How to make chunky pom poms

Hey readers! Today I am sharing some chunky pom poms!

Oh my goodness, and I have to say that they are just the most adorable pieces of fluffiness I have ever seen! I could make these things all. day. long.

Check this out!! The easy way to make chunky pom poms via #pompoms #farmhousestyle

I found the most amazing little gadget before Christmas and I am so excited to be sharing it with all of you!

For the longest time I have loved chunky pom poms. My mom showed us girls how to make them when we were little. It was a fun project, but I always HATED using the cardboard templates!

What a pain. Plus, the cardboard just didn’t seem to hold up well and my little fingers were so sore afterwards. I. Now. Have. The. Solution.

How to make chunk y pom poms with this amazing tool! You have to get this! via #pompoms


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Supplies you will need for these chunky pom poms:

Best tutorial ever for making chunky pom poms! Whip these out in minutes via #pompoms #farmhousestyle

Tutorial for these chunky pom poms:

Step 1:

  • Open your maker as shown above. Start to wrap your yarn from the middle of the half circle and continue wrapping until this is full.


Creating chunky pom poms has never been easier! Look at this! via #pompoms #yarn

Step 2:

  • Once wrapping the yarn completely around the half circle as chunky as you can, fold the half circle back up into the gadget as shown below.

Amazing tutorial for creating chunky pom poms! via #pompoms #farmhousestyle

Step 3:

  • Now, open the other side of the gadget so that the opposite half circle is ready to be wrapped with yarn, as shown below.

Mind blowing tutorial to create chunky diy pom poms in minutes! via #pompoms

Step 4:

  • Again, wrap yarn, starting from middle, working your way out and back and forth until similar size of the first half circle.

Easy tutorial for creating farmhouse style chunky pom poms! I want to make these for every room! via #farmhousestyle #pompoms


You now will have a complete circle wrapped with yarn.

Creating chunky DIY pom poms has never been easier with this tool! If you love pom poms you need this! via dandelionpatina.comStep 5:

  • Take your sewing scissors and cut along the inner blue crack as shown with an arrow below. TIP: You will need a sewing scissors to do this because the tip is narrow enough to get into the crevice and these babies are sharp. Remember, you are cutting through some seriously thick yarn! You need a sharp and narrow scissors to be successful with these pom poms.

Simple DIY tutorial for creating chunky pom poms farmhouse style! via #farmhousestyle #pompomsStep 6:

  • Once you have cut along the entire edge to release the yarn fibers, cut a piece of yarn to tie the strands of cut yarn together. As you tie, pull as tight as you can and double knot the yarn segment.


Easiest way to make pom poms ever! I love this tutorial from

Step 7:

  • Now, it is time to start releasing the gadget sides! You are almost there….take this step slowly and carefully so that you do not pull the gadget totally apart.

So fun! DIY farmhouse style chunky pom poms that you can make in minutes! via

Step 8:

  • Once your blue half circles are opened up, start removing the white sides, one at a time.

Look at all this chunky goodness! Create your own supersize pom poms in a few easy steps! via #pompoms

Step 9:

  • Once the white sides are off and the gadget is totally removed from your pom pom, fluff and cut any loose edges away. You may have a few strands that just pull out and that is ok. Leave your “tails” attached if you want to create a garland with your pom poms.

Love this tutorial on how to make chunky pom poms via dandelionpatina.comStep 10:

  • You did it! Now, wasn’t that just so much better than the cardboard template pom pom?!

Chunky farmhouse style pom poms with this easy tutorial! via


I absolutely love how easy these were to make! And remember the chunkier the yarn, the chunkier the pom pom!


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The secret to creating farmhouse style chunky pom poms in minutes! This is so much better than using cardboard! via #pompoms


I hope I inspired you to get busy and create some of your own chunky pom poms!

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wreath with pink gray cream cupcake liners

Have an amazing day!

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DIY Burlap Gift Bag How To

Today I am going to share a DIY burlap gift bag. This bag is a simple & easy project. And, it is super cute.


The holidays are upon us and soon gift giving will be in full swing. For me, you can’t go wrong with burlap…and coffee! I know, I know…why not go out and just buy a bag? Well, because I am a creative soul and love to put my mark on the gifts I give. Creating those handmade gifts just makes the holiday season a bit more merrier!

Simple and easy DIY burlap bag tutorial by dandelion patina

A little story:

Coffee has become my addiction. I suppose it started once I became a mom.  My oldest daughter is also Ethiopian born, so when we were in Ethiopia we tasted some of the best macchiatos!  I was sleep deprived and looking for that fix to keep my ‘supermom’ status. Is there such a thing?

I started visiting my local Starbucks twice a day! The addiction started…

….and the hubby quickly pointed out what we were spending on my little addiction. The reality was pretty hard to swallow. Something had to change.


