Simple Farmhouse Christmas Living Room

Hey friends! I am sharing our simple farmhouse Christmas living room today!

Amazing how the holiday season kinda just sneaks up on you. Every year I make a promise to myself that I will be on top of holiday shopping and decorating, but it seldom happens. Life just gets in the way. But, I am relieved this year because I went way simple with my decorating. I decided to enjoy the natural elements and simple touches of winter.

simple farmhouse christmas tree with white lights

As part of the simple farmhouse Christmas decorating I decided to simply drape white lights on our tree. I didn’t want the fuss of removing all the ornaments this year. Our tree has been amazingly healthy as well. Minimal needles falling and has been consistently drinking water. Maybe it is because I have been adding glycerin to the water at every filling, but I have been extremely happy with its freshness this year. Two years ago we had major troubles with our tree. We ended up with two living trees that died before Christmas. It was very stressful and we even purchased an artificial one for last year. But, I love the idea of a real tree in the house, so we tried again this year with much success.

simple farmhouse Christmas living room

Our white IKEA Ektorp furniture has been holding up rather remarkably. I was so unsure of the white with kiddos and pets. But, when it gets dirty I just pulled off the slipcover and throw it in the wash. It also helps to have a spare slipcover so that you are not waiting for the wash to be done. I love them and I wouldn’t go back to traditional furniture again.

I found the farmhouse throw at Target and fell in love with its green color and handmade looking stitching. The throw is part of the Beekman 1802 FarmHouse collection. It is a gorgeous Christmas green and pops with the neutrals of the space. And, it is plaid which adds that festive touch. I have many other “wants” from this collection. Each piece is a farmhouse staple.

simple farmhouse Christmas greenery

Lowe’s had some cedar garland that was relatively inexpensive and I used this as my base for the greenery. I foraged around the backyard woods to find my other additions of pine boughs and spruce. The cedar garland had amazing cones attached to it. I love how they add that wood textural element.

simple farmhouse style Christmas greenery

Old Farmhouse Cabinet

farmhouse style Christmas

I recently cleaned up an old cabinet I purchased from one of my  favorite stores in Berlin. It was grungy and in need of some sanding. I wanted a raw wood look to the inside and white on the outside of the cabinet. The cabinet turned out fabulous! I love that the shelves were pieces of old barn wood. The character revealed after a bit of sanding. I simply added a few pieces of greenery for that farmhouse Christmas touch.

farmhouse christmas living room with ironstone pieces


wooden farmhouse chair

Coffee Table Centerpiece

farmhouse style Christmas coffee table centerpiece

I found these simple white matte ceramic houses in the Dollar Spot at Target. I was just walking into the store when they were adding more to the shelves. In hindsight, I wish I would have purchased all of them. They make a darling little vignette for the coffee table. I would have loved to decorate the girls rooms with a few of these and place battery operated lights inside. They would have added a simple magical touch to their rooms for Christmas.

Well, that is our simple farmhouse Christmas living room. I will be sharing a couple more Christmas touches around the house in the next few days. This season, I hope this inspired you to decorate simply and enjoy more of those closest to you.

Interested in seeing how our home was decorated for Christmas last year? Wander over to the happy holidays home tour.


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Christmas Cheer Free Printable

I just want to say that you have such a pretty face, you should be on a Christmas card!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all greeted each other this way during the holidays? Wouldn’t this make you smile…or even blush?

Our family has been watching The Elf movie almost every evening this past week. My girls just love it and I love it too because there are some great lessons to be learned…

…and put into practice!

With that, today, I am sharing a bit of Christmas Cheer with a free printable!

Myself and 9 of my friends have created gorgeous free printables as a thank you to all our readers. I hope you will find a few that you love and can use this holiday season!

Beautiful Christmas Cheer free printable with saying from The Elf movie via #freeprintable #christmas


free holiday cheer printable from Lovely neutral chalkboard design



vintage sheet music and super size pine cones surround this christmas cheer chalkboard free printable via


Sweet Christmas Cheer free printable via #freeprintable #christmascheer


Free Christmas Cheer printable with quote from The Elf movie via #theelf #christmascheer


The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear! Free Christmas printable from

Download: Christmas Cheer Free Printable


Be sure your printer settings are set to photo paper and quality is on “best”. We recently purchased a new printer and I had forgotten to do this.

