Stair Skirting DIY

Hey there! Today I am going to share our stair skirting DIY with you all.

I was so excited to finally be able to pull up the carpet on the stairs! Unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for and there was no stair skirting!

Stair skirting the easy way

Mistake number one:

Do not just ripe out the carpet on a whim especially on the stairs. These stair treads were not meant to be without carpet. And the outcome, we had wood treads and risers installed with gaps on the side walls where the treads met the wall. I was so disappointed.

Mistake number two:

Do not have pre-stained wood treads and risers installed. Once it was all said and done, I hated the look. The oak was orange. Now, I am sure there are plenty of people that would say they look lovely and in the 1990’s these would have been the bomb! But, I was envisioning something a bit different and in the end, it was my fault for not communicating that to the installer.

So, I waited a few months to see if they would grow on me. I was told I was crazy to even consider painting the stairs. After all, with all the poly applied by the manufacturer, paint would never adhere. It was one of those moments where I just went into a bit of project remorse withdrawal. I even thought the carpet would look better than this!

During those reflecting months, my parents were removing their chair rail molding in their master bedroom. I was asked if I wanted it. I thought, sure I can make some picture frames or something with it.

Then, the light bulb went on!

Create a faux stair skirting and repurpose the molding!


Supply list for Faux Stair skirting:

DIY stair skirting for wood stairs

Tutorial for applying chair rail as stair skirting:

  • Measure where you want the skirting to lay. For me, I wanted the angle of it to be about an inch away from the top of the tread.
  • Cut your molding the distance of the stairs. In our case, we had two separate pieces that connected at a seam.
  • Adhere your molding using a nail gun.

Tutorial for painting the molding, faux skirting, and stairs:

  • Sand down the stairs lightly
  • Prime. I primed with Annie Sloan chalk paint. Did you know you could use it as a primer?
  • Once the coat of primer was completely dry, I then used Benjamin Moore Advance in Simply White to complete the project. I was told not to use the Advance on stairs, but I am a bit of a rebel! I have had so much success with this paint on other projects and it was what I had on hand. If you want to go by the book, then I would use this for your stairs.

DIY stair skirting the easy way



Easy DIY stair skirting

I had always admired white stairs. I had a ton of photos pinned to my Pinterest boards. So, I knew this was something I was really drawn to.

To be honest, the upkeep scared me a bit. But, since I took the plunge in purchasing IKEA white sofas I thought why not white stairs too!

Current up keep:

I am loving how they turned out and the wear and tear has been great!  A light wash down weekly and these beauties continue to look fabulous.

Stair skirting DIY

So, even bloggers make mistakes! Home decorating and renovating is such a learning process.  And making mistakes along the way is all part of the journey!

I never thought I would be able to achieve the look of stair skirting, but thanks to that free molding it all worked out in the end!

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Stair skirting the easy way

Would you paint your stairs white? What do you think of the faux DIY stair skirting?


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Enjoy your day,

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DIY ornament card chandelier

Today, I am going to share my DIY ornament card chandelier with you.

ornament card chandelier via

A childhood Christmas story:

When I was young, my mom would take us to the Hallmark store in town. We perused around the store during the holidays seeking out that special little memento. We also spent some time selecting our favorite Hallmark cards to send to family and friends. I can remember my sister and I hiding in the back corner of the store looking at all of them while mom shopped. We would chat with the cashier and she would give us a piece of candy when we were leaving.

Isn’t it amazing the things we remember? The events that stick in our brains, right?

Those little shopping trips meant something. Family time and finding ways to share the holiday spirit with those we cared about with a holiday card or two.  So, this year I thought I would take the girls. The girls had fun selecting just the right cards to give to those they cared about and I loved that there was a coupon for them as well!



Our home is officially all decked out for the holidays and our home office is no exception! This room becomes gift wrapping headquarters with gift wrap, ribbon, tags ,and other wrapping supplies scattered about. I really wanted a holiday focal point in the office. So, why not create a DIY ornament card chandelier!?

faux chandelier with ornaments and card holder



I dressed up the chandelier for the holidays with some garland, and mercury glass ornaments-which are my favorite by the way! I also selected a few special Hallmark cards that I will be sharing with family and friends.