So one day he surprised me with an espresso machine. I was pretty skeptical. A pretty high standard had already been set. I mean, those baristas really know their stuff at Starbucks!

Create your own Starbucks house blend caramel macchiato and create these fun DIY burlap gift bags to share your love of coffee beans via

After some simple experimenting, wah la! I think the key is to buy the whole bean and grind your own for each macchiato. One of my favorites is the Starbucks House Blend whole bean. You can find a whole assortment of Starbucks coffee flavors to suit your taste.


So, now I can enjoy our own caramel macchiatos while crafting and gift wrapping and basically any time I want without the worry of spending too much. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still love going to my local Starbucks. But, it is more of a monthly visit now rather than twice a day! If you are looking for a cost effective way to keep having those caramel macchiatos…this is the best alternative my friends. A person could give up coffee drinking entirely. I have is really hard. And, really…who wants to do that?

starbucks house blend whole bean coffee with simple and easy burlap gift bags for the holidays via



Anyway, one of the simple gifts I love to give to my coffee drinking peeps is a bag of whole bean coffee and a grinder. And, a great way to wrap those bags of coffee is with burlap! Plus, if you have children, they can be involved in creating their own gift bag creations. It is such a fun way to be together and get your crafting on.


Let’s get started with the burlap bag tutorial.

DIY burlap gift bag dandelion patina

Supplies needed for the DIY Burlap Gift Bag:

how to make a burlap gift bag via



  • Start by cutting apart a brown paper bag, this will be your template for the burlap pieces.

simpel and easy burlap gift bag


  • Place your pattern on the burlap and cut out your burlap pieces leaving an allowance to be glued (1/4″) or so.

burlap gift bag tutorial


  • Then arrange your pieces in a row the way the bag would go back together and start gluing each side. The bottom piece will be glued on last.

simple and easy burlap gift bag


  • Your bag will look something like this once you have glued all sides together.
  • Trim off any excess strands of burlap. I wanted my bag very rustic looking, so I didn’t worry about having straight edges.

simple and easy burlap gift bag

  • Embellish as desired.

diy burlap gift bag via


Instructions for making coffee stained gift tags:

  • Brew some plain coffee beans.
  • Use a rag to wipe the wooden tag with the coffee.
  • Instantly gives the wooden tag a warm rustic stained appearance without the smell of your typical stain.

wooden gift tags stained with coffee




diy burlap gift bag


Starbucks DIY burlap gift bag tutorial by


simple and easy DIY burlap bag tutorial from


Enjoy getting your crafting on with this fun tutorial on how to make a burlap gift bag the easy way!


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Simple and easy DIY burlap bag tutorial by dandelion patina

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Enjoy your day,

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How to make mason jar pedestal vases

Hey there! Today, I am sharing how to make mason jar pedestal vases. These babies are the sweetest inexpensive project I have done yet.


How to make mason jar pedestal vases

Why I love mason jars:

I have grown quite fond of mason jars. We love to use them in the kitchen as drinking glasses. They are also great for storing craft items. Just an all around great multi-purpose jar.

You can dress them up or down. You can group them together for a phenomenal table centerpiece or you can use them separately around the house. Heck, I know I will be making more of these for housewarming gifts and for holiday arrangements.

Don’t spend the extra money purchasing one of those character-less vases from the floral shop…and ultimately storing them all in the basement or under the sink! Oh…come on…you know you have several! With just a few simple supplies you can create a unique vase that is the perfect match for those special floral arrangements.

I hope you are as excited as I am to get started on these beauties!

how to make mason jar pedestal vases from glass candlesticks

Supplies needed for mason jar pedestal vases:

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Click here for my full disclosure.

how to make beautiful mason jar pedestal vases with glass candleholders

Instructions to make mason jar pedestal vases:

  • Flip over mason jars and clean surfaces
  • Apply E6000 to glass candlesticks
  • Attach candlesticks to mason jars
  • Let dry overnight

mason jar farmhouse style pedestal vases via


DIY mason jar pedestal vases. A simple tutorial via


how to make mason jar vases with candle holders via

Wasn’t that so simple?

They look so elegant. I could totally see these at a barn wedding too.

And, if you have flower gardens in your landscape, you can totally rock the floral arrangement for free. I used a combination of limelight hydrangeas, yellow tansy, and a few weed type flowers growing in my flower beds.

The flower frog lids really helped keep the arrangement full. I love them.

mason jar pedestal vases via

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create your own mason jar pedestal vases with glass candle holders via

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Until next time,

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Burlap lace tablecloth wreath

Hey friends! Today I am sharing a simple burlap lace tablecloth wreath.

If you love simple farmhouse style, you will love this unique spin on wreath making.


