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Black and white barn sketches

Hey friends! I want to share a few black and white barn sketches. If you have been following me on Instagram, you know that I have a thing for barns, especially white barns. I just love the look of them and the history associated with them. The beauty of the chunky wood beams and those gorgeous high ceilings! Similar to this beauty….

*don’t scroll too fast this next photo might make you a bit dizzy*

old barn interior with chunky wood beams and wood floors

In my spare time, I love treasure hunting. I love browsing through antique malls and going to flea markets. I also love taking drives through the countryside to find a few hidden gems like these.

white barn on farmland

I could see using this property to host markets and maybe even turn this into a country store to sell painted furniture and home decor. How fun!

white barn with american flag

And how classic is this white barn with a perfectly imperfect american flag painted on it? Love it. Which brings me back to these black and white barn sketches. They really spoke to me. I am not sure who the actual artist, but the detail of these sketches is really amazing. They were calling my name. It was love at first sight.

Do you collect vintage artwork? Check out these black and white pencil sketches on vintage paper. They are the perfect accessories to create farmhouse style in your home.

I think I will probably have them framed in a chunkier wood frame because these seem to just be some sort of plastic. But, they look like they were once professionally framed on the back.

Vintage black and white barn sketches found via

I really loved the contrast of these sketches in the black and white. The detail in each of them is so life-like. I can totally imagine someone standing on their property with their easel drawing these.

vintage black and white barn sketches found via

I wanted to display these in our transformed formal dining room, so I went out to the garage to look at some of the pallets we had. This is what I came up with….


pallet wall easel diy


I really scored on these black and white barn sketches to add a bit of vintage farmhouse style. I am also sharing the full tutorial of this pallet wall easel very soon.

Have a great week,

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5 Beautiful Spaces For Your Home

Are you ready to see 5 beautiful spaces for your home?

Awesome! Summer is winding down and the houses will once again be clean. These beautiful spaces are such an inspiration to create a quiet place in my home! Enjoy!

beautiful spaces for your home

5 beautiful spaces for your home:


Living Room

To start off with, I love the clean modern farmhouse feel of this living room. I am a fan of neutral decor and this room has all the lovely whites, creams, soft grays that I love. Oh, and check out that coffee table. I am a huge industrial junky.


Paint Colours and Wallpaper in our Home_Living RoomNeutral Decor | A Burst of Beautiful


Next up is an amazing entryway. This farmhouse has unexpected yet subtle stripes on the walls in soft white and gray. The wood floors have such character and the rug gives a textural feel to the space. Isn’t it welcoming? I am ready for a visit!

Front-Entry-StripesEntryway | Thistlewood Farms


The layout of this kitchen would be great for entertaining. And, look at that cute ladder light. I love the rustic feel it brings to the space.

farmhouse style kitchen

Kitchen | The Summery Umbrella

Laundry Room

This laundry room space is a place in my own room that needs some improvement. I love the white cabinetry and the wood shelf that was created above the washer and dryer for extra storage.

laundry-room-7-3Laundry Room | Worthing Court

Living/Dining Combo

Finally, this inviting living room space. I love the neutral color on the walls and the faux beam separating the two spaces. Also, the coffee table is really cool isn’t it? I love the chunky rustic wood top with the industrial look of the base. Lauren’s whole house is truly a welcoming and beautiful home.

DIY-Wood-Beam-Doorway-7-of-10Living Room | Blesser House

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of beautiful spaces for your home. These spaces are very inspirational and each has elements that I love from rustic ladder lights to chunky wood coffee table tops. But, I know that DIY isn’t always for everyone and, at times, there just isn’t the time, right!? So, I have created a shop the look with a few elements that I would love from these spaces.

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. See full disclosure.

Shop the look for these elements of beautiful spaces for your home: 

Enjoy your day,
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5 Frosty Summer Sips

Today I am sharing 5 frosty summer sips with you all. When the temps get really high and I am tired of sitting in the AC and need to be outside, these summer sips definitely make the heat more tolerable.

Think fruity and refreshing. Frosty and indulgent.

Do I have your attention?

Frosty Summer Sips ~ refreshing drink recipes to keep you cool, all summer long! | Moonlight & Mason Jars Link Party

One of my favorite summertime beverages is strawberry lemonade. The fresh sliced strawberries and lemons make this the perfect recipe to try. I think we are going to have to schedule a date to pick some fresh strawberries from the patch as well.

Strawberry Lemonade | Simply Suzanne’s at Home
Strawberry Lemonade

When I have a stressful day, I love to pull out this wine slushy recipe. They are so refreshing during the summer time months. Don’t they look amazing?

