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Wood Slice Faux Agate

faux agate with wood slice

 Do you get the winter blues?

I do. I can’t count how many episodes of Beachfront Bargain Hunt or Caribbean Life I have watched over the last month. My mind gets swept away to destinations of sandy beaches, bright sunshine, and sea breezes with a tropical cocktail in my hand. Ah, the good life!

Whatever it takes to push through, right?

But, then reality hits as soon as I walk out that door. So, for me, it always helps to keep the creative juices in full force with these blustery winter days.  When this time of year hits, I love to start incorporating something fresh into the home. Whether it be a bouquet of fresh flowers or bright accent pillows. Creating sweet little bird nests in hopes of an early Spring. I love unique accents in home decor. Even more so, budget-friendly home decor. So, here is my version of the wood slice faux agate.

DIY faux agate how to

 Agate slices are beautiful and have been showing up everywhere in home decor for awhile now.  As a lover of all things agate, I wanted to try my hand at creating an agate slice with a bit of paint. 

Let’s get started.

faux agate supplies

Supplies you will need:

small wood slice

gold paint

chalk paints in various shades to replicate agate of your choice

paint brushes

poly sealer

faux agate slice

First, I  painted the edges in gold. {I have seen gold leaf adhered to the edges as well, if you wanted another option}. I then used the natural agate slice I currently had to replicate the design.

faux agate

The natural agate had many shades of color blended together, so I was intentional in layering and blending my paint colors. Once I was finished painting the design, I lightly sanded and applied a layer of high gloss poly.

faux agate diy

So, for under $10, I created my own little awesome slice of beauty and you can too in just a few hours! No hunting for natural agate in stores or waiting for your online order to come. I enjoyed creating this little piece of home decor.

faux agate vignette

Are you ready to create your own faux agate?


Aqua Crush

demijohn water jug

Yes, I admit it-I have a crush on aqua.

My eye tends to be attracted to soft blue greens. Aqua greens resonant with me as soothing and peaceful. The colors also have a connection with Mother Nature’s sea and sky, which I am drawn to.

So, when I came across these vintage jugs, regardless of the dirt and grime, I had to have them.

Color infused glass vintage bottles are so fun to collect. I enjoy displaying them in vignettes near natural light. The way the light transfers through the glass is so beautiful. And just a teeny bit of color can have a huge impact in the space.


Here are the bottles in their found state. Look at all that grime. Years of use and unappealing patina. The film almost makes the aqua glass look frosted doesn’t it? Well, maybe not.

demijohn water jugs

How do you ever get rid of all that grunge? 

efferdent cleaner


It works wonders on all the crud that has collected inside of vintage jars and jugs. And, I have to admit, I love watching the little tabs in action.

{plop, plop-fizz, fizz}

efferedent cleaner

Magic before your eyes! Look at how that aqua is starting to sparkle already.

aqua blue demijohn water jug

There it is, all cleaned up and polished. What a transformation! That was pretty simple, hey?

demijohn water jug

All that remains is the true character and history of this vintage piece, restored to its original beauty.

The jugs are dated 1929.

demijohn water jug

I also had some aqua blue mason jars that needed the same treatment. No need for Mr. Clean or elbow grease here. Just a few tablets and they are good as new!

vintage blue jars

So, I hope you can look past all that dirt and grime the next time you find a color or collection that speaks to you.

There are true gems within.

Aqua crush? Maybe more than a crush. Maybe pieces of myself. Objects to trigger memories.

country living


Are you a collector? What are you crushing on?

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