DIY ornament card chandelier via


It is such a simple and elegant way to display photos, cards, ornaments…you name it. The DIY ornament card chandelier is almost like a 3D hanging version of a gallery wall. The chandelier is versatile and can be changed out each season.


Supplies needed for the DIY ornament card chandelier:

Instructions for creating your ornament card chandelier:

  • Start by hanging your chandelier with a ceiling hook in the center of the room
  • Add garland/greenery to the perimeter of the chandelier
  • Attach ribbon to your ornaments and hang
  • Attach ribbon to chandelier and clip Hallmark cards to ribbon
  • Attach Bakers Twine to clothespins to hang Hallmark Magic Snowballs

TIP: To transform the Hallmark Magic Snowballs into ornaments I cut wide grosgrain ribbon the length of the Hallmark tag and hot glued the ribbon to form a decorative loop for hanging. Once the holiday season is over, the kids can play with the snowballs throughout the season when the outdoors is too cold. Nothing like an indoor snowball fight!!

holiday home office via


I love how this DIY turned out. Don’t you?

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ornament card chandelier via

 I’d love to hear about your favorite family traditions in the comments below!

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So beautiful! This cozy winter mantel from combines neutral decor with textural elements. This mantel can be left all season long! #mantel #farmhousestyle


Happy Holidays,

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DIY Pumpkin Tiered Tray

Hey friends! Today, I am sharing my DIY pumpkin tiered tray.


Do you struggle finding a unique fall centerpiece each season? I do. I am always on the look out for a simple and functional way to decorate.
So incredibly clever! This tiered tray created with half pumpkins from Michael's and a vintage spool. Tutorial via #farmhousestyle #pumpkin
While out running errands, I found these foam half pumpkins at the craft store.  They seemed pretty cool. So, I grab a few different sizes.

These pumpkins were placed inside each other in the bag at the checkout. This got me thinking.

Have you seen those tiered trays for countertop storage?

I have really loved these farmhouse style tiered trays. I haven’t pulled the plug on purchasing one yet.

So, they were my inspiration for this pumpkin tiered tray.

DIY Pumpkin Tiered Tray

Supplies needed to create this pumpkin tiered tray:

(Affiliate links are provided for your convenience.  For more information, see my full disclosure here.)

DIY pumpkin tiered tray

Instructions for pumpkin tiered tray:

  • Drill holes into your half pumpkin pieces as well as the wooden board base. This will vary based on the size of threaded rod used as well as the size of your wooden spool. For this project, we used 1/2″ drill bit and a 1″ drill bit.
  • Stain your wooden board base. I used Minwax Golden Oak* to match the wooden spool patina.
  • Push threaded rod through your wooden spool

tiered pumpkin tray diy

  • Place the larger half pumpkin under the wooden spool
  • Then place the wooden base under the half pumpkin

Farmhouse style DIY pumpkin tiered tray by

  • Tighten a nut on the underside of the wooden base making sure that the nut is flush with the bottom so that the tray sits flat.

DIY pumpkin tiered tray by

  • Add smaller half pumpkin piece to the top of wooden spool

farmhouse style DIY pumpkin tiered tray by dandelion patina

  • Attach your lock washer first and then the nut to the top
  • Mark where the rod should be cut off with a marker
  • Cut the excess threaded rod off with a hack saw

farmhouse style pumpkin tiered tray DIY by

I love how this pumpkin tiered tray turned out.

It works well for a table centerpiece holding some of the most beautiful baby boo pumpkins and squash.

farmhouse style pumpkin tiered tray DIY by #farmhousestyle #pumpkin


It is perfect for holding s’mores supplies at our backyard rustic s’mores station. Be sure to check this out!

farmhouse style pumpkin tiered tray for s'mores station

What do you think of this DIY?

Ready to get your hands on a few half pumpkins and make your own pumpkin tiered tray?

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So creative! DIY half pumpkins used to create this pumpkin tiered tray. Perfect for your farmhouse style fall decorating by #farmhousestyle #pumpkins

Ready to make some s’mores?