Wine Slushies | Love Grows Wild
Wine Slushies

Now, I am not a southern gal, but I can appreciate a mason jar of sweet tea! Do you drink out of mason jars? We do, love it. The perfect farmhouse style glass with the perfect southern sweet tea.

Perfect Southern Sweet Tea | This Cookin’ Dad
Perfect Southern Sweet Tea

During the late summer months, my husband usually will go blackberry picking. It is something he has enjoyed since he was young. When we were dating he would love to take me out to the country roads and pick a bucket full for a pie or fresh eating. This wild blackberry crush is a must try for us in our home.

Wild Blackberry Crush | A Worthy Read
Wild Blackberry Crush

This pineapple peach mojito reminds me of the summer vacation I didn’t get to take! There is nothing more refreshing than fresh pineapple and the juiciest ripe peach. The combination is quite delicious.

Pineapple Peach Mojito | Spoonful of Flavor
Pineapple Peach Mojito

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Click here for my full disclosure.

Kitchen source guide for making these 5 frosty summer sips:

Another summer time recipe you might like:

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garden fresh bruschetta with basil and cilantro

Enjoy your day,

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DIY Hanging Herb Garden

Do you garden? Do you wish you could but don’t have the space? Well, my DIY hanging herb garden will be the perfect DIY project so that you can start gardening and using fresh herbs in your favorite dishes! Herbs are a great option for small spaces where there is no room for a large garden. All they need is sunlight and water. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, these little plants will take little to maintain.

Here we go with the tutorial!

Create a DIY hanging herb garden inexpensively for under $10. All you need is a few pails, herbs, scrap wood, and tissue paper! Nothing beats fresh herbs at your fingertips!


(Affiliate links are provided below for products with asterisk.  For more information, see my full disclosure here.)

  • Metal pails. These were purchased in the Dollar Spot at Target. Two pails for $3. These metal pails* are very similar.
  • Herbs. I chose dill, lemon thyme, and rosemary
  • Old board. My board came from a recycled piece of furniture, but you could use a piece of 2×4 or any other wood you have lying around.
  • Polka Dot tissue paper*. The tissue paper I used was from Hazel & Ruby. I love the modern gray with white polka dots.
  • Alphabet letters*. I had these lying around in my craft room from a previous project.
  • Floral wire.
  • Modge Podge*.
  • Sanding block.
  • Poly* sealer.
  • X-acto knife*


DIY hanging herb garden from Dandelion Patina


I started by painting an old board I had in the garage. Painting it was a personal preference. You could just leave the wood as is.

I then cut my tissue paper to fit the board. I cut the paper a bit larger than the board so that I could distress it after the Modge Podge dried.

Using modge podge to create a distressed board for a DIY hanging herb garden for under $10

If you want a worn and distressed look do not worry about the wrinkles and small air bubbles. Once the piece has dried you will then be sanding all that away. The distressing part is so fun. The paper just sort of unravels and falls off. Easy peasy to create a vintage looking piece.

Distressed tissue paper board with decoupage technique for DIY hanging herb garden

I did some heavy distressing in areas to create a more worn look. This is all personal preference. Once done distressing to your liking, seal with a poly.

DIY hanging herb garden by dandelion patina

Decide how you would like your pails to hang and add your hardware accordingly.

DIY hanging herb garden by dandelion patina

Your pails should look something like this when hung.

Herb garden plant markers from wooden letters by dandelion patina

I created a few plant markers to hang on the pails. This was achieved with wooden letter beads and floral wire. I just curled the ends of the wire up and hung over the pail edge.

DIY hanging herb garden by dandelion patina using galvanized pails from Target and tissue paper from hazel & ruby


DIY hanging herb garden by dandelion patina using inexpensive galvanized pails from Target and tissue paper from Hazel & Ruby


Create your own DIY hanging herb garden by dandelion patina with just a few simple supplies and some creativity

I chose herbs that I could walk past and run my fingers through. The lemon thyme and rosemary have such a nice fragrance. I have even caught my kiddos touching and smelling too. This DIY hanging herb garden would be a perfect project for the kiddos to create and take care of as well. They could customize it as they liked with the pattern of paper and herbs.

DIY hanging herb garden by dandelion patina created for under $10


If you found this project to be put on your ‘to do’ list, here is a photo to pin to Pinterest project board.

Create a DIY hanging herb garden inexpensively for under $10. All you need is a few pails, herbs, scrap wood, and tissue paper! Nothing beats fresh herbs at your fingertips!


If you are interested in another simple garden project, please be sure to check out my DIY succulent vignette.

