Freedom and Baseball Caps

What does the American dream mean to you?

The American dream is all about Freedom and Baseball Caps in our home presently. My girls are 9 and 7 and it is all about their “freedom” these days. The freedom to where a baseball cap under their bike helmet. The freedom to mix Lucky Charms with Fruity Pebbles and call that breakfast. The freedom to watch Teen Nick where the shows are all about kissing, boyfriends, and farting…yes, farting. And when mom turns on the parental controls…”What for mom, this is America, you know!”

We all love our freedom and most days we take it for granted.

Sometimes, freedom needs to be given through choices in order to grow.

freedom and baseball caps. DIY paper straw garland with vintage baseball and DIY fabric tape flower vignette for an Americana display.

My daughters’ have been all about bringing purses along with them when we run errands. There is an ongoing contest in our home between them about who has the most money. And then there is the ‘I have ten $1 bills so that is more money than a single $10 bill’ debate.

We were in Target the other day and my youngest insisted on a Fourth of July baseball cap. It was $15 and I already had enough needs wants in the cart. I told her she could have it if she used her own money. The “but, Mom” started along with the sad brown puppy eyes. And to top it off,  she modeled it for me, strutting down the aisle like she was taking over the red carpet.

I tell ya, I had to look away. I just knew I would give in to the cuteness.

freedom, baseball caps, and baseballs for a fourth of july vignette

But, Mom stood strong! And freedom was given through choices….for both of us!

Freedom Fourth of July vignette using vintage baseballs and scrabble tiles


freedom and baseball caps americana vignette with vintage baseballs and scrabble tiles

There always seems to be growing pains with freedom.  But, I have to admit, I am looking forward to seeing her free spirit and all of her cuteness during the July 4th festivities in a few days!

DIY paper straw tassel garland by dandelion patina

And because we will be celebrating our freedom in a few days, I am sharing this fun paper straw tassel garland over at Hoosier Homemade. I hope you will stop over and say hello. The tutorial is easy peasy to create and will look great in all your Fourth of July vignettes and more!

Let freedom reign!

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Contributor: Cupcake Liner Wreath


I wanted to share a fun DIY project that was inspired by my 7 year old daughter who loves to bake a cupcake or two.

It seems she is always coming up with concoctions in the kitchen. I am always purchasing new cupcake liners.

Our kitchen is always a few degrees warmer than the rest of our home! Now, with warmer temperatures on the rise outdoors, this brings a desire to infuse some color into the home.

Wondering what you can do to infuse a bit of color in your home?

Here is a rather sweet cupcake liner wreath…

Head over to The Everyday Home, where I’m a contributing author, to read the full post: Cupcake Liner Wreath.

tutorial cupcake liner wreath


wreath with pink gray cream cupcake liners


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