Have a great day,

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Rustic Smores Station

Today I am sharing my rustic smores station. Our family loves making smores during the cooler autumn months. I hope you will be inspired by our rustic smores station.Rustic Smores Station


I have been sharing a few ways to decorate inside the home with my neutral fall mantel and my fall home tour these past few weeks.

Now, I would like to share a fun way to bring fall decorating to your backyard patio area with some pumpkins and a really cool DIY  pumpkin tray.
backyard smores station

My kiddos love spending time sitting by the campfire and so do I! We roast the traditional hot dogs and smores. But, our patio table was always cluttered with the bags of marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers,etc. It was driving this momma crazy!

The answer, we needed a smores station to house all the ingredients and snacks. Then, we could enjoy sitting at our patio table comfortably. A few years back my husband built this wood station, which was formerly used for gardening. But, since my gardening time is now very limited, I thought I could repurpose the piece. It is very versatile with wheels to be moved around the yard as needed.

backyard smores and treat station

The tiered pumpkin tray that I mentioned above holds a good amount of marshmallows and graham crackers.  I love that it doesn’t take up a ton of room.

rustic smores station

I went with a neutral color palette for decorating in the house, so bringing a few traditional pumpkins outdoors was just the pop of color I was looking for on the patio.

rustic backyard smores station

The two large orange pumpkins were damaged in a hail storm, but they healed nicely and now they show unique character. My oldest daughter picked them out at the pumpkin patch; how could I say no?

Baby boo white pumpkin on cupcake pedestal

I found these petite white cupcake pedestals the other day and thought they would work perfect for my baby boo pumpkins.

honeycrisp apples

I gotta tell ya too…honeycrisp apples…da best! There is not another apple I like better for eating fresh. They are delicious-crisp, tart, and sweet all at the same time.

outdoor adventure hunt

And time outdoors with the family would not be complete without some outdoor scavenger hunt activities. I printed these off from Clean & Scentsible. The kids were kept occupied until the fire was ready to go. They love treasure hunting!

campfire smores station

I really couldn’t believe that my basil plants were still hanging on after the cooler weather. A few cuttings from my plants and the perfect smelling table centerpiece is created in a snap!

rustic smores station from

Once the fire was started, it was the perfect spot to try out a bit of knitting. Unfortunately, I think I need to attend a class. Do you knit? If ya do…I would like a pair of chunky mittens in the colors of yarn I have in the basket above, please.

backyard smores station

I hope you enjoyed my rustic smores station inspiration. I love how pumpkins can bring just the right touch of fall to your space whether it be indoors or out.

inside out smore with peanut butter cups

And to let you in on a little secret of ours…(ya know, from our family to yours)

These inside out smores are delicious.

Here’s how you do it:

Roast the giant size marshmallows until golden brown.

Remove the shell of the marshmallow.

Insert your piece of graham cracker and peanut butter cup.



This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Click here for my disclosure policy.

Shop the rustic smores station source list: 



You can hop over to see all the pumpkin projects from this week’s Pumpkin Palooza just under this graphic. I hope you will find a ton of ideas that inspire you!

Pumpkin Palooza 15 amazing pumpkin ideas and inspiration

Happy Fall!

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Before And After Painted Candle Holders

Hey everyone! Today I am sharing a tutorial on before and after painted candle holders!

Upcycling at its finest!

Do me a favor…find that box of old candle holders in your basement or the back of your closet.

I know they weren’t exactly your style, but they were given as a gift and you really would feel bad if you took them to Goodwill or gave them to a charity.

I have the perfect solution! A simple and thrifty way to transform them into your new favorite color and style.

Whether you like soft neutral colors or love to have a few pops of color in your home. You can transform those candle holders into something you cherish!

Are you still with me?

Americana chalky finish candleholders transformed in a few easy steps. These were so easy to update to the color and decor style I currently have. When I get bored with the color, I can just paint right over them again!


Can you believe these were transformed in just a few easy steps?

This is what they looked like before.

Want to know how to transform ugly outdated candleholders into modern updated pieces? Find out how on the blog with Americana chalky finish paint

If you do not have any candle holders around the house, it is very easy to find them at your local thift store. They come in all different sizes, shapes, and materials. These two happen to be wood, but I have painted resin ones as well.

