DIY Pumpkin Tiered Tray

Hey friends! Today, I am sharing my DIY pumpkin tiered tray.


Do you struggle finding a unique fall centerpiece each season? I do. I am always on the look out for a simple and functional way to decorate.
So incredibly clever! This tiered tray created with half pumpkins from Michael's and a vintage spool. Tutorial via #farmhousestyle #pumpkin
While out running errands, I found these foam half pumpkins at the craft store.  They seemed pretty cool. So, I grab a few different sizes.

These pumpkins were placed inside each other in the bag at the checkout. This got me thinking.

Have you seen those tiered trays for countertop storage?

I have really loved these farmhouse style tiered trays. I haven’t pulled the plug on purchasing one yet.

So, they were my inspiration for this pumpkin tiered tray.

DIY Pumpkin Tiered Tray

Supplies needed to create this pumpkin tiered tray:

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DIY pumpkin tiered tray

Instructions for pumpkin tiered tray:

  • Drill holes into your half pumpkin pieces as well as the wooden board base. This will vary based on the size of threaded rod used as well as the size of your wooden spool. For this project, we used 1/2″ drill bit and a 1″ drill bit.
  • Stain your wooden board base. I used Minwax Golden Oak* to match the wooden spool patina.
  • Push threaded rod through your wooden spool

tiered pumpkin tray diy

  • Place the larger half pumpkin under the wooden spool
  • Then place the wooden base under the half pumpkin

Farmhouse style DIY pumpkin tiered tray by

  • Tighten a nut on the underside of the wooden base making sure that the nut is flush with the bottom so that the tray sits flat.

DIY pumpkin tiered tray by

  • Add smaller half pumpkin piece to the top of wooden spool

farmhouse style DIY pumpkin tiered tray by dandelion patina

  • Attach your lock washer first and then the nut to the top
  • Mark where the rod should be cut off with a marker
  • Cut the excess threaded rod off with a hack saw

farmhouse style pumpkin tiered tray DIY by

I love how this pumpkin tiered tray turned out.

It works well for a table centerpiece holding some of the most beautiful baby boo pumpkins and squash.

farmhouse style pumpkin tiered tray DIY by #farmhousestyle #pumpkin


It is perfect for holding s’mores supplies at our backyard rustic s’mores station. Be sure to check this out!

farmhouse style pumpkin tiered tray for s'mores station

What do you think of this DIY?

Ready to get your hands on a few half pumpkins and make your own pumpkin tiered tray?

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So creative! DIY half pumpkins used to create this pumpkin tiered tray. Perfect for your farmhouse style fall decorating by #farmhousestyle #pumpkins

Ready to make some s’mores?

Have a great day,

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Rustic Smores Station

Today I am sharing my rustic smores station. Our family loves making smores during the cooler autumn months. I hope you will be inspired by our rustic smores station.Rustic Smores Station


I have been sharing a few ways to decorate inside the home with my neutral fall mantel and my fall home tour these past few weeks.

Now, I would like to share a fun way to bring fall decorating to your backyard patio area with some pumpkins and a really cool DIY  pumpkin tray.
backyard smores station

My kiddos love spending time sitting by the campfire and so do I! We roast the traditional hot dogs and smores. But, our patio table was always cluttered with the bags of marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers,etc. It was driving this momma crazy!

The answer, we needed a smores station to house all the ingredients and snacks. Then, we could enjoy sitting at our patio table comfortably. A few years back my husband built this wood station, which was formerly used for gardening. But, since my gardening time is now very limited, I thought I could repurpose the piece. It is very versatile with wheels to be moved around the yard as needed.

backyard smores and treat station

The tiered pumpkin tray that I mentioned above holds a good amount of marshmallows and graham crackers.  I love that it doesn’t take up a ton of room.

rustic smores station

I went with a neutral color palette for decorating in the house, so bringing a few traditional pumpkins outdoors was just the pop of color I was looking for on the patio.

rustic backyard smores station

The two large orange pumpkins were damaged in a hail storm, but they healed nicely and now they show unique character. My oldest daughter picked them out at the pumpkin patch; how could I say no?