Thus, the lines on my printable in the photos throughout this post.

You can also just send off the download to Walgreens or Wal-Mart and pick up your printable for minimal cost.

I am so glad it happened to me and not to you!

Now, please take a look at the printables my lovely friends created!


Get your 10 free holiday printables with gorgeous and inspiring holiday vignettes via #freeprintable #holiday

Christmas Tree Farm via The Little Glass Jar

Nordic Christmas Movie Quotes via Blesser House

Merry & Bright via Cherished Bliss

Vintage Inspired Merry Christmas via Live Laugh Rowe

Red truck with Christmas Tree Gift Tags via Everyday Enchanting

Christmas Greeting Cards via Paint Me Pink

Advent Calendar Tags via Meadow Lake Road

Merry & Bright Deer via Home Remedies Rx

Buffalo Check Gift Tags via Hawthorne & Main

Christmas Cheer Free Printable via Dandelion Patina

Looking for more Christmas inspiration?

Happy Holidays Home Tour 2015 featuring gorgeous cottage style neutral decor and industrial flair via #cottagestyle #farmhousestyle

Holiday Home Tour 

Happy Holidays,

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DIY Burlap Gift Bag How To

Today I am going to share a DIY burlap gift bag. This bag is a simple & easy project. And, it is super cute.


The holidays are upon us and soon gift giving will be in full swing. For me, you can’t go wrong with burlap…and coffee! I know, I know…why not go out and just buy a bag? Well, because I am a creative soul and love to put my mark on the gifts I give. Creating those handmade gifts just makes the holiday season a bit more merrier!

Simple and easy DIY burlap bag tutorial by dandelion patina

A little story:

Coffee has become my addiction. I suppose it started once I became a mom.  My oldest daughter is also Ethiopian born, so when we were in Ethiopia we tasted some of the best macchiatos!  I was sleep deprived and looking for that fix to keep my ‘supermom’ status. Is there such a thing?

I started visiting my local Starbucks twice a day! The addiction started…

….and the hubby quickly pointed out what we were spending on my little addiction. The reality was pretty hard to swallow. Something had to change.


So one day he surprised me with an espresso machine. I was pretty skeptical. A pretty high standard had already been set. I mean, those baristas really know their stuff at Starbucks!

Create your own Starbucks house blend caramel macchiato and create these fun DIY burlap gift bags to share your love of coffee beans via

After some simple experimenting, wah la! I think the key is to buy the whole bean and grind your own for each macchiato. One of my favorites is the Starbucks House Blend whole bean. You can find a whole assortment of Starbucks coffee flavors to suit your taste.


So, now I can enjoy our own caramel macchiatos while crafting and gift wrapping and basically any time I want without the worry of spending too much. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still love going to my local Starbucks. But, it is more of a monthly visit now rather than twice a day! If you are looking for a cost effective way to keep having those caramel macchiatos…this is the best alternative my friends. A person could give up coffee drinking entirely. I have is really hard. And, really…who wants to do that?

starbucks house blend whole bean coffee with simple and easy burlap gift bags for the holidays via



Anyway, one of the simple gifts I love to give to my coffee drinking peeps is a bag of whole bean coffee and a grinder. And, a great way to wrap those bags of coffee is with burlap! Plus, if you have children, they can be involved in creating their own gift bag creations. It is such a fun way to be together and get your crafting on.


Let’s get started with the burlap bag tutorial.

