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Coastal-Inspired Christmas Mantel

coastal inspired Christmas mantel

Our family woke up to a dusting of snow this morning. The department stores are all decked out for the holidays. My Pinterest feed is full of decorating inspiration for Christmas.  My daughters are selecting their latest wants from TV commercials to add to Santa’s list.

Christmas is coming and I have the decorating itch! So, I thought I would share how I displayed the Chalk Paint Coastal Tree on the mantel. A sneak peek of what is to come for Christmas 2014.

coastal inspired christmas mantel

Our home is filled with beach treasures-driftwood, sea gull feather, shells, and sand. Spending time at the beach is one of our favorite activities when we can get away. This was the inspiration for decorating our Christmas mantel.

coastal inspired christmas mantel

It wouldn’t be Christmas if there wasn’t a bit of sparkle. Small sea shells act as stoppers on the vintage glass bottles.

coastal inspired christmas mantel

Mercury glass trees and silver candlesticks are placed on the mantel for shimmer and shine.

coastal inspired christmas mantel


coastal inspired christmas mantel


coastal inspired christmas mantel


coastal inspired christmas mantel

Our family found so much beach glass on the Lake Michigan shoreline this summer. It was an unexpected surprise! We must have spent a good 2 hours just searching for treasures. I love how each piece is unique-how water and sand can smooth those rough edges-turn the ordinary glass bottle into little gems.

coastal inspired christmas mantel


coastal christmas mantel


coastal inspired christmas mantel

For our family, Christmas is about celebrating life, sharing distinctive memories about the past year, and decorating with pieces that have noteworthy value. Such as, treasures found on the shoreline together.  Every time we hang our chalk paint tree above the mantel,  it reminds our family of the fun time at the beach together. The girls share their favorite memory of that day and this becomes tradition.

What traditions do you share in your family? How do you decorate your Christmas mantel?

If you would like to make your own coastal inspired chalk paint tree you can find the tutorial here.


Creep & Crawl Halloween Mantel

creep and crawl halloween mantel


Spiders don’t stand a chance in our house. The rolled up magazine always wins. SMACK. Gone.


I don’t like spiders. They make my skin crawl. But, just because I don’t like them doesn’t mean I wasn’t inspired by one. This particular spider was the inspiration for our creep & crawl Halloween mantel.

creep and crawl halloween mantel

This guy took a trip home with us in our corn stalks last year. He greeted me at the front door one afternoon. Blah. I can remember seeing big spiders like this growing up. They would make their webs in the tall weeds in the ditch by the road. I believe they were called corn spiders-black and yellow. Their web had a Z-pattern down the middle. I am sure this is a form of a corn spider.


Check out those legs-stripes with hair like texture. Creepy.

creep & crawl halloween mantel


The legs of the spider inspired me to use an old sucker branch from an apple tree. We found it at the apple orchard this fall. I painted them with DecoArt Shimmering Silver and black paint. You can also check out the shimmer and shine pumpkins the kiddos did.


creep & crawl halloween mantel


Mercury glass, old tonic bottles, crows, plastic spiders-oh my! I grouped small vignettes symmetrically on the mantel.

creep and crawl halloween mantel

Baby boo pumpkins and vintage flashcards in frames lean up against an old piece of wood.

creep and crawl halloween mantel


creep and crawl halloween mantel


A table vignette with old books, vintage ink bottles, silver, and black boa.

creep and crawl halloween mantel


A vintage camera sits on a cake stand under a glass cloche. Look out for that spider crawling on top!

creep and crawl halloween mantel

Scrabble tiles placed in a vintage silver tray spell out Boo and EEK.

creep and crawl halloween mantel


And who says that a black crow cannot have beautiful plumage.

creep and crawl halloween party


creep and crawl halloween mantel


creep and crawl halloween mantel


creep and crawl halloween mantel


Decorating for Halloween wouldn’t be complete without paper straws. They resemble the legs of the spider as well.


creep and crawl halloween mantel


The straws fit perfectly within the fluted legs of the table.


creep and crawl halloween mantel


Spindles from a broken table look perfect within the distressed black crate.

creep and crawl halloween mantel

White pillowcases are placed on feather inserts. Spiders creep and crawl on Dollar Tree scarves tied on for an inexpensive seasonal change.

creep and crawl halloween mantel


You can never add too much creep to the crawl in this Halloween mantel.


