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The month of September brings some new fun to the Dandelion Patina blog! DP will be kicking off a new feature every month: blog of the month. This month’s feature is the lovely blog, A Burst of Beautiful.

Alicia has such an eye for beautiful neutral decor. On Alicia’s blog you can see how they love to find those unexpected beautiful moments in life and share them with their readers.

To start off with, I want to say thank you to Alicia for sharing her lovely home with the Dandelion Patina readers! It is such an honor to have you here!

Alicia and Nick are the cutest couple ever! Seriously. Alicia is just glowing! She is so photogenic! And you can just tell how much Nick loves his gal.

A Burst of Beautiful blog: Blog of the month at Dandelion Patina
Today, I wanted to share some of her home projects and give you some insight into why she started blogging and what she is passionate about.

1. Where do you spend your time blogging Alicia?
Alicia shared that she spends most of her time blogging in this beautiful kitchen space. I can truly see how she is inspired to create a beautiful home for her family, I mean…just look at this kitchen.

A burst of beautiful blog of the month feature via dandelion patina

 2. What an average day is like at A Burst of Beautiful homestead?
An average day at A Burst of Beautiful homestead starts with my husband, Nick, heading off to work in the morning while I stay at home with our six month old daughter, Zoe. Mornings are my favourite time of day, they are filled with cuddles, giggles and kisses from a wonderfully happy baby. Shortly after breakfast Zoe goes down for her morning nap and I dedicate some time to blogging or housework. After lunch we usually head outside for some more fun – swimming, walking or a visit with friends, then it’s back home for her second nap of the day (if I’m lucky – Zoe has a thing for not sleeping). Again, I try to fit in some time catching up on emails and social media or tackling a DIY project. Once Nick is home from work we eat dinner and Zoe gets to spend some quality time with dad. Life is pretty different around here since Zoe came along, but we wouldn’t change it for the world.


3.  What is your favorite space in your home and why?
I’d have to say our kitchen. I truly believe the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where our family and friends always gather and it usually has something delicious simmering away on the stove or baking in the oven.But it wasn’t always my favourite room. When we moved into our home three years ago the kitchen was not very functional, not to mention it was drab and boring. It has been our biggest DIY project to date. We changed the layout to better suit our family’s needs, painted the cabinets (I’ve always dreamed of a white kitchen) and added new lighting. It’s now a bright, beautiful and functional space. Here is a lovely tour of A Burst of Beautiful’s kitchen


4.  What is your favorite DIY project and why?
My favourite DIY project (aside from our kitchen) is the panel wall we just completed in our master bedroom. A few months ago we gave our bedroom a complete make-over and the I debated what I wanted to do with the wall behind our bed. I finally decided on a paneled wall and I couldn’t love it more. It’s such a classic look and it adds so much architectural detail to the room.

I’ll be posting a tutorial on our paneled wall soon! Check out the one room challenge reveal.

A burst of beatiful bedroom reveal

5.  What goals do you have for your home in terms of decorating and projects?

I always have a running list of projects I’d love to complete for our home. Right now at the top of the list is painting the kitchen, dining room, living room and upstairs hallway. That’s a big undertaking though, so it probably won’t happen until the colder weather arrives. I’d also love to tackle our guest bedroom and give it a mini-make-over.


6. What is your decorating style?
I’ve struggled with this for a while and it wasn’t until I began blogging that I discovered what I am truly drawn to. I love the airy feeling of bright and light-filled spaces. I’m a neutral girl at heart. I think a neutral colour palette presents the opportunity to let your home’s architectural details really stand out. I just recently wrote a post on How to Decorate with Neutrals.


A Burst of Beautiful How To Decorate With Neutrals. Blog of the month feature on Dandelion Patina

7. Do you have a blogger that is your ‘go to’ inspiration?

Oh my gosh, I have so many! A few of my favourites are Lucy at Craftberry Bush, Kristen at Ella Claire and Liz from Liz Marie Blog.

8.  Please tell us how you started blogging, what you love about it, and what is challenging for you.
We started blogging just over a year ago and I have fallen head over heels in love with it. My husband and I have always had a passion for making our home beautiful, plus Nick is an amazing cook and baker. Our friends and family were always asking us for advice on home decor, how we created a particular DIY project or for a favourite recipe. My mom suggested we start a blog to share our projects, so we did!
I love absolutely everything about blogging. But my favourite part would probably be the wonderful community we have become a part of. I never dreamed I would meet so many wonderful and like-minded friends along this journey. I love having an outlet to express our creativity and share our projects with others.
Right now our biggest challenge is finding the time to dedicate to blogging. Zoe keeps us very busy!


9. What is one detail/characteristic that makes you unique? 
Hmmm this is a tough one. I had to ask my husband. He said “the fact that you never ever stop thinking about decorating.”. It’s true, I go to bed thinking about decorating and DIY projects and I wake up thinking about decorating and DIY projects. But I don’t think that makes me unique. I think that’s a common thread between us DIY lovers!
I totally can relate to Alicia when she says she is constantly thinking about decorating and DIY projects. It is definitely a common thread among us DIY lovers for sure.
It was so fun having A Burst of Beautiful here. I hope you will stop over to her blog and see all the other projects she has created like this how to create a stairway gallery wall and this simple, but so elegant neutral fall wreath.


If you have a blog and would like to be featured on Dandelion Patina, please let me know right here.
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