Baby boo white pumpkin on cupcake pedestal

I found these petite white cupcake pedestals the other day and thought they would work perfect for my baby boo pumpkins.

honeycrisp apples

I gotta tell ya too…honeycrisp apples…da best! There is not another apple I like better for eating fresh. They are delicious-crisp, tart, and sweet all at the same time.

outdoor adventure hunt

And time outdoors with the family would not be complete without some outdoor scavenger hunt activities. I printed these off from Clean & Scentsible. The kids were kept occupied until the fire was ready to go. They love treasure hunting!

campfire smores station

I really couldn’t believe that my basil plants were still hanging on after the cooler weather. A few cuttings from my plants and the perfect smelling table centerpiece is created in a snap!

rustic smores station from

Once the fire was started, it was the perfect spot to try out a bit of knitting. Unfortunately, I think I need to attend a class. Do you knit? If ya do…I would like a pair of chunky mittens in the colors of yarn I have in the basket above, please.

backyard smores station

I hope you enjoyed my rustic smores station inspiration. I love how pumpkins can bring just the right touch of fall to your space whether it be indoors or out.

inside out smore with peanut butter cups

And to let you in on a little secret of ours…(ya know, from our family to yours)

These inside out smores are delicious.

Here’s how you do it:

Roast the giant size marshmallows until golden brown.

Remove the shell of the marshmallow.

Insert your piece of graham cracker and peanut butter cup.



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Shop the rustic smores station source list: 



You can hop over to see all the pumpkin projects from this week’s Pumpkin Palooza just under this graphic. I hope you will find a ton of ideas that inspire you!

Pumpkin Palooza 15 amazing pumpkin ideas and inspiration

Happy Fall!

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Pumpkin Palooza Day 4

Happy Thursday! It is Day 4 of Pumpkin Palooza…how are ya doing? All pumpkin’d out yet? Well, we have 3 more bloggers sharing their inspiration and pumpkin ideas with you today! And, they are really cool, I gotta say!

Last night my family enjoyed an outing in the backyard. It was the perfect night for a campfire and some smores! The air was crisp, the neighborhood was quiet, and the kiddos didn’t have any homework. It was a great evening with the family!

If you are just joining us on this pumpkin palooza week long event here is where you can catch up:

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Pumpkin Palooza 15 amazing pumpkin ideas and inspiration


These DIY projects are pumpkintastic!

We even have a recipe as well! Can’t wait for you to try it out!

Meadow Lake Road

Pumpkin Palooza Meadow Lake Road

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Pumpkin Palooza At The Picket Fence

Thistlewood Farms

Pumpkin Palooza Thistlewood Farms

I am so pumped about tomorrow, I finally get to share my pumpkin palooza post with all of you! I can’t believe it is Friday already, where has the week gone?

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Pumpkin Palooza Event


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Blesser House | House By Hoff | Craftberry Bush


Setting For Four | Little Glass Jar Anderson + Grant


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Tidbits | Dandelion Patina | Rustic and Woven

Fall Home Tour

Hey friends! I am sharing my farmhouse fall home tour today.

I have been waiting for this day all week!

The day I get to share my fall home tour with you and all my blogging friends.

Happy Fall to all of you.

Mother Nature seems a bit unsure which way she wants to go with the seasons…summer seems to linger with the warmer temperatures while some of the trees have started to show a change in colors.

farmhouse fall home tour via Dandelion Patina

My fall decorating style

My fall decorating style has changed over the years. Last year, I went all out with tons of brightly colored foliage and traditional colors.

This was last years rustic fall mantel.

Currently, I have decided to go with my heart and that is definitely with a more neutral color palette and natural elements.

Once the fall season starts our family tends to go on quite a few nature walks.

I love bringing natural elements into the home, as I did with this room, natural elements for fall.

I am content with finding treasures from nature to decorate with. As my kiddos grow, they are still enjoying the walks and love climbing on fallen trees along the path. We collected a few pieces to decorate with for our fall tablescape, so let’s start with that.

Farmhouse Fall Home Tour Tablescape

fall farmhouse tablescape dandelion patina

On our nature walk, we found the most incredible moss right off the path by the river.

The moss was growing in perfectly imperfect little mounds and was so easy to pull up.

So, I placed the moss in some small ironstone dishes I found at one of my favorite boutiques. These dishes were displayed on top of old fishing floats. The texture of them is so amazing!

We also pulled some bark off a red pine. The pieces just flaked off and each was unique in texture and shape.

farmhouse fall home tour with a neutral farmhouse palette via

I created some seeded eucalyptus arrangements to flank this phenomenal jarrahdale pumpkin.

This type of pumpkin is my all time favorite.

In addition to its amazing muted green-blue color, it has these soft almost distressed looking white stripes. It was a great find!

fall farmhouse home tour with neutral soft green tablescape via

I also love incorporating a touch of whimsy because it is fun for my kiddos. And, who doesn’t love polka dots and decoupage??

