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French Bergere Chairs I Covet Thee

french bergere chairs before

before and after french bergere chair dandelion patina

Do you have fond memories of a furniture piece from your childhood?


When I was growing up there was a rust orange rocking chair in the living room.


It was the ugliest chair I. had. ever. seen……

…..but, the memories attached to it are golden. In this chair I was rocked when I was sick. In this chair I watched my favorite episodes of Sesame Street. In this chair we read books. In this chair I held my baby sister for the first time.

It is funny how we can hold value to something that an outsider would look at and not pay 2 cents for.

Perhaps this is why I have such a chair fetish; because of this memory and the value I hold for the story behind the ugly orange chair.


I had been searching for French Bergere Chairs for some time. I had coveted the chairs that Miss Mustard Seed found so easily and transformed. Why couldn’t I find these? Is she shopping in France? Will you buy me a plane ticket…..please?

french bergere chair mms

Well, low and behold a posting came up on Craigslist for two French bergere chairs. I was so excited. It took me no time at all to respond to the post (heart pounding, palms sweating) and exclaim that I wanted to look at them, no…I would take them! {regardless of their condition}

The man who was selling the chairs was acting on the behalf of his friend. She was very ill and he recalled falling asleep in these chairs multiple times. Here we go…there is a story attached to them! SOLD. Any time there is a story that stirs up similar memories for me, I don’t hesitate to hand over the cash. My mission was accomplished.

Unfortunately, these too were ugly. Faded gold brocade and gaudy wood finish. But, I saw the potential. I connected with the story. It is an amazing feeling when pieces speak to you. They hold special value and are worth the investment.

French bergere chair by dandelion patina

french bergere chair dandelion patina

french bergere chair by dandelion patina

French bergere style chair by dandelion patina

I transformed the wood with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White.

french bergere chair reupholster dandelion patina

Here is one of the French bergere chairs being worked on by my friend, Sue Ann Kerske. She has been so kind to me and is a “master” in her profession.

French Bergere chair dandelion patina

What do you think? I am totally in love.

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Simple Braided Jute Curtain Tiebacks


I love letting the natural light into our windows during the day. You will rarely see our curtains pulled or blinds down. But, once the sun goes down and it is time to just relax watching a show in the evening, I need that privacy from our neighbors. And just the peace of mind that someone is not staring at me from the corner of the street. Thank goodness we do not have any Gladys Kravitz’s around. Do you?


gladys kravitz nosy neighbor


Anyway, I wanted to create a versatile tie back that would look pretty on a curtain and off. Something easy to tie on to let the light in during the day. Something simple to store away when I need that privacy or I just preferred to let the curtains billow in the breeze.


Another factor was budget. I didn’t want to spend the money on store bought tiebacks that I didn’t truly love. DIY here we come!


When you stop in at my house you will see coastal inspired decor. I wanted to stay true to this theme when creating the tiebacks. I knew I didn’t want rope. I wanted something a bit more flexible. I went with more of a jute type material. This had the flexibility that I desired and yet would be able to do the job of a tieback.

jute tieback diy dandelion patina


Let’s get started with this simple braided jute curtain tiebacks project.

jute tieback

diy project on jute tieback

Start by using a twist tie to secure ends. This will make braiding simple.

braiding the tieback

This is what the jute curtain tieback should look like after braiding.

how to whip rope ends

Follow these steps to whip ends:

1. Make a loop with the jute string. Cut off more than enough string from roll so you have plenty to wind.

2. Wind string around braided length until you have your desired width.

3. Thread your string through the loop.

4. Pull tight and cut off excess.

finished jute tieback

jute tieback

braided portion of tieback

And when the tiebacks are not being used they make a pretty display in this recycled glass jar.

dandelion patina jute tiebacks

jute tiebacks dandelion patina

simple braided jute tieback

I dressed all of my white curtains with these jute curtain tiebacks. The total cost was 1/2 of a roll of jute!

Each tieback was approximately 50 cents.

What do you dress your curtains with?

Before And After Coastal Style Mirror



I love decorating with coastal style and finding pieces that I can transform in a fresh new way. Decorative mirrors are classic. They never go out of style and every home should have at least one. Mirrors bounce light around the room and can be used to feature some beautiful areas of the home, such as a chandelier or outdoor view.


Today, I wanted to share with you how easy it is to transform an outdated accessory into a real gem.


Let’s get started with the project!


Above is the before of the mirror.

It is pretty dated.

A piece from the 70’s in all of its great plastic faux wood loveliness.