Have you tried DecoArt Chalky Finish paints? They are simple, easy, and fast to use and complete your project whether it be candleholders or a large furniture piece. Come check out how easy it is.

I really think you are going to like this paint, DecoArt Americana Chalky Finish paint and creme wax. You can find it easily at your local craft store and Home Depot. The paint is on the thicker side, which I like because it didn’t take a whole lot to get good coverage.

Americana Chalky Finish paints and creme wax

The colors I used for this project were: Yesteryear, Serene, and Vintage. These colors are soft and beachy. Of course, if you are not the soft and beachy kinda person, Americana Chalky Finish does come in a variety of colors for you to choose from.


  • Pretty simple, paint your piece. If you are trying to cover a glossy finish, then I would definitely go over it with a sanding block, but this paint adheres well and I have not had any problems when using it.
  • Once the coats are dry then you can decide to sand the piece for a distressed look or just lightly burnish with a fine sanding block to create a smooth finish.
  • Apply your creme wax. I use a small brush when applying. The wax is the consistency of a thin paste and goes on very easy.

Americana chalky finish candle holders in yesteryear, serene, and vintage. Take a few minutes to transform an outdated home decor piece in your home.


I really like layering the paint colors as well. If you are planning on distressing them to look aged, then apply one color and then once dry apply another. You can be as subtle or as bold as you like. Then, when you distress, the base coat will show through accenting the piece.

Americana chalky finish paint and creme wax


Americana chalky finish candleholders transformed in a few easy steps. These were so easy to update to the color and decor style I currently have. When I get bored with the color, I can just paint right over them again!


Where's the beach? Why not bring a piece of the beach to you. Transform your old and tired candle holders into a vignette of beachy farmhouse delight. Americana chalky finish paints and creme wax.

What do you think? Easy to tackle in a few hours? I know you can create your own before and after painted candle holders! Go for it.

If you are interested in more projects I have created with Americana chalky finish paint check out my Farmhouse Cabinet  and also my Coastal Style Mirror

You can also find me on Instagram quite a bit these days as well as Facebook, Pinterest, and tweeting every now and then on Twitter.

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5 Rustic Farmhouse DIY Projects

Hey there! Today, I am sharing 5 amazing rustic farmhouse DIY projects with you.


Two of my favorite styles to mix together are rustic and farmhouse. Incorporating tons of texture, natural elements, metal, and burlap are some of what you will find in my home as well.

These rustic farmhouse DIY projects are charming, beautiful, and anything but old fashioned!

Rustic farmhouse DIY projects with tutorials


Jamie over at Anderson Grant does the most amazing repurposing projects. This galvanized flower pot has all the farmhouse goodness that I love. Her photography is so beautiful. Can you believe that she found an old milk funnel and transformed it from utilitarian to a piece you would find in an expensive boutique?! I would definitely love a few of these on my covered front porch.

I love this unique, rustic flower pot idea!

Repurposed DIY Flower Pot | A Burst of Beautiful project by Anderson + Grant

Next up in my roundup of rustic farmhouse DIY projects are these rustic log candle holders. Check out all the texture. And, I am loving how chunky they are!

What a beautiful and simple diy project! log candleholders by

Easy Log Candleholder | Love Grows Wild

Then, there are these countertops! What a transformation. I am scared to death to try this project, but the results are stunning. Definitely, rustic farmhouse charm in this kitchen.

DIY concrete-look countertops... beautiful and affordable!

DIY Ardex Feather Finish Countertops | Seeking Lavender Lane

I love shopping at IKEA because you can find reasonably priced basics that are just waiting for their turn to shine! This IKEA coffee table makeover certainly is shining! I love the planked look on the top. My favorite combination is white and wood. So, this is an amazing rustic farmhouse DIY in my book.

What a beautiful planked coffee table made from an affordable Ikea piece!

Ikea Coffee Table Makeover | Simply Beautiful by Angela

Last are these simple burlap and lace jars. I love this combination and I have used it in a previous rustic farmhouse DIY project as well.

Gorgeous embellishments for simply glass jars!

