11 Ways to combat the winter blues

It is no secret that the winter blues seem to take us by surprise. It is important to find ways to combat those winter blues! I am going to share my tried and true methods to ease the winter seasonal slump and I hope that these tips will help get you through these months as well.

ways to kick the winter blues

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Let there be light

So, the first tip I want to share to combat those winter blues is to open your windows. Not literally, of course. But, let the light in! Pull back those heavy curtains, push up those blinds, and let that sunshine in. Even if the sun is not shining, the natural light does wonders for your mood. Grab a book, push a chair over to the window and allow yourself to drink in that natural light and sunshine. I have even changed out the curtains in our rooms during the winter months. White sheer curtains are very inexpensive and give the illusion of a breezy summer day while they still provide some privacy. 

Get outdoors

My second tip is to get outside! The fresh air and natural light does wonders for your mind and body. Some ideas would be to take a walk on your favorite street, clean up some things in the yard, or fill the bird feeders. Put those earbuds in and listen to your favorite tunes while doing these outdoor things. My mood significantly gets better when I have my favorite jams going while doing these activities.

Mini vacays

This tip is so important during the winter months. It is such a good idea to plan some mini vacations away from home to see new landscapes, towns, and people. I find this lifts my spirits so much by having a weekend away with the family. If you don’t have the money to spend on a weekend getaway, try little day trips to a new town, make an appointment at the spa or meet for dinner with some friends. 

combat the winter blues winter walk


Diffuse yourself

Essential oils are all the rage right now, and investing in a diffuser for your home has its benefits. I purchased one off of Amazon. I really like the Vitruvi diffusers. When our family stayed at a beach cottage in Michigan this December, the owners had one going in the living room area. Not only is the vessel beautiful, but the scents were very appealing and calming. I personally like to mix lemon and grapefruit together, but chose a scent that appeals to you. Turn this diffuser on during the days when the temps are frigid outside. The fragrance totally lifts your mood.  It is fun to experiment with scents too.

Gift yourself some fresh flowers

This has got to be the easiest way to combat those winter blues. Take a drive to your local grocery store, like Trader Joe’s,  and grab a ready made bouquet or small green plant. Bouquets can be pulled apart and used in small bud vases so that you can have the element of fresh flowers in your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen table. Make those bouquets stretch! Sometimes, the most beautiful arrangement is the simplest. Take the time to care for the flower stems by cutting off the bottoms, arranging them in a vase, and enjoying their fragrance. And, if your budget doesn’t allow for fresh flowers, faux plants can be just as good because they last longer and still give your spaces that pop of fresh greenery.

Feed the birds and wildlife

I bet you are scratching your head on this one. But, taking care of wildlife during the winter season is one of the best things you can do for chasing away those winter blues. It is so rewarding to keep the bird feeders full and provide clean water for the birds, squirrels, and occasional bunny. We actually placed bird feeders right off our patio doors in our kitchen. This way, we can sit and eat breakfast and watch the birds and squirrels eat theirs. 

Winter walk to combat winter blues

Exercise and water

Exercise is good for the mind and body. This is a fact. And, even though it is tough to get off that sofa and move a bit, it needs to be done during the winter months. I am not saying you have to start a strict exercise regimen, but you do indeed need to do something each day or every other day. Some things that have worked for me are simply going for a walk or riding the recumbent bike while watching a movie rather than just sitting on the sofa watching the movie. Even if you do a few jumping jacks or stretches, just do a little each day. And, I need to say this-drink water. Stop drinking the sugar drinks and substitute them out for water. I notice a huge difference if all I drink is Pepsi rather than drinking water. My body seems bloated and I feel very sluggish. So, drink that water to keep your body healthy and your skin too. Because dry skin is also a problem during the winter months.

Eating fresh fruits and veggies

I am not going to preach about healthy eating because I am guilty of pulling the potato chip bag from the pantry rather than cutting up some fresh fruit or veggies instead. But, I will say that when I make a conscious choice to peel an orange or cut up a grapefruit, it makes me feel good! I think it is that citrus smell that seems fresh and a little like summer time. So, make sure you are having some fresh fruits and veggies during the winter because not only do they provide nutrients to your body and skin, they also impact your mood. At least, this has been my experience.

Summer time inspo

Another thing that has helped me get through the winter months is a mood board. For me, I will gather pictures of some summertime shots from family vacations or scenic beauty in my area and print them off. Then, I will gather those photos and place them on a mood board in my office. This really helps my mind think about the warmth of summer and really changes my focus from all the wintry blah outside.

Warm Glow

Nothing can change a mood like a warm glow in the home. This is why I still have my fairy lights in a glass jar lit up on the kitchen counter. My teen girls also like to string white lights around their room for ambiance. Many of us do not have fireplaces, so this is the next best thing. I also like the salt lamps or crystals that you can plug in. Some say there are health benefits, but I mostly like to have one for the feeling it provides. 

Spa treatment

Lastly, there is nothing like going to the spa during the winter months. I love going for a hot stone massage. If you haven’t had one, I suggest you find a reputable spa in your area and make an appointment. For me, just walking into a spa is a major mood lifter.

So, I hope I have given you some good ways to kick those winter blues in the booty this season. I personally have done rather well so far. This is the first season where I have felt pretty good. But, I have implementing pretty much all of these suggestions.

I would love for you to share what works for you, and I may even try some of them out.


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