DIY burlap gift bag dandelion patina

Supplies needed for the DIY Burlap Gift Bag:

how to make a burlap gift bag via



  • Start by cutting apart a brown paper bag, this will be your template for the burlap pieces.

simpel and easy burlap gift bag


  • Place your pattern on the burlap and cut out your burlap pieces leaving an allowance to be glued (1/4″) or so.

burlap gift bag tutorial


  • Then arrange your pieces in a row the way the bag would go back together and start gluing each side. The bottom piece will be glued on last.

simple and easy burlap gift bag


  • Your bag will look something like this once you have glued all sides together.
  • Trim off any excess strands of burlap. I wanted my bag very rustic looking, so I didn’t worry about having straight edges.

simple and easy burlap gift bag

  • Embellish as desired.

diy burlap gift bag via


Instructions for making coffee stained gift tags:

  • Brew some plain coffee beans.
  • Use a rag to wipe the wooden tag with the coffee.
  • Instantly gives the wooden tag a warm rustic stained appearance without the smell of your typical stain.

wooden gift tags stained with coffee




diy burlap gift bag


Starbucks DIY burlap gift bag tutorial by


simple and easy DIY burlap bag tutorial from


Enjoy getting your crafting on with this fun tutorial on how to make a burlap gift bag the easy way!


Pin This

Simple and easy DIY burlap bag tutorial by dandelion patina

Other DIY projects you may be interested in:

winter is for the birds ice ornaments


how to make swirl snowflakes


Enjoy your day,

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Sleeps ’til Christmas Walk

On the First day of Christmas my true love gave to me
a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

On the Second day of Christmas my true love gave to me
Two Turtle Doves
and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

On the Third day of Christmas my true love gave to me
Three French Hens
Two Turtle Doves
and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

and on and on the song goes…..

{Calling birds, Gold Rings, Geese-a-Laying, Swans-a-Swimming, Maids-a-Milking, Ladies Dancing, Lords-a-Leaping, Pipers Piping, Drummers Drumming}


My oldest daughter came home from school

complaining about this song.

She had participated in singing this classic during music class last week.

She said the song went on forever and she almost ran out of breath.


What an 8 year old has to endure, hey?



We are down to just under 8 sleeps until Christmas!

I have participated in a few home tours this season and will be linking to those further down in the post.

I also will be sharing links to other fabulous bloggers holiday walks!

Grab yourself a cozy blanket and a cup of hot cocoa…

…let the sleeps ’til Christmas walk begin.

sleeps until christmas tour

For our sleeps ’til Christmas walk

the bedrooms were decorated simply.

I wanted a festive and fresh lakeside feel for the decor.

And I didn’t want to go overboard with decorating…

tight budget with only 8 days left until Christmas.



master bedroom

Our master bedroom is light and airy.

Soft whites, creams, and green blues are the color palette.

Simple icicle lights added to the headboard (old door) give a seasonal twinkle

and make the room look magical at night.

An old table was separated and used as nightstands to flank the master bed.

christmas in master bedroom

My favorite mercury glass lamps flank the bed.

And the galvanized mirrors, used as trays here,

give that rustic feel.

neutral colors master bedroom for christmas

Fun vintage style reindeer feed pillows from Finding Home adds texture.

reindeer feed pillow

soft whites and silver in master

silver tray with ornaments

A simple silver tray with ornaments adds a festive touch to the nightstand.

christmas tree with burlap tree skirt

master bedroom for Christmas

master bedroom with gray french chair


little girls bedroom with vintage black metal bed

Foam snowflakes add some winter character to the wall behind the vintage black iron bed.

My 6 year old is a huge Frozen fan,

this is a subtle way incorporate that into the decor.

snowflake wall in bedroom

snowflake wall in bedroom


My oldest daughters’ room has a soft color palette of gray, greens, lavender.

A mini Christmas tree on a silver platter adds that festive feel.

The bedspread resembles subtle snowflakes.

bedroom in shades of lavender

A vintage chippy white window becomes wall art above the bed.

Soft white lights were added to give that magical Christmas feel.

Hand painted nightstands in shades of lavender and gray

were refreshed from an outdated 70’s look.

chippy white window pane

A vintage cream chandelier hangs above the bed.

The smokey gray crystals sparkle in the light.

vintage chandelier

And of course, what would life be

without our golden retriever making herself comfortable.

As she counts down the last sleeps ’til Christmas

she would like to wish you Happy Holidays…

….and hopes you can find time to relax and enjoy, as she does.

golden retriever comfy in bed

If you would like to check out the rest of our holiday home,

please click over to the holiday tour.