Hey, one more thing…………….LOOK. BEHIND. YOU.


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Comforts Of Home Fall Front Porch 2014

comforts of home fall front porch dandelion patina


Hey there Dandelion Patina readers! Today I am so excited to share our front porch all decked out in the comforts of home!

The front porch is the first impression of what is to come once you open that door. I wanted the first impression of our home to be comfortable and cozy. Warm and inviting. Welcoming.


I incorporated 4 decorating must haves for a front porch.

COLOR: What is Fall without a bit of color? Yellows, oranges, reds.

NATURAL ELEMENTS: If you’ve been following along, I love to use natural elements in my spaces. I love to bring the outdoors indoors, so it was natural for me to have these elements right before you come in the door.

TEXTURE: Texture adds dimension to a space or vignette. Texture gives oomph to the palette.

LAYERS: Along with textures, layering gives added dimension and a finished look.


So with those must haves in mind, please, take a look around. Get comfortable with a mug of hot apple cider and enjoy the front porch tour! Any questions…please ask. Enjoy.

comforts of home fall front porch by dandelion patina

The front door is painted in ASCP Duck Egg Blue. I re-purposed old wooden garage doors for my apple cider signs.

apple cider sign by dandelion patina

An old wagon wheel hub was used to create the wooden pedestals. It was cut into three sizes to show off these beauties.

apple cider sign from re-purposed garage door


comforts of home fall front porch

I love how the original paint had chipped and cracked. It gives the panels awesome texture and patina.

fall vignette in comforts of home fall front porch

I picked up the ceramic pumpkins at a thrift store and gave them a facelift in Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue. Some neat texture formed from painting these that was not really seen prior.

corn stalks with horse reins

Parts of vintage horse reins were used as tiebacks for the corn stalks.

horse reins and corn stalks

I love this shot. There is so much character and texture of the leather.

yellow mums and twig pumpkin

I love pops of yellow. It is like the sun came down and kissed each flower.

perfectly imperfect orange pumpkin

A perfectly imperfect orange pumpkin.

cedar rocking chairs

Cedar rocking chairs to enjoy watching the falling leaves. An old desk was separated to create tables for in between our rockers.
yellow mums and pumpkins

cedar rocking chair all decked out

apples on vintage wooden spools

vintage license plate

I found an old license plate from Wisconsin that had gorgeous patina.

baby boo white pumpkin

And baby boo pumpkins are just the cutest!

apple close up photo
Getting hungry? Doesn’t it look good enough to bite into?

chalk board apple tree

I adore this little rustic chalkboard on my rustic hay bale lounger.

indian corn and candles

And what is Fall without a bit of indian corn? I went the non traditional route to display the corn.

indian corn in vintage bottles

A vase of hydrangeas and birch branches make me smile.

dried limelight hydrangeas

delicate petals of a limelight hydrangea

The petals are so delicate on these limelight hydrangeas.

simply scrappy pumpkins

A front porch wouldn’t feel like Fall without a lantern. The simply scrappy industrial pumpkins look right at home sheltered inside.

Simple tissue paper leaf wreath

I went the simplistic route with my wreath this year.  A few tissue paper oak leaves and chevron burlap on a grapevine wreath.

And there you have it, my comforts of home fall front porch! I hope I inspired you to bring all the comforts of home into your spaces this season and seasons to come.

Happy Fall Y'all

Rustic Hay Bale Lounger

rustic hay bale lounger by dandelion patina


Show of hands….who loves a good old fashioned hayride?

Fall is one of the best times of the year: pumpkins, hayrides, cider, colorful leaves.

Our family has been enjoying the crisp autumn days at the apple orchard and pumpkin patch. We usually do the traditional pleasure ride of an open wagon with hay bales and a pair of horses pulling us through the corn fields.

This year the girls came up with their own version of a hayride……

cow style hayride

With smiles on their faces and giggles echoing through the field, the girls buckled their seat belts and bravely took the ride through the corn field all on their own.  I must say it was bittersweet…to see them be independent and willing to do the ride alone. But, I missed the snuggles and hugs that went along with our traditional hayride.

At that moment, the light bulb went on. Why not create the hayride experience at home on our front porch-a place to enjoy the crisp air and snuggles any time we wanted to…..