ARE YOU A LOVER OF BURLAP? This is an amazing project! Combine burlap, lace, and a white tablecloth to create this unique rustic and feminine wreath for your home decor. Project via


Supplies needed to make this burlap lace tablecloth wreath:

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Please see my full disclosure.

burlap and lace tablecloth wreath


burlap and lace tablecloth wreath


Instructions for creating this burlap lace tablecloth wreath:

  • Start by cutting your tablecloth in quarters.
  • Then cut 2″ strips of cloth about 12″ long. I wanted to use a wider strip of fabric to show more of the damask pattern. The wider strips also filled the wreath surface to just let the straw peek through.


burlap and lace tablecloth wreath



burlap and lace tablecloth wreath


  • I then began to tie each strip to the wreath moving all the way around. I left space in between for the burlap and lace.


burlap and lace tablecloth wreath


  • Cut the burlap ribbon and tie into place. I use two different kinds of ribbon. Each was 3 yards in length.

burlap and lace tablecloth wreath


  • Add the finishing touches with the leaf and flower embellishments. Hot glue worked best to adhere these pieces. I love the burlap leaves, so adorable!


burlap and lace tablecloth wreath by



burlap and lace tablecloth wreath by


Wasn’t the process simple? If you prefer not cutting up a tablecloth, there are plenty of burlap ribbons that already have lace on them.

I love the texture and soft details. And the fun thing, you don’t really know it was crafted from a tablecloth.

I have so much fabric leftover…I can’t wait to make a few more of these!

Now, I know some of you are not avid DIY’ers, so I have found a few alternatives for you to take a peek at!

I hope you will love them. Check them out!

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Transform ordinary seashells and glass door knobs into coastal jewelry bowls by Dandelion Patina



Have a wonderful day,

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Chalk Paint Mason Jars

Are you ready to get busy with some chalk paint and good ol’ mason jars?

I have a simple DIY chalk paint mason jars project to share with all of you wonderful readers today!

Chalk paint mason jars

To start this chalk paint mason jar project, first start with the materials list. This can be altered to your taste and color choices.


(Affiliate links are provided below for asterisk.  For more information, see my full disclosure here.)

Clear glass mason jars*

Annie Sloan chalk paint, the color Provence was used.

Hazel & Ruby patterned paper*

Modge Podge*

Poly* to seal

Paint brushes, large and small

Sanding block to distress, if desired

Embellishments: Bakers twine*, flowers

chalk paint mason jars DIY


Begin by painting the glass jars. Paint a first coat and let dry for an hour. Then apply a second coat.

chalk paint mason jars DIY


While the jars are drying, cut out the paper that will be decoupaged to the jar lid. Then place glue on top of lid-start smoothing out the paper from the inside of the lid out towards the ends. Let dry.

mason jars DIY chalk paint

If you desire distressing, take your sandpaper block and gently rub areas of paint away to give it that distressed look.

You will now need to seal everything: jars, lids, and bands. I used poly, but wax is also an option.

chalk painted mason jars

And now the really fun part-embellishing. Let your style shine!

annie sloan chalk paint mason jars

There you have it…easy right? These make great teachers gifts-just fill with some Hershey’s kisses and add a personalized message to the tag. And, you can even get the kiddos involved in the whole creative process! So fun.

If you found this tutorial for chalk paint mason jars useful, please pin the image below to your favorite Pinterest board!

embellished mason jars with chalk paint


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DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath

Did you know that cupcake liners aren’t just for cooking? Oh yes! They can be used to create the most beautiful cupcake liner wreaths! And guess what? I am ready to give you the scoop to this DIY project.

wreath with pink gray cream cupcake liners

This cupcake liner wreath project was a huge hit with my 7 year old daughter. She is very much into baking right now; creations of all kinds are mixed up in our kitchen and all without following a recipe. Some turn out fabulous and others are chalked up to a learning experience. But, I love that she is so interested in creating in the kitchen with her apron and cooking hat.

For this project, if you want to wear a stylish apron go ahead, but it’s definitely not required.

cupcake liner wreath

Supplies you will need:

(Affiliate links are provided below for supplies with asterisk.  For more information, see my full disclosure here.)

DIY cupcake liner wreath

Remove the bottom of the cupcake liners with a scissors by cutting through the side of the liner and then around the entire bottom.

DIY cupcake liner wreath tutorial

Now it is time to sit in front of the TV during your favorite show and roll the sides as shown above. These will form into small florets. Glue the end closed on each one.

diy cupcake liner wreath tutorial

Start designing your flowers. There were various patterns and shades of liners in the packages. This made it simple to create unique individual flowers.

Choose your middle floret and then hot glue 6 others around the middle floret.

diy tutorial cupcake liner wreath

Once you have enough flowers to fill the perimeter of the grapevine wreath, select where each flower will be placed on the wreath.

