special touch.


rustic fall mantel by dandelion patina


cotton boll picture frame by dandelion patina


Freshly painted white vintage picture frames were added. Pieces of cotton were strung to float within the frame. Nothing says rustic like cotton boll and galvanized letters.


rustic fall mantel by dandelion patina
I always try to add an element or two of the unexpected. This is why I used a few vintage incubator trays to decorate the empty white space of the fireplace. The space wouldn’t be complete without a galvanized metal suitcase turned on its side.


rustic fall mantel by dandelion patina


With this rustic fall mantel to inspire you, even if you can’t enjoy a real fireplace in your home. Stage a faux fireplace to look just as inviting….

…you will just need a few extra blankets to stay warm instead!

If you are looking to create this look, I have curated a few options for you below.


Shop the look-curated collection:

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rustic Farmhouse Fall Mantel


Looking for more inspiration? Hop over to my fall tablescape and my scrappy industrial pumpkins!

Enjoy your day,

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