…..I needed hay bales! It was quite the adventure rounding up the bales for this project. We found a farm selling bales on Craigslist and it ended up being someone my husband knew. So, off we went to the farm to gather these bales. The farm had cattle and it proved to be a fun time for the entire family. The girls chased the kittens, fed the cattle, and got to experience the sights and smells of the barn.

I really enjoyed it as well. Each cow and steer had its own personality. Some cattle were quite shy and reserved. Others were very curious and had no problem munching on my pants or sweatshirt sleeve! If you are interested in seeing a picture of feeding the cattle, please hop over to my Instagram account and follow there for behind-the-scenes photos of what we are up to.

So, I guess you are ready for the tips on how to create the rustic hay bale lounger, hey? (pun intended)

rustic hay bale lounger

Start with purchasing your hay bales. Our bales cost about $2.50 each and we needed 5 bales.

rustic hay bale lounger by dandelion patina

 Center two hay bales vertically in the area where you would like the lounger to be.

rustic hay bale lounger by dandelion patina

Then place a bale horizontally flanking each of the two vertical bales, as pictured above. Notice the gap in front of the two vertical bales? This is where you will place your last bale for the lounger seat.

rustic hay bale lounger by dandelion patina

Add a warm and cozy throw to the seat area. I used a plaid blanket that adds that rustic and seasonal feel.

rustic hay bale lounger by dandelion patina

Add some accessories to create an inviting seating area. I placed yellow mums wrapped in burlap on the arm rests along with some honey crisp apples we had picked at the orchard.

rustic hay bale lounger by dandelion patina

I stuffed a few pillow forms inside these cloth feed sacks. It was a great no sew option! I love that the sacks are from Wisconsin businesses.

rustic hay bale lounger by dandelion patina

I hope you enjoyed how I created this rustic hay bale lounger. I can’t wait to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and get those snuggles from my girls that I missed this weekend. Be sure to get outdoors and have some great family fun this Fall!


Maison de Pax


Coco-nutty Sweater Acorns

Today, I am sharing my coco nutty sweater acorns tutorial!

Are you enjoying the cool weather? Our family certainly is and we have been enjoying the outdoors. Nature walks seem to be an activity our family enjoys doing. The girls love to play the I Spy game and look for treasures. Fall is about enjoying the sounds of the leaves crunching beneath your feet, the smell of the woods, the gorgeous colors, the giggles and laughs as the kiddos run down the trail, and hot cocoa after. This is what I love.

coconutty sweater acorns by dandelion patina

It was these nature walks that inspired these coco-nutty sweater acorns. It is a fun and super easy craft you can do with your kids or on your own for budget friendly Fall decor.





Hot glue gun and sticks

Coconut shells

coconutty sweater acorns by dandelion patina

Start with a few discarded sweaters you no longer like to wear (or in my case, don’t fit because I put them in the dryer). If you do not have any sweaters in your closet to use for this project, head over to your local Goodwill and pick out a few. And I know you are asking, what do I do with the rest of the sweater? Pillows are a great way to use sweaters. Coffee mug holder. Winter headband. Just to name a few ideas.

coconutty sweater acorns by dandelion patina

I cut the sweater sleeves at a few different lengths, as I wanted variation in size of the acorns.

coconutty sweater acorns by dandelion patina

Turn your sweater sleeve inside out and then wrap the rubberband tightly around the end. Turn the sleeve right side out.

coconutty sweater acorns by Dandelion Patina

Insert poly-fill into the sweater sleeve until firm and compact.

coconutty sweater acorn by dandelion patina

Once poly-fill is to desired consistency and shape, take another rubberband and secure the top. You will then hot glue the coconut piece to the top of the sweater.

coconutty sweater acorns by dandelion patina

Finished acorn should resemble something like this.

coconutty sweater acorns by dandelion patina

Create multiple acorns to fill a Fall vignette on a table or you could even attach string and display on your front door.

coconutty sweater acorns by dandelion patina


coconutty sweater acorns by dandelion patina


coconutty sweater acorns by dandelion patina


coconutty sweater acorns by dandelion patina

These acorns bring a cozy feel to the Fall decor and kids have such a great time creating them.

coconutty sweater acorns

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on the coco-nutty sweater acorns. Let me know if you have questions! Happy Fall to you!

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