And I have saved the best for last,

hop around for more holiday decorating inspiration.

Just follow the links below!



Monday December 15th
Wednesday December 17th

Friday December 19th

Sharing with:


Holiday Tour 2014

Home tour logo


Happy Holidays Friends.

I am so thrilled to be joining Joy of Home

and a great group of bloggers

to showcase our holiday homes.

I am also sharing this home tour

over at the Holiday House Walk.


I am going to keep it simple this go around

not much chit-chat

but heavy on eye candy.

I hope you enjoy.

Holiday Home Tour


foyer of home tour

A re-purposed child’s headboard is being used for hanging coats.

black banister with garland

Garland and thick rope adorn the banister.

Ho Ho Ho gift tags

Gift tags are given a new purpose.

christmas trees on old springs

Mini trees bobble on old bed springs.

Old springs and Christmas trees

An old wagon wheel hub cut into 3 sizes makes perfect platforms.

dreaming of a white christmas

Burlap and typography is a stunning combination.

white cabinet in foyer

A fresh winter white cabinet greets visitors.

mini candy bar

A DIY candy bar holds bite size peppermint bark and melt in your mouth mints.

happy holidays basket

Simple greens in a basket.

marquee wall star

Wooden frames, old skis, and a marquee star

shine light on the hallway leading to the main living areas.


white flocked tree made with garland

One of my favorite projects this season!

This tree is made using a garden obelisk and a metal bucket.

White flocked garland was wrapped around the frame of the obelisk.

Lights were added.

Natural elements and textures followed.

All for under $50.

reindeer obsessed

Christmas decorating isn’t complete this year without REINDEER.

dinette area with white tree

I love my transformed $40 dinette table.

Annie Sloan in Duck Egg Blue teams up nicely with my aqua seltzer bottles.

antique seltzer bottles

Aren’t they gorgeous?

The aqua star ornament has found a place to shine.

eucalyptus greens centerpiece

Seeded eucalyptus is always welcome in our home.

silver ornament with seeded eucalyptus

A few of my treasured ornaments.


christmas kitchen decor

A closer view into the kitchen.

kitchen at christmas

And then there is the Warm Hugs wooden sign above the kitchen sink.

It makes me smile everyday.

It is also a good reminder.

croissants and pomegranates

The tour is rather long…

Are you feeling a bit hungry?

pomegranates and croissants

red pomegranates

A bit more eye candy…

brown hydrangeas and greens

A simple white pitcher filled with the remains of hydrangea florets and pine greens.

I love the texture the browned hydrangeas show off.

let it snow chalkboard sign

Cedar planter boxes hung indoors to act as display cases

for chalkboards and old cutting boards.

snowflake ornament

let it snow

My favorite clock.

metal letter M made merry

A metal letter M made MERRY.


living room

Our family Christmas tree.

Each year a unique ornament is placed on the tree

representing a memory from that year.

It is our tree full of memories.

{a hodge podge of everything}

living room mantel

A new advent calendar displayed on the mantel.

advent calendar

A few giant pine cones in urns.

deer statue on mantel

Wooden trees embellished with snowflakes.

deer on mantel

A corner sitting area with one of my favorite pillows from Finding Home.

reindeer pillow from Finding Home Online


An old table top was converted into a large tray for our massive coffee table.

centerpiece with candleholders


centerpiece for Christmas


serving tray on coffee table


yak pillow cover

And I am going to wrap up the main living area Holiday Tour with this friendly guy!

My 6 year old wants to style his hair in the worst way!

Now, don’t be sad

the tour certainly is not over….

come see my Woodland Work Space

paper leaf wreath

Then, there is more holiday tour goodness

just a click away!

Hop over to see how the other bloggers on this tour

have decorated their homes in the links below.

Happy Holidays!


Holiday Home Tour hosted by 18 Homes/5 days

A Holiday Home Tour at Come join us as 18 fabulous bloggers open their homes to you this Christmas!   