The products you will need to create a similar project:

americana chalky finish paint


americana creme wax

I started painting the mirror in shades of Yesteryear and Serene from Americana Decor. The paint went smoothly and all it required was 1 coat overall. I did have to touch up a few areas, but no big deal.

Americana beachy mirror

Once the paint had dried (I gave it a few hours) I lightly distressed areas to create a worn look. I used very fine sandpaper to accomplish this. If you want a two-tone look you would need to add vaseline to areas after your base coat and then add the second color on top. Once dry,  sand to reveal your base coat underneath. Because the mirror had that faux wood grain, it was great for distressing and adding a textured look to the piece. It was almost like a worn driftwood effect.

americana chalky finish paint

I was happy with how the paint adhered to the mirror. However, I did not realize it would adhere to my nail polish so well. The paint did wash up well on my hands and brushes.

It just really liked my fingernails!

Maybe I will start a new trend! Chalky finish nail polish using Americana Chalky Finish Paint.

distressed areas of mirror

The mirror did have quite a dramatic change just by sprucing it up with paint, but I wanted to take it a step further. The little shelf attached to the mirror was the perfect area to decoupage some pretty paper on. I really fell in love with this paper from hazel & ruby. It had the same beachy shades I was using in the paint and in a gorgeous chevron pattern.

wax paper template

I started with using wax paper and rubbed the outline of the shelf to give me some lines to cut out my template for the chevron paper.

template for decoupage

hazel & ruby crazy for chevy teals

Once the template was cut out and fitted to the shelf I applied a coat of decoupage glue to the shelf only. I placed the paper on the piece and proceeded to smooth out the surface. A spatula works great for this.

decoupage project from dandelion patina

I let the piece dry overnight. Once the paper was attached to the shelf I added a topcoat of the decoupage matte.

TIP: once completely dry lightly sand the edges of paper to give it a distressed look and to crisp up the lines so that they blend into the piece.

dandelion patina beachy mirror

I then went over the entire piece with the creme wax to give it a protective finish. This product went on more like a decoupage paste rather than a typical furniture wax. I found it extremely easy to apply. Once the wax was dry, just buff it with a clean white cloth to reveal a nice luster.

And now to accessorize!

decoupaged shelf

beachy mirror

beach accessories

dandelion patina beachy mirror

Hope you enjoyed this coastal style mirror tutorial!

I would love to see what you create with these products!

Please send your pictures to me here to be featured on the Dandelion Patina Facebook page!

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DIY Simple White Sheet Curtains

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to finally get around to sharing my DIY white sheet curtains with you! I have had these up for quite awhile and never got around to cleaning my windows well enough to shoot pictures! But, I have finally crossed off that task on my to-do list and am happy to give you the scoop!


DIY white sheet curtain


I love the look of sheers on a window. They filter sunlight in such a beautiful way while adding a bit of privacy to a room. And I love how white sheers billow and wave with gentle breezes through the windows. This brings back memories of a vacation in Cancun ages ago. Ah, there is nothing like being close to the beach and having those warm breezes flowing through a space just as pictured below.

billowy white sheer curtains



But, dressing windows can be a rather financial burden, especially if you like to change things up a bit from time to time like I do. I still have window treatments from Cost Plus World Market that I paid a hefty price tag for. They are no longer my style, but in exceptional condition-Craigslist anyone?

So, I needed to dress my windows as inexpensively as possible…….


……ding, ding, ding….white twin sheets were the answer. I purchased all of my flat sheets at Walmart for the whooping price of $4.47 each. They were all I needed to give my spaces the breezy, coastal feel I was envisioning while on a tight budget.


I had intentionally placed our curtain rods at ceiling height (8′). I feel doing this gives our rooms the illusion of a higher ceiling. Twin sheets are just the right length for this type of application. They drape perfectly to the floor. No hemming….thank goodness! My kind of project! This was another reason twin sheets work so well! They are just the right length @ 96″.


dandelion patina diy white sheet curtains


The one thing that did need to be done was to create a pocket for the rod to slip through. This was easily done by removing the stitched seam on each side of the sheet top. I just rolled the raw edge inside the pocket and inserted the rod.


dandelion patina diy white sheet curtains

And here….

dandelion patina diy white sheet curtains

And how they look below…..

dandelion patina white sheet curtains

TIP: They are so great to wash if the kiddos happen to rub their sticky fingers on them or a juice box gets spilled and splatters on them. A bit of vinegar and hang on the line to dry for a wonderful fresh air smell!

As the saying goes….

Cotton. The fabric of our lives.


And there you have it. Beautiful white sheet curtains for a fraction of what you would pay for packaged sheers.

diy white sheet curtains by dandelion patina


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