Hot glue the flowers on the top of the wreath.

diy tutorial cupcake liner wreath

tutorial cupcake liner wreath

DIY tutorial cupcake liner wreath

Add your choice of lace or bakers twine for hanging. You now have a sweet little wreath for decorating. The great part of this project is that it is very kid-friendly. Kiddos can cut the liners and then roll the florets. I would recommend that an adult do the hot gluing. I have burned my fingers many a times and it is not fun.

wreath with cupcake liner flowers

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial for making my version of a cupcake liner wreath. Be sure to follow Dandelion Patina on the blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.


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Freedom in Bloom

Hey there! I wanted to share a fun little craft DIY I just finished. Freedom in bloom is a flower bouquet made from fabric tape, floral wire, and a birch log. I think it turned out super cute. I hope you will try making one up for yourself. It is a nice spin on red, white, and blue with a vintage twist.

Interested in creating flowers that last a lifetime? These vintage style DIY fabric flowers are simple to create and are super cute as a table centerpiece or summer vignette.


Materials needed:

  • fabric tape
  • floral stem wire
  • burlap/linen rosettes
  • piece of birch log
  • white card stock
  • hot glue


DIY fabric flower tutorial freedom in bloom

I love the floral patterns of the fabric tape. They scream summer time picnic fun!

DIY fabric tape flowers vintage style

Cut your floral wire to various lengths to resemble a rustic floral bouquet. Drill your holes into the birch log for the floral wire to fit snuggly.

DIY floral flowers vintage style freedom in bloom

Arrange your floral stems in the birch log.

DIY fabric tape flowers in red white blue floral pattern with birch vase

Cut your petals from white card stock. I used 5 petals per flower.

Freedom in bloom vintage style fabric tape flowers in red white and blue

Cut 4 pieces of fabric tape for each flower petal. Two pieces will be used on each side.

let freedom bloom floral centerpiece

Your petal should look like above once you place your fabric tape on the card stock. Use a scissors to cut off the excess tape.

let freedom bloom flowers

Arrange your petals around the burlap/linen rosette. Hot glue the petals to the rosette.

rustic style flowers in red white and blue vintage style


rustic style vintage flowers in red white and blue with birch vase

Attach your stem to the flower head. Repeat this process until all of your stems have flowers.

rustic and vintage style flower bouquet in red white and blue with burlap

Towards the end of the project I had used up a roll of fabric tape. I was brainstorming what to do with the round cardboard piece. I then decided to create little flower buds with the cardboard round. I simply applied fabric tape to the outside of the round and then hot glued a rosette to the front/middle. Now, my bouquet looks more realistic.

Looking to create lasting beauty without having a green thumb? These rustic floral bouquets would look great at weddings, holiday events or in your red white and blue vignette


What do you think of my freedom in bloom flower arrangement? I can see making a few of these for centerpieces at small gatherings or even making up some for a rustic barn wedding.

If you are looking for more ways to decorate with red white and blue, check out my paper straw tassel garland.

Happy Day!

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Farmhouse Nest Basket

I will be sharing a simple & crafty farmhouse style inspired party favor today. A farmhouse nest basket.

I love creating special mementos for baby showers when I get the chance. It is a special occasion to get that creative energy flowing. This little baby shower party favor screams cuteness with a farmhouse style flair. They also would be perfect sitting at each guests table setting as well. You could personalize these in unique ways with a simple gift tag as well. The possibilities are endless.


farmhouse style nest basket party favor

Supplies you will need for these farmhouse nest basket:

  • Jiffy peat pots
  • Wooden letter beads
  • Nesting material-a mix of Spanish moss, reindeer moss, paper shavings
  • Feathers
  • Newspaper or decoupage tissue
  • Decorative lace trim
  • Walnuts
  • Decoupage glue and Elmer’s glue
  • Scissors

bird nest housewarming gift

Instructions for creating farmhouse nest basket:

  • Cut pieces of newspaper or decoupage tissue & glue on.
  • Once your nesting material is selected and placed you will need to embellish your pot.
  • Grab your walnuts and make your eggs with chalk paint. (Tutorial for eggs)
  • Add your special touches such as bead letters to create ‘nest’ or a simple tag.


It is that simple.

housewarming gift farmhouse style


I really like the vintage feel of the typography paper. You could even get a copy of previous newspaper birth announcements from the family and use those as your decoupage paper.

housewarming gift farmhouse style diy


farmhouse style housewarming gift


housewarming gift farmhouse style


farmhouse housewarming gift

These are super sweet and fairly inexpensive to create.

They also work well for decorating in the spring time.

Place on a cute little shelf in the home or use in a centerpiece on the table. They would be sweet in a nursery as well.

farmhouse style housewarming gift


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I hope you use this farmhouse nest basket idea for your next baby shower party favor. What did you think of the walnut eggs? I thought they were a unique spin and something totally unexpected!

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farmhouse style nest basket party favor


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Enjoy your day,

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