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– Friday –

1. Bless’er House

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4. Posed Perfection

White Velvet Cut Out Cookies

cookie exchange

 I have a secret to share with you!

I don’t bake.

I mean, not often.

But, I wanted to share this white velvet cookie recipe with you

this season because what is Christmas without baking?

This recipe is one that my family has been using for the last few years.

On Christmas Eve,we have a reindeer dinner.

We go all out with the reindeer plates, napkins, glasses, and even antlers.

My daughters love the themed party!

They strategically chose which reindeer they are going to be for the evening.

Each reindeer has a personality attached to its name

and special way of dancing or prancing.

white velvet christmas cookies

 The recipe has all the healthy ingredients that you would expect from white velvet cookies.


Cream Cheese.



christmas sugar cookies with frosting

Each year after leaving the Lepak house

Santa has to adjust that belt buckle.

And frankly, so do I.

As they say,

A moment on the lips.

Forever on the hips.

But, hey it’s Christmas!

We can worry about the hips in our New Year’s resolutions, right?


White Velvet Cut Out Cookies

from: Dandelion Patina (print recipe)



2 C butter, softened

1-8 oz cream cheese, softened

2 C sugar

2 egg yolks

1 tsp vanilla

4 ½ C flour



3 ½ C powdered sugar

1 Tbs shortening

3 Tbs butter, softened

½ tsp vanilla or desired extract flavor

3-4 Tbs milk or cream


Cookies: Cream butter, sugar, cream cheese until fluffy. Add egg yolks, vanilla. Gradually add flour until combined. Roll out and cut into desired shapes. Put on a baking sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes.


Frosting: Combine 1 ½ C powdered sugar, butter, shortening, vanilla, and 3 Tbs milk. Beat until fluffy (3 min). Add rest of powdered sugar and beat until fluffy and spreadable.



sugar cookies with frosting

As part of our Christmas Eve traditional festivities,

we bake, all evening.

A special cookie cutter is used just for this occasion.

Can you guess what the shape our cookies are?


The cutter makes the perfect sized cookie for the best frosting with sprinkle creations!

Christmas cookie recipe

{Frosting and sprinkle creations brought to you by my daughters!}


Now, I have a special treat for you!

Hop over to all these great blogs below to find a recipe that temps those taste buds!

Then, stop back on Friday-

we will be having a party where you can add your favorite holiday cookie recipes.

I can’t wait to find some new goodies to try, even if I don’t bake that often!


Oh, and just one more thing before you go-

which is your favorite reindeer?

My daughters want to know!

I’m sharing this recipe over at:


Thistlewood Farms


Please visit the following blogs to see what they brought to the

2014 Christmas Cookie Exchange


What Meegan Makes Sweet Pea


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Captivating Corner Postcards From The Ridge


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Great Contradictions Mrs Hines Class

Rustic Compass Star Snowflake Ornament

handmade Christmas Ornament Blog Hop
Well, do I dare say Happy Holidays? Christmas is just around the corner and I am participating in a fabulous Blog Hop today! 30+ handmade ornaments to inspire you! I can’t wait for you to hop around and see all the wonderful creations! But, first a little bit about my rustic compass star snowflake ornament.

rustic compass star Christmas ornament


We all remember learning about the compass star in school, right? Well, my oldest daughter had been studying pretty hard for her test on the compass star a few weeks back. She was pretty proud of herself for receiving 100% on her test. She earned it! So, I thought I would create a special memory this Christmas in honor of her excellent study habits. A momento of her accomplishment.


Let’s get started on the tutorial:

compass star snowflake ornament



glue gun


bakers twine

coin medallions

tooth picks

fishing line or clear thread

compass star snowflake ornament


To start, add a small dab of glue at the top. Simply wrap the bakers twine around the tooth pick. Once you have wrapped 3/4 of the way down the toothpick, stop and add another dab of glue to the bottom to secure the end. Make enough wrapped sticks to fill the coin of the compass star.

compass star ornament

Next, align your sticks accordingly on the compass coin. You will need to attach these with E6000. Hot glue will not stick to the coins. Let dry for a few hours. Attach fishing line or clear thread to hang.

