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Pop Goes The Tile

renovation in progress

The last few weeks have been busy ones and I wanted to share with you how I have been toning up my arm muscles. Popeye would be proud!

renovation of entry and floor

When we moved into this house 5 years ago, it was very outdated. Being built in the 90’s there was mauve and pink everywhere-carpets, walls, flooring, countertops. Luckily, I did see past all the asthetically unappealing aspects of the home and focused on the square footage, beautiful backyard, glorious natural light, and 3 stall garage. Because this home wasn’t showing well, we were able to purchase for a very reasonable price.

The new owners of our previous home were willing to give us a week to move out after closing, so we were able to replace all the mauve carpeting in the home before moving in. It was such a blessing!

home renovation

Of course, we couldn’t replace every inch of flooring in the home right away. So, I made a deal with my husband that the white and pink ceramic tile with white grout would have to wait to be updated for quite some time. It was a compromise I was willing to make-at the time.

home renovation

I did not intend on removing all 433 sq ft of tile, initially. It all started by removing the carpet off our stairs to replace with wood treads. But, after the carpet was out-I looked down and saw an opportunity to try out a new skill and take a risk with the hammer and chisel.  Impulsive, I know. But, do you have any idea how often I was cleaning that white floor with two young kids and two dogs? And that grout was a nightmare! I had to take the risk.


To my surprise, the tile popped right off and it was sort of fun to do, in a ‘pop goes the weasel’ sort of way. Pounding the chisel under the tile several times was like slowly cranking the handle of that childhood toy waiting for the big POP! And when a huge piece would pop off at once, well, that was motivation to keep going.

home renovation

So, over the last month, this is what has been consuming my time. The excitement has now worn off and it has become a rather tedious process. But, I keep reminding myself that with each tile removed I am one step closer to my goal of having a mauve free home and no more white grout to scrub with a toothbrush.

renovation project

Of course, we could have paid to have the tile removed. I was quoted anywhere from $1,000-$3,000. Being on a budget it just made sense to do it myself-even if it would take me much longer to do and I would have to deal with every joint in my body being stiff. There is a sense of accomplishment with doing projects yourself.  And if I could save money in the process to put towards the new flooring, that was even better.

renovation project

I have picked out some Pergo flooring from Home Depot. It is called Monson Slate. I look forward to having a darker floor in a few weeks. Until then, our floor will be adorned with towels and blankets throughout the main level and I will keep swinging that hammer.


What home renovation projects are you working on?

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