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Farmhouse Style Snowflake Wreath

Hey readers! Today I am sharing my farmhouse style snowflake wreath.

I have been doing all I can to stay cozy and make our home feel that way too! Last week I shared my 7 tips to a cozy home and today I am sharing my farmhouse style snowflake wreath.

Create a cozy and warm feeling right from the front door with this DIY farmhouse style snowflake wreath via

After putting away all the Christmas decorations and holiday wreaths, I needed something for our front door. Sure, I could have went out and bought a wreath, but where is the fun in that? I love using my own creativity to create something that is unique. And, since Mother Nature is showering us with snow, I thought I would create a wreath with snowflakes! Pipe cleaner snowflakes that is.

farmhouse snowflake wreath tutorial via #farmhousestyle

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Supplies you will need:

farmhouse style snowflake wreath tutorial via

Instructions-farmhouse style snowflake wreath:

  • Start wrapping the chunky yarn around the grapevine wreath.

Check out this simple and cozy farmhouse style snowflake wreath via #farmhousestyle

  • Continue wrapping until you have the desired look. Here, I wrapped yarn around twice to fill in gaps, but allow some texture to come through.

pipe cleaner snowflake


Snowflake Tutorial:

  • Using a scissors, cut three 6-inch pieces of pipe cleaner, six 2 inch pieces, and six 1 1/2-inch pieces.
  • Twist 6-inch pieces together at their midpoints to make a six-spoked asterisk. Tighten the twist as much as you can.
  • Center one 2 inch piece at the midpoint of each spoke and twist. Do this on all spokes.farmhouse style snow flake wreath tutorial
  • Center one 1 1/2 inch piece on the tip of each spoke and twist. Do this on all spokes as shown above.
  • Embellish

farmhouse style snowflake wreath tutorial via

  • Once all your snowflakes are made and embellished as desired, use the hot glue gun to adhere the snowflakes to your wreath.
  • Use the glue gun to add a dab of glue to the embellishment as well.

cozy farmhouse style snowflake wreath. The perfect embellishment for your front door. #farmhousestyle

You are done! Easy peasy with tons of character. This farmhouse style snowflake wreath was fun to make and under $20 to make.

Create a cozy and warm feeling right from the front door with this DIY farmhouse style snowflake wreath via


I hope you enjoyed this farmhouse style snowflake wreath tutorial!

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Enjoy your day,

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7 Ways To Cozy Up Your Home


Hey friends! I have been decluttering our home over the last few weeks. It has been so refreshing! Today, I would love to share 7 ways to cozy up your home. These 7 tips are really the staples in my winter decor and will be during the months to come. I hope you will feel inspired to slip on those comfortable slippers, grab a cup of coffee, and that favorite book you have been hoping to find time for. Let’s get cozy!

Such simple ways to bring a sense of coziness to your home. I love all of these ideas. Inspiration from #farmhousestyle #cozy

My first tip to bring that cozy feel into your home would be with fresh flowers. During the winter months, when everything outdoors is dreary and drab, it is so refreshing to have Mother Nature indoors. Fresh flowers are a simple luxury I love to indulge in, especially this time of year. This arrangement cost around $12. I love the combination of spider mums and fresh greens.


Gorgeous farmhouse style living room. I love these simple ways to cozy up the home during the winter months! via #farmhousestyle #livingroom

Now, since those fresh flowers are a simple luxury that we can all splurge on once in awhile, (I actually found $20 in the laundry the other day…finders keepers) I also love having greenery in every room. Whether you have a green thumb or not, faux or real greenery really perks up a space and makes it feel homey and cozy.

These 7 simple ways to cozy up your home during the winter months will have you chasing away the winter blues in no time! Love the inspiration from #farmhoustyle #livingroom

This little faux potted plant fits so nicely underneath my glass cloche. I love having that fresh green color on the coffee table filled with neutrals.

Nothing beats a handmade chunky throw to cozy up with during the winter months! I love these other tips for keeping your home cozy during the winter months too! via #farmhousestyle

And what is a cozy space without overstuffed pillows…..and a chunky handmade throw to wrap yourself up in.