Compass Star Snowflake Ornament

Pretty simple hey? I love simple. This ornament took me less than 10 minutes to make (drying time aside). It was pretty fun to wrap the bakers twine around the toothpicks and see the fun pattern it created-making ordinary toothpicks pretty extraordinary with a rustic feel!

I would love to hear what special items you create for the holidays! Please let me know in the comments below and then head off to the next blog hop stop!

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Coastal-Inspired Christmas Mantel

coastal inspired Christmas mantel

Our family woke up to a dusting of snow this morning. The department stores are all decked out for the holidays. My Pinterest feed is full of decorating inspiration for Christmas.  My daughters are selecting their latest wants from TV commercials to add to Santa’s list.

Christmas is coming and I have the decorating itch! So, I thought I would share how I displayed the Chalk Paint Coastal Tree on the mantel. A sneak peek of what is to come for Christmas 2014.

coastal inspired christmas mantel

Our home is filled with beach treasures-driftwood, sea gull feather, shells, and sand. Spending time at the beach is one of our favorite activities when we can get away. This was the inspiration for decorating our Christmas mantel.

coastal inspired christmas mantel

It wouldn’t be Christmas if there wasn’t a bit of sparkle. Small sea shells act as stoppers on the vintage glass bottles.

coastal inspired christmas mantel

Mercury glass trees and silver candlesticks are placed on the mantel for shimmer and shine.

coastal inspired christmas mantel


coastal inspired christmas mantel


coastal inspired christmas mantel


coastal inspired christmas mantel

Our family found so much beach glass on the Lake Michigan shoreline this summer. It was an unexpected surprise! We must have spent a good 2 hours just searching for treasures. I love how each piece is unique-how water and sand can smooth those rough edges-turn the ordinary glass bottle into little gems.

coastal inspired christmas mantel


coastal christmas mantel


coastal inspired christmas mantel

For our family, Christmas is about celebrating life, sharing distinctive memories about the past year, and decorating with pieces that have noteworthy value. Such as, treasures found on the shoreline together.  Every time we hang our chalk paint tree above the mantel,  it reminds our family of the fun time at the beach together. The girls share their favorite memory of that day and this becomes tradition.

What traditions do you share in your family? How do you decorate your Christmas mantel?

If you would like to make your own coastal inspired chalk paint tree you can find the tutorial here.


Chalk Paint Coastal Tree



Hey friends! I am here to share a simple DIY project with you today! Collecting objects from nature is something our family loves to do. Creating home decor with those objects is budget-friendly and gives you unique pieces that only you will have.

Let’s get started with the tutorial.


Supplies you will need:

Piece of plywood cut to your desired size

Chalk paint, paint brush, sandpaper, wood of various sizes for tree

Sealer for topcoat, of your choice

CeCe Caldwell Chalk Paint in Blue Montana Sky.


A piece of plywood.


Pieces of wood to make the tree shape. These pieces were collected by my kiddos, making it a special memento when finished.


Remove paint from the original container and mix with a bit of water in a  bowl. Adding a bit of water will help the paint spread  easier,  as chalk paint is of a thicker consistency. Start applying the paint and cover entire surface.


The fun part-watching the chalk paint dry.


Isn’t that neat? The variations of drying: lighter areas have dried and the darker are still wet.


Next is the wash over the top. Layering paint colors is such a creative process. To apply a wash, water down a small amount of paint to the consistency of colored water. Brush on the piece, intentionally not covering the entire surface. CeCe Caldwell Seattle Mist chalk paint was used.


Then, take a rag and wipe off the excess paint used for the wash. Let dry.

Place your wood pieces on your plywood to create the desired shape of your tree. Hot glue the pieces on.

Now comes the final topcoat.


I love using General Finishes Flat topcoat poly. It leaves a low luster finish to the surface. Other poly products I have used are very shiny once dry, which is not my preference.


Here is the completed piece. It is an inexpensive way to create wall art. This creation will be displayed on our Coastal-inspired Christmas Mantel.


Linked up with It All Started with Paint

Glitter Glue and Paint

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