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Baking. Who needs measuring cups?

My girls have been cultivating their baking skills with great passion. It has been a pleasant surprise! It seems that our 5 year old is getting the bowls and ingredients out every day recently. At times, it is pretty inconvenient. Like, bedtime or 6 in the morning. I do see us investing in a culinary arts school in her distant future.  My 7 year old does quite a bit of participating, but she usually will flee the scene until it is time to test out the product. She is right there for the first bite!

Drum roll please……

For your baking pleasure, I introduce Sugary Carrot Cake. Named by my 5 year old. Another mix of ingredients recipe gone right. Measuring cups are a thing of the past.  Adding the sugar granules on top gives it just the right touch. What is anything without some sugar sprinkled on?

Sugar carrot cake

Sugary Carrot Cake would not be complete without a touch of frosting. She is very focused on her work. Check out that expression.

frosting carrot cake

A quick tasting for good measure. Oops, you caught me. Hee.

taste for good measure

And after you frost, well you need to light the birthday candles. Of course. Singing Happy Birthday is also a requirement. To each other. The neighbors. The cousins. Their friends. The dogs. The list goes on indefinitely.

birthday candles

Let your children experiment with  all the elements of baking.  Let their imaginations go wild. I am talking flour on their shirts and in their hair! It is so much fun! My girls love the feeling of accomplishment. The sense of pride in what they have created. Here is the recipe for their blue ribbon banana bread. Happy baking!


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Chalk Paint Coastal Tree



Hey friends! I am here to share a simple DIY project with you today! Collecting objects from nature is something our family loves to do. Creating home decor with those objects is budget-friendly and gives you unique pieces that only you will have.

Let’s get started with the tutorial.


Supplies you will need:

Piece of plywood cut to your desired size

Chalk paint, paint brush, sandpaper, wood of various sizes for tree

Sealer for topcoat, of your choice

CeCe Caldwell Chalk Paint in Blue Montana Sky.


A piece of plywood.


Pieces of wood to make the tree shape. These pieces were collected by my kiddos, making it a special memento when finished.


Remove paint from the original container and mix with a bit of water in a  bowl. Adding a bit of water will help the paint spread  easier,  as chalk paint is of a thicker consistency. Start applying the paint and cover entire surface.


The fun part-watching the chalk paint dry.


Isn’t that neat? The variations of drying: lighter areas have dried and the darker are still wet.


Next is the wash over the top. Layering paint colors is such a creative process. To apply a wash, water down a small amount of paint to the consistency of colored water. Brush on the piece, intentionally not covering the entire surface. CeCe Caldwell Seattle Mist chalk paint was used.


Then, take a rag and wipe off the excess paint used for the wash. Let dry.

Place your wood pieces on your plywood to create the desired shape of your tree. Hot glue the pieces on.

Now comes the final topcoat.


I love using General Finishes Flat topcoat poly. It leaves a low luster finish to the surface. Other poly products I have used are very shiny once dry, which is not my preference.


Here is the completed piece. It is an inexpensive way to create wall art. This creation will be displayed on our Coastal-inspired Christmas Mantel.


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Glitter Glue and Paint

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