Just for fun, I had a few bed springs laying around the basement to plop the whimsical fruit into. These were used to create vertical interest.

fall farmhouse tablescape via

And I am totally crushing on plaid this season…well and last season. So, I reused this plaid shirting fabric I found last fall. I love the color palette.


fall farmhouse home tour tablescape via

And those fun pumpkin leaves with little messages of thankful and grateful…those are a free printable from the lovely Kristen at Ella Claire.

I fell in love with them and I have a few projects in the works incorporating these leaves.

fall farmhouse home tour via


fall farmhouse home tour via

Vintage postal sorter

Let’s head over to that vintage postal sorter that stands in the corner of our cozy dining area.

I found this piece on Craigslist. A hobby farmer had been using it to store shoes in their mudroom. I got a great deal on it because it needed a good cleaning and a paint makeover.

vintage postal sorter farmhouse fall home tour via

I have a real weakness for pieces with little cubbies. I painted some dollar store pumpkins white and simply decorated this postal sorter for fall.

vintage postal sorter with white pumpkins for farmhouse fall


white mini pumpkin vintage postal sorter farmhouse fall home tour via


white pumpkin with bedspring and greens farmhouse fall home tour


white pumpkins in vintage postal sorter farmhouse fall home tour via


birch branches in farmhouse style vase farmhouse fall home tour via

We found these birch branches along the bridge on our nature walk. I just pulled the leaves off so that the focus could be on the branches.

Ready to cozy up in the living room?

Living Room

neutral farmhouse style living room farmhouse fall home tour via


This is our light and bright neutral living room. I kept the decorating simple in this space. Mostly because this is where we spend quite a bit of time as a family and with young kiddos it needs to stay simple.

farmhouse style living room via

I focused on creating layers, texture, and variations of neutral tones.

farmhouse style living room via

Can you tell I have a pillow obsession?

Most days these are lying all over the floor. The rest of the family does not share in my love of pillows on the couch. They would much rather use them for pillow fights than any sort of decorative purpose.

farmhouse fall home tour living room


fall farmhouse style living room via


dried hydrangeas and acorns. simple farmhouse style fall decorating via

My limelight hydrangeas were amazing this year! I was able to give quite a few of my bushes a haircut and you really can’t even tell I took any plumes off. They are beautiful free decorating materials. I also shopped around our house this year for most of my decorating pieces just as I did with my neutral fall mantel.

farmhouse fall home tour via


I am so very thankful that you joined me for my little farmhouse fall home tour. We wish you could be here to share a piece of apple pie!

farmhouse style apple pie farmhouse fall home tour via


Maybe next time?

farmhouse style apple pie farmhouse fall home tour via

 I wish you all a fabulous fall season!

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Source guide to create the look of this fall home tour:

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Neutral Farmhouse Fall Home Tour

Enjoy your day,

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Feel free to click around to see all the other inspiring farmhouse homes on this fall home tour below.

A huge thank you to Erin at Meadow Lake Road for coordinating this fall home tour, you rock girl!

farmhouse fall tour of homes


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Neutral Fall Mantel

Happy fall to you! I am sharing our neutral fall mantel today. The fall season is not quite here yet, but it is my favorite season, so I am getting a jump start on decorating.

INSPIRING FALL DECORATING RIGHT HERE! This rustic neutral fall mantel is the perfect mix of farmhouse and industrial style. Perfection from the chippy white window to the wooden tobacco baskets. Fall mantel inspiration from #farmhousestyle #rustic

My decorating style continues to evolve from my rustic fall mantel last year. My mantel last year incorporated vibrant oranges and greens. Over the past year, I have been moving back to neutrals. Neutrals are my comfort zone and each time I attempted to incorporate a colored wall or bold furniture piece, I always changed my mind or grew tired of too much color. I love how neutrals add a bright and fresh feel to our home.

Neutral fall mantel by dandelion patina


To style my neutral fall mantel, I pretty much shopped my home this year! I incorporated a few cute little pieces from the Dollar Spot at Target-the acorn garland across the window, a few burlap pillows on the chair, and the chicken wire pumpkins. Every other piece was found somewhere in my home. But, I will share with you a source list so that you can create the look as well easily.

SO ADORABLE! This neutral fall mantel is the perfect blend of farmhouse and industrial style. I love neutrals with texture and wooden elements. Fall mantel styled by #farmhousestyle #fallmantel

Aren’t these chicken wire pumpkins the cutest things? I thought they each deserved a pedestal, so I placed them on top of vintage crocks and added some straw for a farmhouse feel.

Neutral fall mantel with galvanized letters spelling out fall. Mantel by

I love incorporating architectural salvage into my vignettes. This piece works nicely with the galvanized letters I picked up last year at Michael’s.

