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Table Repurposed

table repurposed

 Hi there!

 I am so very excited to be sharing this fun and simple DIY project. I am going to demonstrate how to repurpose the ordinary discarded accent table into a functional extraordinary piece!

This table was budget-friendly at $4.99 from a local thrift store. {Solid wood-a bit of creativity-I’ll take it!}


table repurposed

What to do with an outdated thrift store table? 

This table is pretty with its great lines and detailed design. But,  in its original state it is not a very functional piece for me. It needs a bit of oomph. Pizazz.

I have had a bit of spring fever the last few weeks. Colors of spring keep popping into my head.  I miss gardening and getting my hands dirty. Then it hit me…this would make a cute outdoor wall planter.

table repurposed

I began removing the legs. Luckily, they came off rather easily using a rubber mallet. It is a bit liberating to demolish something! A great stress reliever on those chaotic days. I felt like the gal on the HGTV show Rehab Addict, to some extent. I love her passion for repurposing and giving homes a second chance!

table repurposed

Once the legs and side panels were removed, a small piece of plywood was attached with screws to the side of the table frame. This created the base for the bottom.

repurposed table

Then, it was time to paint! I started with a base coat of Carolina Sun Yellow then a second layer of Cinco Bayou Moss. {Both colors are CeCe Caldwell products}.

planter painting

Once the paint dried, it was time to distress the piece revealing the yellow base coat. The entire piece was sealed with a flat poly.

distressed planter

 Finally, the “jewelry” for the piece. A cute knob on the front. A small pennant banner for the top. I love that I had fabric with a pattern that matched the knob detail. I got lucky!

repurposed table knob
To create the banner-I used some leftover box cardboard, a pennant template, upholstery tacks, twine, fabric scraps.

pennant banner

And here is the finished project. Table repurposed to a garden planter.  Now, what creative ideas do you have for repurposing the legs and side panels?

table repurposed

Hope you enjoyed this repurposing project!

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Leprechaun Trap-Do It Yourself

leprechaun trap DIY

What comes to your mind when you think of leprechauns?

Leprechauns are sneaky trickster fairies who can definitely dazzle with their trails of glitter and pot o’ gold. Over the last week, this mischievous little man has caused much chaos in my daughter’s Kindergarten classroom.

Here is what you will need to craft the trap. All of these items can be found either around your home or at your local craft store.

leprechaun trap supply list

To start, we pushed the 5″ mirror to the bottom of the oatmeal container. We tilted the mirror so that when you looked into the trap from the doorway, it would give the illusion of a continuous trail. We then placed various lengths of double-sided tape throughout the cave surround. We adhered the gold sequin pieces on the tape to attract the leprechaun.

leprechaun trap supplies
Once the inside was completed, it was time to focus on the outside of our leprechaun trap. The girls cut strips of construction paper and glued onto the oatmeal container creating a rainbow design.  Then we had to create the doorway to our cave by cutting a small U out of the lid. To adhere the scrapbook paper to the plastic lid, I used the glue gun.

leprechaun trap opening
The base consisted of foam board and scrapbook paper. The scrapbook paper chosen resembled green grass. This was simply glued onto the foam board. The oatmeal container was hot glued to the base for durability. Cotton balls were glued to the bottom of the container to resemble a white poufy cloud. Finally, it was time to add the details and bedazzle the leprechaun trap project!

rainbow on leprechaun trap

The resting log was constructed of a toilet paper roll, brown construction paper, and two pipe cleaners. Modge Podge glitter glue was brushed onto the entire project to add that shine and sparkle the leprechauns love.

leprechaun trap

This was a great craft project to do with young children. It was a wonderful way to bring out the creativity in all of us!

leprechaun trap
Unfortunately, the leprechaun got away this St. Patrick’s Day! I guess we will just have to keep on chasing those rainbows in search of that pot o’ gold until next year. Hope you enjoyed this DIY!

g+ party 150x150

Wood Plank Wall-Part 1

As spring is starting to show her face with warmer temps and birds chirping, we have decided to make a few changes to our home’s interior.

wood plank wall

We have a small niche in our dinette area that needed some character. Wood plank walls are so popular these days and fit right in with the cottage style that I love. Plus, the project is fairly inexpensive at under $100.

wood plank wall

We decided to use tongue and groove {aka boxcar siding} for our wood planks. There are many options out there-cutting plywood into strips, faux board paneling, barn boards. Aesthetically, I wanted a chunkier look to the walls. So, we went this route.

wood plank wall

We cut the pieces to fit the width of the wall and started applying from the bottom up. It is good to have a rubber mallet handy to pound each piece into its groove before nailing into the studs. And always use your level to keep your planks horizontally straight.

wood plank wall

The cuts can be a bit tricky around the outlet and switch plates. Measure twice, cut once! I will fill you in on how the outlets were bumped out flush with the wall in part 2 of the project.

wood plank wall

The wood planks go on rather quickly. It was great to see speedy progress in such a short amount of time.

wood plank wall

And because life does not stand still in this house during projects, eating a breadstick during lunch can be highly dangerous!

wood plank wall

So, that is were I will leave you on this project. Stay tuned for part 2 and the finished wood plank wall!

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