Simple Farmhouse Christmas Living Room

Hey friends! I am sharing our simple farmhouse Christmas living room today!

Amazing how the holiday season kinda just sneaks up on you. Every year I make a promise to myself that I will be on top of holiday shopping and decorating, but it seldom happens. Life just gets in the way. But, I am relieved this year because I went way simple with my decorating. I decided to enjoy the natural elements and simple touches of winter.

simple farmhouse christmas tree with white lights

As part of the simple farmhouse Christmas decorating I decided to simply drape white lights on our tree. I didn’t want the fuss of removing all the ornaments this year. Our tree has been amazingly healthy as well. Minimal needles falling and has been consistently drinking water. Maybe it is because I have been adding glycerin to the water at every filling, but I have been extremely happy with its freshness this year. Two years ago we had major troubles with our tree. We ended up with two living trees that died before Christmas. It was very stressful and we even purchased an artificial one for last year. But, I love the idea of a real tree in the house, so we tried again this year with much success.

simple farmhouse Christmas living room

Our white IKEA Ektorp furniture has been holding up rather remarkably. I was so unsure of the white with kiddos and pets. But, when it gets dirty I just pulled off the slipcover and throw it in the wash. It also helps to have a spare slipcover so that you are not waiting for the wash to be done. I love them and I wouldn’t go back to traditional furniture again.

I found the farmhouse throw at Target and fell in love with its green color and handmade looking stitching. The throw is part of the Beekman 1802 FarmHouse collection. It is a gorgeous Christmas green and pops with the neutrals of the space. And, it is plaid which adds that festive touch. I have many other “wants” from this collection. Each piece is a farmhouse staple.

simple farmhouse Christmas greenery

Lowe’s had some cedar garland that was relatively inexpensive and I used this as my base for the greenery. I foraged around the backyard woods to find my other additions of pine boughs and spruce. The cedar garland had amazing cones attached to it. I love how they add that wood textural element.

simple farmhouse style Christmas greenery

Old Farmhouse Cabinet

farmhouse style Christmas

I recently cleaned up an old cabinet I purchased from one of my  favorite stores in Berlin. It was grungy and in need of some sanding. I wanted a raw wood look to the inside and white on the outside of the cabinet. The cabinet turned out fabulous! I love that the shelves were pieces of old barn wood. The character revealed after a bit of sanding. I simply added a few pieces of greenery for that farmhouse Christmas touch.

farmhouse christmas living room with ironstone pieces


wooden farmhouse chair

Coffee Table Centerpiece

farmhouse style Christmas coffee table centerpiece

I found these simple white matte ceramic houses in the Dollar Spot at Target. I was just walking into the store when they were adding more to the shelves. In hindsight, I wish I would have purchased all of them. They make a darling little vignette for the coffee table. I would have loved to decorate the girls rooms with a few of these and place battery operated lights inside. They would have added a simple magical touch to their rooms for Christmas.

Well, that is our simple farmhouse Christmas living room. I will be sharing a couple more Christmas touches around the house in the next few days. This season, I hope this inspired you to decorate simply and enjoy more of those closest to you.

Interested in seeing how our home was decorated for Christmas last year? Wander over to the happy holidays home tour.


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