Looking for ideas to create that cozy space during the winter months? These inspiring ideas will be your solution. via #farmhousestyle

Candles are a simple way to add ambiance and coziness to your space. These faux candles turn on at just the right time in the evening and give off a soft warm glow.

Lovely farmhouse neutral decor for the winter with tips on how to cozy up your home. via #farmhousestyle

With the idea of overstuffed pillows and handmade throws…I also love creating chunky pom poms to use as a decorative element. They have such cool texture and look great in a basket all their own.

Love this coffee table book! Collected. details at #farmhousestyle #collections

Finally, nothing is cozier than wrapping yourself up in that handmade throw, feet up, warm coffee cup in hand, and losing yourself in a great book! The coffee table book: Collected is one of my favorites. There is nothing better than living with the things you love….and drooling over other peoples’ collections!

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Shop the look source list:

Well, I hope my 7 ways to cozy up your home gave you the inspiration to start decluttering and live that farmhouse style life!

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7 simple ways to cozy up your home! It has never been easier. #farmhousestyle

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How to make chunky pom poms

Hey readers! Today I am sharing some chunky pom poms!

Oh my goodness, and I have to say that they are just the most adorable pieces of fluffiness I have ever seen! I could make these things all. day. long.

Check this out!! The easy way to make chunky pom poms via #pompoms #farmhousestyle

I found the most amazing little gadget before Christmas and I am so excited to be sharing it with all of you!

For the longest time I have loved chunky pom poms. My mom showed us girls how to make them when we were little. It was a fun project, but I always HATED using the cardboard templates!

What a pain. Plus, the cardboard just didn’t seem to hold up well and my little fingers were so sore afterwards. I. Now. Have. The. Solution.

How to make chunk y pom poms with this amazing tool! You have to get this! via #pompoms


(Affiliate links are in this post for your convenience, please see full disclosure)

Supplies you will need for these chunky pom poms:

Best tutorial ever for making chunky pom poms! Whip these out in minutes via #pompoms #farmhousestyle

Tutorial for these chunky pom poms:

Step 1:

  • Open your maker as shown above. Start to wrap your yarn from the middle of the half circle and continue wrapping until this is full.


Creating chunky pom poms has never been easier! Look at this! via #pompoms #yarn

Step 2:

  • Once wrapping the yarn completely around the half circle as chunky as you can, fold the half circle back up into the gadget as shown below.

Amazing tutorial for creating chunky pom poms! via #pompoms #farmhousestyle

Step 3:

  • Now, open the other side of the gadget so that the opposite half circle is ready to be wrapped with yarn, as shown below.

Mind blowing tutorial to create chunky diy pom poms in minutes! via #pompoms

Step 4:

  • Again, wrap yarn, starting from middle, working your way out and back and forth until similar size of the first half circle.

Easy tutorial for creating farmhouse style chunky pom poms! I want to make these for every room! via #farmhousestyle #pompoms


You now will have a complete circle wrapped with yarn.

Creating chunky DIY pom poms has never been easier with this tool! If you love pom poms you need this! via dandelionpatina.comStep 5:

  • Take your sewing scissors and cut along the inner blue crack as shown with an arrow below. TIP: You will need a sewing scissors to do this because the tip is narrow enough to get into the crevice and these babies are sharp. Remember, you are cutting through some seriously thick yarn! You need a sharp and narrow scissors to be successful with these pom poms.

Simple DIY tutorial for creating chunky pom poms farmhouse style! via #farmhousestyle #pompomsStep 6:

  • Once you have cut along the entire edge to release the yarn fibers, cut a piece of yarn to tie the strands of cut yarn together. As you tie, pull as tight as you can and double knot the yarn segment.


Easiest way to make pom poms ever! I love this tutorial from

Step 7:

  • Now, it is time to start releasing the gadget sides! You are almost there….take this step slowly and carefully so that you do not pull the gadget totally apart.