Burlap and Lace Wrapped Jars | DIY Beautify

I hope you enjoyed this rustic farmhouse DIY project round up. If DIY isn’t your thing, I have created a shop the look below.

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. See full disclosure.

Shop the look source list for rustic farmhouse decor:

Other rustic farmhouse DIY projects you may enjoy:

How do you decorate with a printers tray? With just a few easy steps you can create your own personalized vintage printers tray vignette. Styling by Dandelion Patina

DIY rustic arrow wall art using Homestead House Milk Paint as a stain. It is super easy and I love how you can control the depth of the color. Just mix with water!
Enjoy your day,

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Homework room cubby

Hey everyone! Today I am sharing our homework room cubby cabinet with you. I am loving how this room is coming together. If you are new, here are a few posts to get you up to speed. Be sure to check out the IKEA Rast Hack transformation and the love your home series posts.

constructing cubbies with d lawless hardware

I have been slowly working towards transforming our formal dining room into a homework room for the girls. It has been a slow process but we are finally in the home stretch. This cubby cabinet is a favorite feature in the room for me. I love how it provides storage and an interesting design element.

I started this project by finding an old postal command center shell for the cubbies on Craigslist. Originally it had old metal backing that was bent and brittle. I removed that and applied a stained wooden back for more stability. I then sanded all the peeling paint off and applied a coat of chalk paint on the sides.

Here is a photo of the shell before the cubby boxes were constructed.

homework room cubbies

I love how the paint is worn in several areas.

We started the process of filling each cubby by constructing boxes from 1×4’s. We created 36.

homework room cubby

And it is always fun to share projects with the little ones.

homework room cubby


homeowork room cubbies

A template was created on a scrap piece of board to make it easier to apply the hardware. Once the template created, I could just tap a nail through the holes on the template to indicate where the screws would go to attach the hardware.

Before the hardware was attached, I whitewashed each box with Annie Sloan Pure White.

homework room



So, what do you think of the homework room cubby cabinet?

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DIY Hanging Herb Garden

Do you garden? Do you wish you could but don’t have the space? Well, my DIY hanging herb garden will be the perfect DIY project so that you can start gardening and using fresh herbs in your favorite dishes! Herbs are a great option for small spaces where there is no room for a large garden. All they need is sunlight and water. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, these little plants will take little to maintain.

Here we go with the tutorial!

Create a DIY hanging herb garden inexpensively for under $10. All you need is a few pails, herbs, scrap wood, and tissue paper! Nothing beats fresh herbs at your fingertips!


(Affiliate links are provided below for products with asterisk.  For more information, see my full disclosure here.)

  • Metal pails. These were purchased in the Dollar Spot at Target. Two pails for $3. These metal pails* are very similar.
  • Herbs. I chose dill, lemon thyme, and rosemary
  • Old board. My board came from a recycled piece of furniture, but you could use a piece of 2×4 or any other wood you have lying around.
  • Polka Dot tissue paper*. The tissue paper I used was from Hazel & Ruby. I love the modern gray with white polka dots.
  • Alphabet letters*. I had these lying around in my craft room from a previous project.
  • Floral wire.
  • Modge Podge*.
  • Sanding block.
  • Poly* sealer.
  • X-acto knife*


DIY hanging herb garden from Dandelion Patina


I started by painting an old board I had in the garage. Painting it was a personal preference. You could just leave the wood as is.

I then cut my tissue paper to fit the board. I cut the paper a bit larger than the board so that I could distress it after the Modge Podge dried.

Using modge podge to create a distressed board for a DIY hanging herb garden for under $10

If you want a worn and distressed look do not worry about the wrinkles and small air bubbles. Once the piece has dried you will then be sanding all that away. The distressing part is so fun. The paper just sort of unravels and falls off. Easy peasy to create a vintage looking piece.

Distressed tissue paper board with decoupage technique for DIY hanging herb garden

I did some heavy distressing in areas to create a more worn look. This is all personal preference. Once done distressing to your liking, seal with a poly.

DIY hanging herb garden by dandelion patina

Decide how you would like your pails to hang and add your hardware accordingly.

DIY hanging herb garden by dandelion patina

Your pails should look something like this when hung.