DIY Succulent Vignette by Dandelion Patina


Don’t forget….you can follow along with me on  facebook, instagram, pinterest, and twitter!

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DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath

Did you know that cupcake liners aren’t just for cooking? Oh yes! They can be used to create the most beautiful cupcake liner wreaths! And guess what? I am ready to give you the scoop to this DIY project.

wreath with pink gray cream cupcake liners

This cupcake liner wreath project was a huge hit with my 7 year old daughter. She is very much into baking right now; creations of all kinds are mixed up in our kitchen and all without following a recipe. Some turn out fabulous and others are chalked up to a learning experience. But, I love that she is so interested in creating in the kitchen with her apron and cooking hat.

For this project, if you want to wear a stylish apron go ahead, but it’s definitely not required.

cupcake liner wreath

Supplies you will need:

(Affiliate links are provided below for supplies with asterisk.  For more information, see my full disclosure here.)

DIY cupcake liner wreath

Remove the bottom of the cupcake liners with a scissors by cutting through the side of the liner and then around the entire bottom.

DIY cupcake liner wreath tutorial

Now it is time to sit in front of the TV during your favorite show and roll the sides as shown above. These will form into small florets. Glue the end closed on each one.

diy cupcake liner wreath tutorial

Start designing your flowers. There were various patterns and shades of liners in the packages. This made it simple to create unique individual flowers.

Choose your middle floret and then hot glue 6 others around the middle floret.

diy tutorial cupcake liner wreath

Once you have enough flowers to fill the perimeter of the grapevine wreath, select where each flower will be placed on the wreath.

Hot glue the flowers on the top of the wreath.

diy tutorial cupcake liner wreath

tutorial cupcake liner wreath

DIY tutorial cupcake liner wreath

Add your choice of lace or bakers twine for hanging. You now have a sweet little wreath for decorating. The great part of this project is that it is very kid-friendly. Kiddos can cut the liners and then roll the florets. I would recommend that an adult do the hot gluing. I have burned my fingers many a times and it is not fun.

wreath with cupcake liner flowers

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial for making my version of a cupcake liner wreath. Be sure to follow Dandelion Patina on the blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.


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Freedom in Bloom

Hey there! I wanted to share a fun little craft DIY I just finished. Freedom in bloom is a flower bouquet made from fabric tape, floral wire, and a birch log. I think it turned out super cute. I hope you will try making one up for yourself. It is a nice spin on red, white, and blue with a vintage twist.

Interested in creating flowers that last a lifetime? These vintage style DIY fabric flowers are simple to create and are super cute as a table centerpiece or summer vignette.


Materials needed:

  • fabric tape
  • floral stem wire
  • burlap/linen rosettes
  • piece of birch log
  • white card stock
  • hot glue


DIY fabric flower tutorial freedom in bloom

I love the floral patterns of the fabric tape. They scream summer time picnic fun!

DIY fabric tape flowers vintage style

Cut your floral wire to various lengths to resemble a rustic floral bouquet. Drill your holes into the birch log for the floral wire to fit snuggly.

DIY floral flowers vintage style freedom in bloom

Arrange your floral stems in the birch log.

DIY fabric tape flowers in red white blue floral pattern with birch vase

Cut your petals from white card stock. I used 5 petals per flower.

Freedom in bloom vintage style fabric tape flowers in red white and blue

Cut 4 pieces of fabric tape for each flower petal. Two pieces will be used on each side.

let freedom bloom floral centerpiece

Your petal should look like above once you place your fabric tape on the card stock. Use a scissors to cut off the excess tape.

let freedom bloom flowers

Arrange your petals around the burlap/linen rosette. Hot glue the petals to the rosette.

rustic style flowers in red white and blue vintage style


rustic style vintage flowers in red white and blue with birch vase

Attach your stem to the flower head. Repeat this process until all of your stems have flowers.

rustic and vintage style flower bouquet in red white and blue with burlap

Towards the end of the project I had used up a roll of fabric tape. I was brainstorming what to do with the round cardboard piece. I then decided to create little flower buds with the cardboard round. I simply applied fabric tape to the outside of the round and then hot glued a rosette to the front/middle. Now, my bouquet looks more realistic.

Looking to create lasting beauty without having a green thumb? These rustic floral bouquets would look great at weddings, holiday events or in your red white and blue vignette


What do you think of my freedom in bloom flower arrangement? I can see making a few of these for centerpieces at small gatherings or even making up some for a rustic barn wedding.

If you are looking for more ways to decorate with red white and blue, check out my paper straw tassel garland.

Happy Day!

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