Stair Skirting DIY

Hey there! Today I am going to share our stair skirting DIY with you all.

I was so excited to finally be able to pull up the carpet on the stairs! Unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for and there was no stair skirting!

Stair skirting the easy way

Mistake number one:

Do not just ripe out the carpet on a whim especially on the stairs. These stair treads were not meant to be without carpet. And the outcome, we had wood treads and risers installed with gaps on the side walls where the treads met the wall. I was so disappointed.

Mistake number two:

Do not have pre-stained wood treads and risers installed. Once it was all said and done, I hated the look. The oak was orange. Now, I am sure there are plenty of people that would say they look lovely and in the 1990’s these would have been the bomb! But, I was envisioning something a bit different and in the end, it was my fault for not communicating that to the installer.

So, I waited a few months to see if they would grow on me. I was told I was crazy to even consider painting the stairs. After all, with all the poly applied by the manufacturer, paint would never adhere. It was one of those moments where I just went into a bit of project remorse withdrawal. I even thought the carpet would look better than this!

During those reflecting months, my parents were removing their chair rail molding in their master bedroom. I was asked if I wanted it. I thought, sure I can make some picture frames or something with it.

Then, the light bulb went on!

Create a faux stair skirting and repurpose the molding!


Supply list for Faux Stair skirting:

DIY stair skirting for wood stairs

Tutorial for applying chair rail as stair skirting:

  • Measure where you want the skirting to lay. For me, I wanted the angle of it to be about an inch away from the top of the tread.
  • Cut your molding the distance of the stairs. In our case, we had two separate pieces that connected at a seam.
  • Adhere your molding using a nail gun.

Tutorial for painting the molding, faux skirting, and stairs:

  • Sand down the stairs lightly
  • Prime. I primed with Annie Sloan chalk paint. Did you know you could use it as a primer?
  • Once the coat of primer was completely dry, I then used Benjamin Moore Advance in Simply White to complete the project. I was told not to use the Advance on stairs, but I am a bit of a rebel! I have had so much success with this paint on other projects and it was what I had on hand. If you want to go by the book, then I would use this for your stairs.

DIY stair skirting the easy way



Easy DIY stair skirting

I had always admired white stairs. I had a ton of photos pinned to my Pinterest boards. So, I knew this was something I was really drawn to.

To be honest, the upkeep scared me a bit. But, since I took the plunge in purchasing IKEA white sofas I thought why not white stairs too!

Current up keep:

I am loving how they turned out and the wear and tear has been great!  A light wash down weekly and these beauties continue to look fabulous.

Stair skirting DIY

So, even bloggers make mistakes! Home decorating and renovating is such a learning process.  And making mistakes along the way is all part of the journey!

I never thought I would be able to achieve the look of stair skirting, but thanks to that free molding it all worked out in the end!

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Stair skirting the easy way

Would you paint your stairs white? What do you think of the faux DIY stair skirting?


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