Herb garden plant markers from wooden letters by dandelion patina

I created a few plant markers to hang on the pails. This was achieved with wooden letter beads and floral wire. I just curled the ends of the wire up and hung over the pail edge.

DIY hanging herb garden by dandelion patina using galvanized pails from Target and tissue paper from hazel & ruby


DIY hanging herb garden by dandelion patina using inexpensive galvanized pails from Target and tissue paper from Hazel & Ruby


Create your own DIY hanging herb garden by dandelion patina with just a few simple supplies and some creativity

I chose herbs that I could walk past and run my fingers through. The lemon thyme and rosemary have such a nice fragrance. I have even caught my kiddos touching and smelling too. This DIY hanging herb garden would be a perfect project for the kiddos to create and take care of as well. They could customize it as they liked with the pattern of paper and herbs.

DIY hanging herb garden by dandelion patina created for under $10


If you found this project to be put on your ‘to do’ list, here is a photo to pin to Pinterest project board.

Create a DIY hanging herb garden inexpensively for under $10. All you need is a few pails, herbs, scrap wood, and tissue paper! Nothing beats fresh herbs at your fingertips!


If you are interested in another simple garden project, please be sure to check out my DIY succulent vignette.

DIY Succulent Vignette by Dandelion Patina


Don’t forget….you can follow along with me on  facebook, instagram, pinterest, and twitter!

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Follow Your Arrow

Follow your arrow wherever it points. There is quite a bit of meaning packed into that sentence.

For me, when the straight and narrow gets a little too straight, I like to put on my creative hat and get lost in what I love! So, most of the time, my arrow points to my work space…and to the beach!

I am sharing 8 fabulous DIY arrow projects with you today. And you have got to see how I styled my summer mantel.

DIY rustic arrow wall art

My friend Ashley created these simple rustic wall arrows. They look great in the nursery don’t they? My youngest sister is expecting her first little munchkin and she is always looking for simple & easy ways to make an impact on her walls. Because ain’t nobody got time for complicated projects especially with a new baby in the house. Right?

If you’ve already started your family and are looking for some super cute arrows, these will record growth spurts and milestones. The kiddos will have such fun looking back at how they have grown. You have got to create one of these for your home. They grow so fast!

Another place my arrow has been pointing me towards lately is pallets. Although, my husband rolls his eyes at me when he is attempting to pull apart the pieces with a crowbar in one hand and hammer in the other. I bet he is thinking he would like to take a crowbar to my head for coming up with such a crazy idea! Do you know how many nails are in these things? A crazy amount. But, the wood looks so fabulous in projects like this DIY wood pallet arrow. And how about that gallery wall, huh?

homestead house milk paint in sherwood brown as a stain for DIY rustic arrow wall art

If pulling apart pallet wood is just not your thing, I love this rustic word art. The easiest way to create an instant gallery wall! Just print and hang. And if you are a bit crafty, well…. give these old sign stencils a try. I am loving them so much. Shhh…I ordered every single one!!

Now, I gotta tell ya…I truly feel that everyone has a crafty side to them. Sometimes I hear ‘oh, I am just not the crafty type’. So, then I take the opportunity to share a fun little business that I love. One such business is the Rustic Nest who specializes in making things… like arrows! Oh, and if you need that little bit of inspiration to help you click that purchase button-check out this kitchen! The arrow looks so good there doesn’t it?

I feel I have to share one more place my arrow points me daily! It is a cherished place I go when I want inspiration, laughs, and cries. The posts that remind me that I can follow my arrow wherever it points…whether it be chalkboard walls, chevron chairs or white arrows!

Now, go make lots of noise and follow the arrow over to the tutorial on how to make rustic style arrow art .

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DIY Cork Typography

I am so happy to be here sharing a fun DIY project where you can embrace your awesomeness rather easily. I have a major weakness for wall typography and calligraphy. Someday, I will learn all about calligraphy and try my hand at creating some handmade signs for our home. In the meantime, I thought I would give this DIY cork typography project a go and you can too!

