Simple Braided Jute Curtain Tiebacks


I love letting the natural light into our windows during the day. You will rarely see our curtains pulled or blinds down. But, once the sun goes down and it is time to just relax watching a show in the evening, I need that privacy from our neighbors. And just the peace of mind that someone is not staring at me from the corner of the street. Thank goodness we do not have any Gladys Kravitz’s around. Do you?


gladys kravitz nosy neighbor


Anyway, I wanted to create a versatile tie back that would look pretty on a curtain and off. Something easy to tie on to let the light in during the day. Something simple to store away when I need that privacy or I just preferred to let the curtains billow in the breeze.


Another factor was budget. I didn’t want to spend the money on store bought tiebacks that I didn’t truly love. DIY here we come!


When you stop in at my house you will see coastal inspired decor. I wanted to stay true to this theme when creating the tiebacks. I knew I didn’t want rope. I wanted something a bit more flexible. I went with more of a jute type material. This had the flexibility that I desired and yet would be able to do the job of a tieback.

jute tieback diy dandelion patina


Let’s get started with this simple braided jute curtain tiebacks project.

jute tieback

diy project on jute tieback

Start by using a twist tie to secure ends. This will make braiding simple.

braiding the tieback

This is what the jute curtain tieback should look like after braiding.

how to whip rope ends

Follow these steps to whip ends:

1. Make a loop with the jute string. Cut off more than enough string from roll so you have plenty to wind.

2. Wind string around braided length until you have your desired width.

3. Thread your string through the loop.

4. Pull tight and cut off excess.

finished jute tieback

jute tieback

braided portion of tieback

And when the tiebacks are not being used they make a pretty display in this recycled glass jar.

dandelion patina jute tiebacks

jute tiebacks dandelion patina

simple braided jute tieback

I dressed all of my white curtains with these jute curtain tiebacks. The total cost was 1/2 of a roll of jute!

Each tieback was approximately 50 cents.

What do you dress your curtains with?

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