So fun! DIY farmhouse style chunky pom poms that you can make in minutes! via

Step 8:

  • Once your blue half circles are opened up, start removing the white sides, one at a time.

Look at all this chunky goodness! Create your own supersize pom poms in a few easy steps! via #pompoms

Step 9:

  • Once the white sides are off and the gadget is totally removed from your pom pom, fluff and cut any loose edges away. You may have a few strands that just pull out and that is ok. Leave your “tails” attached if you want to create a garland with your pom poms.

Love this tutorial on how to make chunky pom poms via dandelionpatina.comStep 10:

  • You did it! Now, wasn’t that just so much better than the cardboard template pom pom?!

Chunky farmhouse style pom poms with this easy tutorial! via


I absolutely love how easy these were to make! And remember the chunkier the yarn, the chunkier the pom pom!


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The secret to creating farmhouse style chunky pom poms in minutes! This is so much better than using cardboard! via #pompoms


I hope I inspired you to get busy and create some of your own chunky pom poms!

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wreath with pink gray cream cupcake liners

Have an amazing day!

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DIY industrial pipe shelving

Hey there readers! Today I am going to be sharing my version of creating industrial pipe shelving! We have this little nook in our dining area and for some time, it has proven to be a difficult space to decorate. The space is only about 10″ deep and 4′ wide. Plus, it is within a major traffic area of our home, so I needed something rather narrow in the space. I loved the idea of planking the walls. And I totally love how it looks now.

How to create industrial pipe shelving the easy way via

I tried to use my vintage radio in this space, but I still needed something above this piece and…unfortunately, the radio was a bit deeper than 10″. And still, when looking at the space it just didn’t WOW me. I was just at a loss. Why would the builder even create this ridiculous area in the first place. Ugh.


My family and I decided to visit a local flea market one weekend and my husband spotted some weathered wood propped up against a building wall. So, he called me over to take a look. The wood was rough sawn and weathered. Oh. My. Goodness. I was in chunky wood heaven! The price for a 6′ piece was $2. Let me say that again….TWO BUCKS! We took every piece they had. Total score.


This is where the light bulb went on!

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Materials List:

I sketched out how many shelves I had wanted and started writing my supply list. The hubby headed over to the hardware store and found these. The hardware store will cut the pipe to your desired length so that connection is a snap!

rustic industrial shelving DIY via

Instructions for industrial pipe shelving:

  • Plank your wall with tongue and groove. This made it possible to just screw these metal plates into the wood. If you didn’t plank with tongue and groove, then you would have to find the studs first with a stud finder and space out your pipe.
  • When you bring your piping home, there is a protective coating on the pipes. Scrub it off with mild detergent/soap and water. You will need an abrasive scrub pad to do this. I wanted the entire piece of pipe to look the same and if I did not remove the coating, it would have looked very odd. I know that as time goes on, the piping will rust, but to me, that just adds patina and character. I am totally ok with that.

rustic industrial pipe shelving by


  • Once we measured where all the pipe segments would go we screwed them into the wall.
  • We then cut our shelving material. Isn’t the texture on the wood amazing?! I love how thick the shelves are! Mother Nature did such a good job giving them that patina too!

industrial pipe shelving system via


  • After you cut the wood, you will have “fresh” looking wood on the cut ends. This can be remedied by just placing the cut side toward the wall or simply adding some gray stain to those cut edges.rustic industrial shelving via

Creating industrial pipe shelving was never easier! This project cost around $50 to make. Now, I have amazing shelving in our dining area. I have also used up the entire 10″ of space vertically without worrying about having a family member bump into it or get hurt.

Industrial Pipe Shelving Recap:

  • plank your wall FIRST, if you like the look of tongue and groove planked walls
  • remove the coating from the pipes
  • find some amazing boards at a flea market, lumber yard or in the materials section of Craigslist

I think know now, I am ok with the fact that the builder added this little nook. I am completely in love with how it turned out.


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How to create industrial pipe shelving the easy way via


Have a great day!

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