Ready to embrace your awesomeness?

hidden word wall art with cork
Supplies you will need:

Cork letters-purchased from Michael’s

Old frame



Scrap plywood backing

tutorial with cork letters

Start with an old frame. You can find them in your basement or at a local thrift store. Clean it up and then paint it in your choice of color. Here, I used Annie Sloan Old White and distressed it once dry.

tutorial on cork letter typography

I then cut and nailed a piece of thin plywood for the back. I cut it larger than the opening to create a “shadow box” for the cork letters to fit into the recessed area under the frame lip.

I then painted the back with Annie Sloan Provence.

cork letter typography

Decide on your saying or quote. I chose ’embrace your awesomeness’. Start playing with the word pattern and place random letters on all sides. This will look very similar to the hidden word puzzle books we have all worked on. The chunky cork letters resemble typography as well.

framed cork letter typography

cork letter typography art

Once you have the letters placed where you like, glue them down. I used Elmer’s wood glue. Let dry.

You  are now ready to use your new DIY cork typography piece. Place the frame on a mantel, in a wall collage or on an easel.

embrace your awesomeness

I hope I inspired you to embrace your awesomeness and try this DIY cork typography project. The cork letters are so fun and bring depth and texture to the piece.

If you are interested in more creative ideas, check out a few more DIY projects.

Dandelion Patina Projects

Bird Nest Woven With Charm/ Faux Agate Slice/ Repurposed Candle Holders From Lamps


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DIY Potterybarn Inspired Beads

Hey friends! Today I want to show you how easy it is to create Potterybarn inspired string of beads.

Do you ever look in a Potterybarn catalog and find something you can’t live without, but yet sigh when you look at the price tag? I do this quite often, but there is hope! Many of the decor accessories can be DIY’d. And, you can personalize them to make them unique to you and your home.

I love using these in decorating. They add texture, color, and interesting effect to an otherwise dull candlestick or decorative bowl.

I will be sharing a few different types of beads and two techniques for creating them.

Let’s get started.

Create your own Potterybarn inspired decorative string of beads in just a few easy steps. By using this do-it-yourself method you can customize the string of beads to fit your personal decor for a fraction of the cost.

I love the farmhouse style look, so I selected some beads that had rich wood tones. I also love pops of soft aqua.

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Materials list for Potterybarn inspired string of beads:

Potterybarn inspired decorative string of beads by dandelion patina

FIRST TECHNIQUE: Simple threading.

1. Separate the beads.

2. Take an end of the jute and push through the first bead. These aqua beads had a rather large hole so there was no need to use a plastic needle to thread. *Do not cut the jute at the other end until the end of the threading.

3. Once threading is completed, push all the beads tight to each other and even them out.

4. Tie a knot as tight to the beads as possible. Cut away excess.

Create your own Potterybarn Inspired decorative string of beads in just a few simple steps. Dandelion Patina


SECOND TECHNIQUE: Using plastic needle.

Same steps as above, just thread your jute through needle head first.


DIY Potterybarn inspired decorative string of beads


These wooden beads needed the use of the plastic needle. It just depends on the size of the hole within the center of the bead.


DIY Potterybarn Inspired decorative string of beads by dandelion patina


Here are a few ways to inspire you to use your newly created Potterybarn inspired string of beads!


Create your very own DIY Potterybarn Inspired string of beads to decorate your home with on a budget by dandelion patina


Create your own DIY potterybarn inspired string of beads to decorate your home and your unique architectural finds with. Project is simple and budget-friendly by dandelion patina


I absolutely love what these decorative beads add to accessories. It is that layered and textured element that creates depth and interest to accessories in the home.

This project was under $20 to make all 3 of these Potterybarn inspired string of beads. Can’t beat that. And don’t they look just as good as in the catalog? No one would know!

Now I know some of you don’t want the hassle of completing a DIY, so I have curated a few options to get the look.

I know you can tackle this DIY project just as I did, so go ahead and pin this to your ‘future projects’ Pinterest board or share with someone who would love this!