Neutral fall mantel vignette with a perfect mix of farmhouse style and industrial style. Light and bright neutral decor by

These chunky metal and wood lantern style vases are amazing! They were a great deal of the day from Decor Steals. I fell in love with them the minute I saw them and I was so pleased when I opened the box. They have been a staple in my decor ever since! Love them.

Neutral fall mantel with the perfect blend of farmhouse style and industrial style. Styling of this neutral fall mantel by #farmhousestyle #rustic

Did I mention their size? They are incredibly chunky and tall. Each one would look lovely as a table centerpiece or a few on a large harvest table. An arrangement of twigs and wood flowers give this statement piece life.

Neutral farmhouse fall mantel with chicken wire pumpkins and vintage crocks by #fallmantel

The vintage crocks were found at estate sales. Each one has its own character and size. I love this one because it almost has the veining appearance of marble to it.

Neutral fall mantel incorporating farmhouse style with vintage wooden chair, tobacco baskets, and burlap pillows. Styling by

I fell in love with this vintage wooden chair. It is not in the best condition, but the cane seat and details legs were all that it took for me to dig into my purse and shell out the $7 at a garage sale. And, don’t get me started on the fun tobacco baskets.

Neutral fall mantel with gray and tan plaid. Burlap pillows, deer antlers and tobacco baskets add farmhouse flair. Styling by #farmhousestyle #fallmantel


Neutral fall mantel by #farmhousestyle

This acorn was part of the vignette I created last year with my coco nutty sweater acorns.

Do you love neutral decor? This neutral famhouse fall mantel is to die for! She shopped her home to blend these pieces into a gorgeous fall mantel. Styling by #farmhousestyle #fall

I hope you enjoyed my neutral fall mantel. It was so much fun styling the space and I can’t wait until the leaves start changing!

And, now I know you have been waiting for the shopping source list, right?

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Shop The Neutral Fall Mantel Look Source List:

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Farmhouse Style Neutral Fall Mantel

Other mantel styling you may enjoy:

Pop of color summer mantel


rustic fall mantel by dandelion patina

Enjoy your day,

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5 Autumn Apple Desserts

Hello friends!  Today, I am sharing 5 autumn apple desserts that I know you will enjoy! These desserts are mouth watering. I have a round up of desserts from apple muffins to apple chips.


I love the fall season! The crisp air, apple picking, hot cider sipping, comfy sweatshirts, and campfires are so enjoyable for me! Did I mention hay rides? You have got to check out our rustic hay bale lounger we created for our front porch last year. The kiddos had a blast! It was so easy to create. I know you will love it!


Let’s dig in!

Autumn Apple Desserts | Moonlight & Mason Jars Link Party #121

As a kid, I can remember visiting our local bakery and wanting the biggest apple fritter in the display case. These were the best of the best growing up! I haven’t had apple fritters in quite a while. I guess I am more worried about my waste line now than I was back then. So, when I saw these apple fritter cupcakes I thought hmmm, I can get away with eating a few. Right?

Apple Fritter Cupcakes | Kleinworth & Co.
Apple Fritter Cupcakes

When you get to use your fingers to eat, it doesn’t get better than that! This caramel apple pull apart bread looks so fun to eat. My kids would just love pulling apart all the layers and licking off that frosting. This is a must try recipe for sure.

Caramel Apple Pull-Apart Bread | Lemons for Lulu
Caramel Apple Pull-Apart Bread

I always seem to be disappointed with apple pie filling from the can. It just doesn’t seem fresh at all. So, when I saw this homemade apple pie filling I knew I would have to give it a try for my Thanksgiving apple pies! I am sure it will not disappoint. How cute is that mason jar? Need some of those….and a spoon.

Homemade Apple Pie Filling | Cincy Shopper
Homemade Apple Pie Filling

Ah, and the favorite fall treat for my kiddos are these old fashioned caramel apples. These bring back memories of melting the caramels on the stove and dipping our hand picked apples.

Old-Fashioned Kraft Caramel Apples | Totally the Bomb
Old-Fashioned Kraft Caramel Apples

I love using a dehydrator in the fall for apples. For me, these make the best little snacks to munch on.

Cinnamon Apple Chips | My Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Life
Cinnamon Apple Chips

What are your favorite autumn apple desserts or recipes?

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Essentials for Autumn Apple Desserts:

Other fall projects you may enjoy:

So creative! DIY half pumpkins used to create this pumpkin tiered tray. Perfect for your farmhouse style fall decorating by #farmhousestyle #pumpkins


Rustic Smores Station


Enjoy your day,

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