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Create your own Potterybarn inspired decorative string of beads to decorate your home and unique finds with. Love how these beads add character and texture to decorative accessories. This project is budget-friendly by dandelion patina


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Paper Napkin Decoupage Eggs

Decoupage. It is making a come back. I must say I am enjoying the simplicity of the craft. I don’t think there is any right or wrong way to do it. So, for me, decoupage is just a ‘go with the flow’ kinda project.  It is a project that you can personalize and not have sweat dripping off your forehead because you are afraid of screwing it up.

paper napkin decoupage eggs

Today, I am going to share my technique in creating paper napkin decoupage eggs. The process will take a plain old white egg from ordinary to extraordinary.

decoupage napkin egg tree DIY


painted white wooden eggs

patterned paper napkins

decoupage medium, modge podge

medium sized brush

jewelry charms & eye hooks

decorative trim

wax paper



paint brush

paper napkin decoupage eggs


paper napkin decoupage eggs

Peel apart the layers of napkins. You will only want to use the top patterned layer.

paper napkin decoupage eggs

Cut your patterned napkin into squares or rectangles. It really doesn’t matter on the size or shape of them. Start applying decoupage medium to the egg in sections, adding a square piece of napkin at a time. I also painted over the top of the napkin pieces to smooth them out and for overall adhesion.

Because my paper napkins had a few different patterns on them, I was able to create different looking eggs. I loved this because I could have variety, but the overall look would be cohesive.

decoupage paper napkin eggs

Place the egg on a piece of wax paper to dry completely. I let them dry overnight.

paper napkin decoupage eggs

To embellish the eggs as pictured, you will need to pre-drill a very small hole into both ends of the eggs. I then screwed jewelry eye hooks into the holes until tight. On the top I added a decorative trim  to hang. On the bottom I added a little charm to dangle and add to the vintage charm.

paper napkin decoupage eggs

Grab some branches from your backyard and throw into a vase. Then, start adding your paper napkin decoupage eggs. It is that simple.

paper napkin decoupage eggs


paper napkin decoupage eggs

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IKEA Rast Hack

Hello friends! Today I am sharing my very first IKEA Rast Hack. I am so excited that it actually turned out!


ikea rast chest hack


What can I say? I do love me some great shopping at IKEA. So, when our family travels down to Naperville, IL to visit relatives I make sure that I have my ‘to buy’ list ready. I also try have a strategic plan all laid out on the building map.


Yes, our family needs a map with a plan. There is way too much stuff eye candy in IKEA. We have to stay on task.

Otherwise, the kiddos get halfway through the first floor and are ready for that yummy hot dog & ice cream!

With a list of what we need, we can make it into a treasure hunt for the kids and shopping goes way smoother….until we get to the stuffed animal bins and disco lights! Oy vey!


ikea rast hack

One of the pieces that was on my list for the next shopping trip was the IKEA Rast chest. I love to buy pieces that I can transform in some way.

This is the beauty of IKEA products. They are just waiting for you to put your unique stamp on them.

An opportunity to turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

Which brings me to….paint sticks.

They are rather ordinary and utilitarian.

But, when paired with the IKEA Rast and some chunky hardware-well, ooh la la!

It is like finding that fabulous outfit and the coordinating accessories to turn heads!

ikea hack

Instructions for constructing this IKEA Rast Hack:


ikea rast chest hack

First 5 steps:

1. Cut and nail flat trim to the drawers and sides of chest.

2. Cut and nail a 1×4 to the bottom front.

3. Cut and nail screen trim to the top.

4. Fill knob holes with wood filler, let dry, sand

5. Paint entire piece. I used chalk paint. Specifically, CeCe Caldwell, but any chalk paint in a gray finish will create this look.

ikea rast hack

Next 5 steps:

6. Cut & stain your paint sticks, along with the top 1×4’s (which will create a tray). I used a combo of Minwax Golden Oak with Walnut.

7. Nail paint sticks to drawers and sides of chest.

8. Seal the entire piece with poly.

9. Add your hardware pulls and attach the top tray with L-brackets.

10. Accessorize.

ikea rast hack dresser

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Source list for supplies used in creating this IKEA Rast Hack look:

hickory hardware ikea hack

So, do you look at paint sticks differently?

I found these at Menards. They are not your typical paint sticks and my head is spinning with more DIY ideas for these babies!


ikea rast dresser hack


ikea rast hack


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ikea rast chest hack

ikea rast hack


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